Name: Lunarstar

Family: She has real parents, three uncles and 1 brother

Breed: Winged Unicorn Pony

Information: Lunarstar loves to run, explore and can be a playful little pony. Lunarstar is a one of a kind flying unicorn, she can move things with her horn and change her appeance or shapeshift to any living thing that she has seen. She isn't a shy pony but isn't a very outspoken pony either.
She loves to go outside at night, it's the only time where she can be herself (Winged Unicorn) and not have to worry about being seen. She spends most of her time in her earth form when she's not in her home world. She can automaticly revert back to her true form when she's a sleep or unconscious. Her favorite food is pancakes.


Highlight below to read her secret.
(Series 1) Lunarstar is from another world. Her real name is Luna which her father, Stardust gave to her a birth. She has an unknown strong power which her father has noticed but Luna is unaware of it.

(Series 2) Lunarstar's unknown strong powers are from Keisa. Lunarstar used to be Keisa centories ago and died, she was reborn as a winged unicorn, the first of her kind.

(Series 3)Lunarstar has fallen in love with Blizzard and hopes to merry him someday if Stardust allows it.

(Series 4)Lunarstar eventully learns that Teriney had killed her as a dragon. Lunarstar merries Blizzard and lives with him at Winterfall castle as Queen Luna. She eventully has 4 children and become known as the great Queen.



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