Chapter 1:  Time for questions

Morning had came and Peaches stood in the livingroom staring at Star Cluster as he slept.
"Peaches, what have i told you about watching him?" her mother asked from the kitchen.
"But moomy, I saw him move," Peaches answered.
The mother walked from the kitchen to the living room and stood next to Peaches looking at him.
"Are you sure?" the mother asked.
"Yes, mommy."
Just then Star Cluster moved his front leg.
"I think he's finally waking up," the mother guessed.
Star Cluster was in a deep sleep before he heard voices. He opend his eyes and saw the mother and her daughter looking at him.
"Good morning Star Cluster. You've slept for three days. I was starting to get worried," the mother quickly said.
"You...know my name?" Star Cluster asked.
"Of course. You told me when we found you," the mother replied, "Oh I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you our names. I am Amaryllis and this is my daughter Peaches."
Star Cluster slowly sat up still feeling very tired.
"Are you hungry?" Amaryllis asked, "I can give you some soup."
"Yes, that would be nice," Star Cluster replied as he rubbed his head.

Amaryllis left the room and walked to the kitchen while Star Cluster continued to sit on the couch looking around. The room was made of tree logs, there was another couch in front of him with a fireplace to the right of him between the couches. There were small tables with flowers on them and a narrow book case.
After awhile Amaryllis walked in with a small bowl. Star Cluster looked up at her and took the bowl. He held the spoon and began eating. Amaryllis and Peaches sat on the other couch.
"How are you feeling?" Amaryllis asked.
"Lost," Star Cluster answered.
"Do you remember anything?" Amaryllis asked curiously.
Star Cluster paused as he thought, trying hard to remember something but his mind was a blank. Why couldn't he remember?
Amaryllis smiled at him, "It's ok. I'm sure your memmories will come to you eventully."
Star Cluster kept silent, not sure how to responed. Was his memmories importaint? He didn't know. As he eat his soup he noticed Peaches had been staring at him since he woke up.
"Your daughter has been staring at me since I woke up," Star Cluster observed.
"Peaches, what did I tell you?" Amaryllis asked.
Peaches sighed sadly, "Sorry mommy."
"Why don't you go out and play, I'll be there soon."
Peaches smiled and hurried out of the room and down the hall to get a ball then she went through the dinning room and ran outside.
"I'm sorry about that. He finds you facinating," Amaryllis told him.
"Facinating?" Star Cluster asked, "Why?"
"Well, when we found you in the forest, you had no fur or hair. You were...just skin. Then with in seconds your fur and hair grew back. It was amazing, Peaches still hasn't gotten over it," Amaryllis explained.
Star Cluster was surprised, "My...fur grew back?" Star Cluster looked at his fur on his front hoof.
"You didn't know you could do that?" Amaryllis asked.
Star Cluster was a bit shocked and yet, it seems familar, "I..don't know."
Amaryllis smiled, "It's ok. I guess I shouldn't be asking you so many questions since you don't seem to remember anything. You are welcome to stay here but unfortunitly there are only two rooms, one for me and one for Peaches. If you stayed, you'll have to sleep on the couch."
"Thank you. the couch will be fine," Star Cluster replied.
"I'll be outside if you want to join us," Amaryllis stood up and walked through the kitchen to the dinning room and went outside.
Star Cluster was releived to finally eat in peace. He thought about what Amaryllis said about his fur and how he was found.
"Just what was I doing in the forest?" Star Cluster thought. He tried for sometime to remember anything but still his mind was a blank. He stood up and walked to the kitchen. He set the bowl on the counter and looked outside through the window. Amaryllis was on the grass watching Peaches and laughing.
Star Cluster decided to walked outside and get some fresh air.

Amaryllis looked behind her and smiled when she saw Star Cluster leaving the house. He walked up next to her and sat in the tall grass.
"I see you decided to join me."
"Yes," Star Cluster replied, "No mater how hard I try I can't think of anything."
"Don't try to hard. Give yourself sometime."
Star Cluster remained silent and watched Peaches kick the ball and run after it. Amaryllis looked at him and noticed something was on him mind, although he was watching peaches, he didn't seem to be paying attenction.
"Are you sure your ok?" Amaryllis asked worriedly.
"Yes, I was just thinking," He looked at Amaryllis bright sea green eyes and almost forgot what he was going to say.
"What?" Amaryllis asked noticing the his stare.
"Oh, umm...Where did you find me?" Star Cluster asked.
"I'll show you," Amaryllis replied.
She stood up and walked across the clearing to the edge of the forest. She took him to a tree and stopped, "There," She pointed, "We found you laying among those leaves and sticks."
Star Cluster stared at the spot. There was lots of sticks and twigs, Star Cluster looked at his back and noticed the slight scratches.
"Your back looked worse three days ago, it's healed quite nicely since then," Amaryllis told him.
Star Cluster looked up at the trees and noticed an opening through the tree tops. The branches were broken and the twigs were gone. The leaves had some how fallen from the tree making a bedding on the grass where he had laid.
Suddenly as he looked up, an image of him falling through the trees flashed before him. Star Cluster blinked a few times, then he looked at the ground and another image flashed before him. He had landed hard on the ground with no fur or hair.
"Star Cluster?" Amaryllis asked for the second time.
Star Cluster had not realized she was even speaking to him. He looked at Amaryllis with a puzzled look, "I fell from the sky."
Amaryllis looked at him not sure if she should beleive him. She looked up at the tree.
"I fell through that spot in the trees," Star Cluster pointed.
"What do you mean you fell?" Amaryllis asked, "Fell from where?"
"I don't know, only that I fell from the sky," Star Cluster answered. He couldn't remember anything else but a peice of his memmories had returned. How long will it be till he got all him memmories back? Where did he fall from? He had so many questions racing through his mind.

Amaryllis and Star Cluster went back to the clearing and spent the rest of the day in silence watching Peaches playing.
"I must get my memmories back," Star Cluster suddenly said, "I feel it's importaint. I feel I left something importaint behind."
"I'll help you then," Amaryllis told him.
Star Cluster smiled at her and yet he felt smiling wasn't normal to him. Did he always smiled? If not, then why?
He spent the rest of the day thinking about his questions and only coming up with more.