Chapter 12: The falling of the leaves

It was early in the morning that Star Cluster sat at the dinning room table eating breakfast and listening to the birds chirping. He ate quietly thinking about the dream he had of the mysterious Black pony a few weeks ago. Who was he? What was his name? He felt he knew his name but couldn't bring himself to remember.
"Star Cluster want to go for a walk?" Amaryllis asked.
"A walk?" Star Cluster asked looking up at her from the table, "Walk to where?"
"Just around the forest," Amaryllis answered, "It's fall and the leaves are changing their colors, It's so pretty outside this time of year."
"Sure, I'll go," Star Cluster answered, hoping it'll help him think easier.

After breakfast Amaryllis, Peaches and Star Cluster left the house and walked through the forest with Peaches in front of them. The wind blew making the leaves fall off the trees. Amaryllis looked around the forest enjoying the different colors while Star Cluster stared ahead of him as he went into deep thought. He wasn't paying attention to what Amaryllis said or watching Peaches trying to catch the falling leaves, he was busy thinking about three Black ponies. Who were they? Where are they know? If he found them, would they know him? Star Cluster wouldn't know where to look for them even if he wanted to find them.
"Star Cluster," Amaryllis called to him for the third time.
Star Cluster looked at her, "I'm sorry, I was just thinking."
"I know, apparently to hard. You didn't hear me calling you. Are you alright?" Amaryllis asked worriedly.
"Yes I'm fine. I'm just trying to remember my past and who I am but I can't remember."
Amaryllis smiled, "Your trying to hard. You'll remember something, just give it time. In the meantime, enjoy to pretty trees. There's red leaves. orange, some are dark purple or dark red. I've even saw one that has white flowers on it, those are my favorite."
Star Cluster looked at the leaves and saw Amaryllis was right, they were very pretty. He was so busy in his own thoughts that he didn't realize the leaves before or that they had started changing colors.
"Yes, they are quite pretty," Star Cluster agreed.
Amaryllis laughed as she watched Peaches, "She loves fall, the falling leaves are like a game to her. She tries to catch them before they hit the ground. She love to stomp on them and listen to the sound they make," Amaryllis looked at Star Cluster.
Star Cluster walked beside Amaryllis watching Peaches jump for a leaf when a red and orange leaf fell and landed on his nose, "How about that, I caught one."
"You wasn't even trying," Amaryllis pointed out.
"Let me see you try and catch one then," Star Cluster suggested.
"Alright I will," Amaryllis replied. She continued walking as she watched the trees and hope for a falling leaf.
"Mommy, you playing too?" Peaches ask noticing her try to catch a yellow leaf.
"Yes, me and Star Cluster are," Amaryllis answered without looking at her.
"There's one," Star Cluster pointed up at the lower branch.
Amaryllis hurried and went to grabbed it with her hooves but crushed it instead.
Star Cluster laughed when he saw the surprised look on her face, "Your suppose to catch it."
"I sort of did," Amaryllis replied smiling at him, she loved to see him smile and hear him laugh.

Amaryllis, Star Cluster and Peaches spent the day chasing leafs and laughing. It was a day Star Cluster will not forget. He stood by a tree and had caught several leaves on his back, he looked at Amaryllis smiling. Her hair sparkled in the patch of sunlight shining through the tree tops. Her smiled made him want to forget his problems. She looked so pretty smiling. Star Cluster loved her but wondered if she felt the same way. He remembered when he first saw her and the times he spent with her. He was happy to be with her and yet sad that he did not know his past. Was he married or has little ponies of his own? Where was he from? He suddenly felt scared to find out, he did not want to loose Amaryllis.
As he watched Amaryllis and Peached an image flashed before his eyes, he was on the beach with someone else playing. Who was he playing with? He didn't think it was one of the black ponies but someone just as small, someone...important to him.
"Star Cluster!" Amaryllis yelled as she and Peaches laughed, "What are you doing? You can't catch leaves just standing there."
Star Cluster blinked a few times and smiled at them, "Alright I'm coming!" He ran towards them, laughing and playing.

When the sun began to set they left the forest and went home for dinner.