Chapter 11: A morning spent alone

Amaryllis woke up yawning. She climbed out of bed and brushed her hair making sure she looked nice for Star Cluster. She sat the brush down and left her room. She quietly checked on Peached and found her still sleeping. She walked into the living room expecting to see Star Cluster sleeping but to her great surprise he wasn't there. She looked in the kitchen and dinning room but he wasn't there, she walked outside and around the house but there was no sign of him. She was worried about him and wondered where he went. She had watched him for a few weeks staring at nothing or looking through Peaches's book. He had been acting like something was bothering him and the things he claims to remember are only fairy tails and yet she deeply wanted to believe him.

She walked back into the house and began cleaning the kitchen still thinking about Star Cluster. Why Did he leave? Where did he go? She went to the living room and began cleaning the tables, couches, fireplace and dusted the pictures. She cleaned the windows while glancing outside hoping to see him. She even found her self looking at the couch he normally slept on. Just then Peaches walked in hanging her head low and dragging her feet. It was obvious she was very tired.
"Well, good morning, Peaches," Amaryllis exclaimed.
Peaches smiled and looked up at her but gasped when she saw the empty couch, "Mommy where is he?"
"I don't know, Peaches. I haven't seen him," Amaryllis replied.
"Did he leave like daddy?" Peaches asked worriedly.
"No, he didn't...Star Cluster just...went out for a take a walk," Amaryllis answered, which wasn't a lie, she knew he had to have left the house. Amaryllis picked up Peaches and hugged her, "He'll be back, just wait and see."
Peaches hugged her hoping her mother was right.

When it was time for breakfast, Amaryllis went to the kitchen and was about to make breakfast when Peaches ran to her from the dinning room, "Mommy! He's back!"
Amaryllis hurried to the door and saw Star Cluster in the distance walking towards the house.
"I told you he would be back," Amaryllis exclaimed feeling relieved that she was right.
Peaches opened the door and ran across the field towards him. Amaryllis hurried out of the house happy that he didn't leave for good.

Star Cluster smiled when he saw Peaches coming towards him. When she approached him, she stood up and gave him a hug which surprised him.
"Did you miss me?" Star Cluster asked.
Amaryllis walked up to him smiling, "She thought you weren't coming back."
"Is that what you thought too?" Star Cluster asked smiling at her.
Amaryllis slowly admitted it while blushing, "yes...I woke up and you were gone."
"I'm sorry but I couldn't find a piece of paper to write on so I couldn't leave you a note," Star Cluster replied.
"Where did you go?" Amaryllis asked curiously.
"I woke up early last night and couldn't sleep. I decided to go for a walk and since the moon was full I was glowing which made my night walk easy to see," Star Cluster explained.
"Oh I forgot it was a full moon last night. Peaches love to see you glow," Amaryllis told him.
"yeah!" Peaches cried happily, "Light bulb!"
Amaryllis and Star Cluster laughed.
"Yes, you could say I'm my own light bulb," Star Cluster replied.
"I was about to have breakfast, I'm guessing your hungry."
"Yes I'm starving," Star Cluster replied.
Peaches ran to the house, she was anxious to eat. As they walked Star Cluster remained silent still thinking.
"Amaryllis, I had a dream last night," Star Cluster suddenly said.
"Oh? What kind of dream?" Amaryllis asked.
"I've been having a lot of dreams about..." Star Cluster paused then she stopped, "Have you ever seen a black pony?"
"No. only dark blue, dark purple or dark brown but never a pure black pony."
"I've been dreaming about black ponies," Star Cluster told her.
"But that's just a dream."
"I don't believe it is. I've seen images flash before my eyes it happens when I'm reading something or seeing a fairy tale pony or watching Peaches play," Star Cluster suddenly fell silent for a few minutes as if he was troubled by his thoughts, "I remember playing with three black ponies."
"Three? You mean like triplets?" Amaryllis asked.
"Yes, triplets only...something is different about them," Star Cluster answered, then he paused and put a hoof to his forehead trying to think harder, "a was a unicorn and the other was...a Pegasus...the third...was normal I think. No he looked normal but he wasn't."
"Just like you," Amaryllis pointed out, "You look normal but it's obvious that your not."
Star Cluster put his hoof down and looked at her. He had not thought of it before but he knew she was right.
"I...know them. Maybe I'm...related to them," Star Cluster wondered out loud.
"I can't see how. Your not black thought," Amaryllis replied.
"I know but...I feel that I'm some how related to them," Star Cluster replied.
"Mommy!" Peaches yelled from the house.
"We better get going before she drags me to the house," Amaryllis smiled.

As they walked, Star Cluster continued to think about what he told Amaryllis but also found himself staring at her. She was worried about him and cared for him. It was something he knew he was missing, something he always wanted. Star Cluster smiled at her from a distance, he suddenly realized he really cared about her and how he missed her on his walk.
Amaryllis stopped and turned after realizing he wasn't next to her, "Are you coming?" She smiled.
"Yes," Star Cluster replied and ran towards her, "I was...thinking."