Chapter 10: Fairy tale book

Star Cluster was on the couch staring at the fire dancing wildly and forgetting about the things around him. He didn't hear Amaryllis in the kitchen or Peaches playing in the living room. Something about the fire felt familiar, he sat and began to imagine a large creature with a long neck, tail, horns and large wings holding around ball.
"Star Cluster?" Amaryllis called to him for the second time.
Star Cluster blinked and then looked away from the fire, smiling at Amaryllis who sat on the couch across from him.
"You've been staring a lot lately. Do you remember anything?" Amaryllis asked curiously.
"Only things that don't make sense," Star Cluster answered.
"Like what things?"
Star Cluster didn't answer at first he just continued to stare at the fire, "A very large creature with large wings and a long neck and tail. Unicorns, Pegasus and other strange creatures..." Star Cluster turned towards her looking very troubled, "If they don't exist then why I have faded images of them?"
"What large creature?" Amaryllis asked curiously.
"I don't know it's large with large wings and long neck. I only seem to faintly remember it when I look at the fire."
"Hummm...." Amaryllis muttered.

When the sky began to get dark, Peaches walked into the room with a pink and yellow book. She walked to the couch her mother was on and held the book up.
"Mommy, can you read it to me?" Peaches asked.
"Again?" Amaryllis asked, "Isn't there another book you want to hear?"
"Please mommy?"
Amaryllis smiled and took the book. Peaches turned to Star Cluster and smiled, "Can I sit with you?"
Star Cluster was a bit surprised by her question, "Yes you can."
Peaches hurried to Star Cluster and climbed up on the couch, then she leaned back while resting on his side.
Amaryllis chuckled, "I must admit, She has never taken to anyone before. She really likes you."
Star Cluster smiled, "I noticed." Star Cluster suddenly caught a glimpse on the back of the book, something that sparked his memories, "What's on the back of that book?"
Amaryllis turned it over, "just an out line of a..."then she paused as if it suddenly hit her too, "It's a dragon." She turned it so that it faced Star Cluster, "Dragons are large with big wings, a long neck and tail. Oh, that was so obvious I can't believe I didn't figure that out."
"Mind if I see it for a minute?" Star Cluster asked.
Amaryllis handed the book to him who was eerily waiting to see it. He opened the book and flipped the pages till he saw a dragon.
"Stone!" Peaches cried.
"Peaches, it's Stoney," Amaryllis smiled at Star Cluster, "That's one of her favorite stories. The book is filled with fairy tales."
Star Cluster wasn't even listening to her, he continued to stare at the dragon, "It's the wrong color."
"Wrong color?" Amaryllis surprisingly, not sure what he was talking about, "What do you mean?"
"The dragon should be another color."
"What color do you think he should be?" Amaryllis asked.
As Star Cluster stared at the drawing in the book be began to feel a slight headache. Was he thinking to hard or was it because of his memories trying to return. Star Cluster handed the book back and gently rubbed his head.
"What's wrong?" Amaryllis asked worriedly.
"Just a slight headache."
"Mommy," Peaches complained.
Amaryllis smiled, "Ok, I'm going to read it."
While Amaryllis read Star Cluster listened as he found himself staring at the back of the book. Images flashed before. All he could make out was something large and white.
"White," Star Cluster muttered.
Amaryllis stopped reading, "what?"
"It should be white."
"What should?" Amaryllis asked.
"The dragon should be white with..." Star Cluster paused, then he saw feathers, rather large feathers and a set of pearly horns flash before his mind, "with feathers on it and...two pearly horns."
"A white feathered dragon?" Amaryllis asked, "How can you remember a dragon? There's no such thing."
"I... just remember. I don't know how or where I saw it," Star Cluster answered.
"You've seen a white dragon?" Peaches asked looking up at him.
"Yes...I'm pretty sure I have."
Amaryllis didn't know what to make of it so she continued reading.

Star Cluster stared at the fire trying to listen but her voice seemed to be muffled, he couldn't make out what she was saying. The fire he was looking at became blurry and it seemed to be putting him in a trance. His eyes were just to heavy to keep opened and soon he had fallen asleep with Peaches resting peacefully at his side. As she slept he began to dream. He was laughing and smiling. The sun was shining brightly and the building next to him was to big to see the top, even the trees seemed big. Something black was laughing and running towards him. The sun blinded him, making it hard to see what was coming at him but for some reason he knew it meant no harm and he just laughed. Suddenly, as it got closer he saw a face of a black pony with blue eyes and a stipe of blue in it's mane. It seemed small like himself.
"Star Cluster?" A voice called to him.
Star Cluster woke up from his dream and yawned.
"I'm sorry to wake you but I need Peaches. She fell asleep on you. Besides I thought you might want to lay down instead," Amaryllis explained.
Star Cluster picked up Peaches and handed her to Amaryllis, then he laid down on the couch thinking about his dream. He was little, he knew that but who was he playing with? Was it just a dream? Star Cluster felt it was no dream, the black pony felt familiar to him, someone very close to him. Who was the pony in his dream?