Name: Raindrop

Family: Whisper and Birdie

Breed: Pegasus

Information: Raindrop lives in the north, in the secret valley hidden in the storms. She and her sister birdie has lived there all their lives but not everything is a nice as it seems. Raindrop has a secret, it troubles her deeply and even give her nightmare. She like to spend time with her garden.

Highlight below to read her secret.
(Series 4) She is haunted by the past, her best friend Queen Lightwater and the King and all their soldiers including Raindrop's father was killed in a fire. Raindrop has never forgotten their screams and continues reliving it in her dreams. She tries her best to forget it but it only makes it worse for her. She meets Starfire who helps gets her troubles off her mind. She soon finds herself falling in love. After the battle with Teriney they eventully get married and have children.




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