Chapter 14: Their True feelings

Star Cluster was sound asleep on the couch, he had a warm blanket on that sheltered him from the cold. he was half asleep when he heard crackling and feeling warmer. He opened his eyes and saw the room had a light orange and red ten to it. He sat up and saw Amaryllis had started a fire in the fireplace. Star Cluster yawned, "What are you doing up?"
Amaryllis was startled and turned around, "Star Cluster. I'm sorry if I woke you up, it's cold and I couldn't sleep."
Star Cluster got off the couch and sat next to her on the floor in front of the fire place, "It's alright, I don't mind."
Amaryllis smiled and just stared at the fire dancing. Star Cluster looked at her and smiled, the light of the fire danced on her face, her hair shined in the light and her eyes twinkled. Amaryllis glanced at him and blushed.
"Star Cluster, What..."She paused as if she was to shy to asked, "What do you think of me?" She had expected for him to ask her what she meant but he didn't.
Star Cluster leaned his head on her neck and rubbed gently on her, "I love you. I have for sometime now."
Amaryllis looked at him and smiled greatly, "So have I." She scooted herself close to him and leaned on him. She nuzzled his shoulder and neck burying her face under his mane. He rested his head on hers smiling greatly.
"I was too afraid to tell you," Amaryllis told him, "You'll stay with me won't you?"
"I'd love to but my past is important. I don't know where it'll take me," Star Cluster whispered to her ear.
"Do you think your...married or have..." Amaryllis paused fearing to ask such a question.
"I don't feel that I am," Star cluster replied.
"You remember?" Amaryllis asked surprisingly looking up at him.
"No, I just feel that I'm not married," Star Cluster answered.
"How do you know for sure? You don't remember and you going by your feelings?" Amaryllis asked.
"It's hard to explain. Amaryllis, it's like...a voice whispering answers to me but I can barley hear it."
Amaryllis looked at him feeling rather confused at what he was talking about.
Star Cluster smiled and rubbed his head against her neck, "Just trust me, even thought you don't understand."
Amaryllis leaned back on him and smiled, "Ok but I hope your right."
"I have been so far," Star Cluster replied.
They sat quietly for sometime just leaning on each over.

Amaryllis looked up at him, "are you hungry?"
"Not really but I'd love some hot chocolate," Star Cluster replied.
Amaryllis smiled greatly, "oh, that sounds so good, I'll make two then." She stood up and left the living room. Star Cluster stood up and watched her in the kitchen, she was busy heating up the water. Star Cluster walked into the kitchen and rubbed on her back making Amaryllis jump. She turned and smiled, "You scared me."
"Sorry. I got lonely in the living room," Star Cluster replied.
It didn't take long to heat up the water, she took out two cups and a round container of hot chocolate and quickly made two cups of steaming hot chocolate. Star Cluster took a cup and walked back into the living room and sat in front of the fire. Amaryllis sat next to him leaning on him as she drank her hot chocolate.

"So have you remembered anything yet?" Amaryllis asked him.
"Just bits and pieces of the castle and the black ponies. I remember them as an adult ponies," Star Cluster closed his eyes, "I remember dragons too."
"It sounds like a fairy tale your remembering."
"I know but I promise you it's all real. I feel there's something important, something about me that I forgot," Star Cluster replied.
"What do you think that would be?" Amaryllis asked.
"I'm not sure. Just when I think I have it, I start to lose it," Star Cluster sipped some more on his hot chocolate, "There's someone else I'm remembering. It started when Peaches was playing in the leaves. I remembering playing with someone on a beach."
"Who?" Amaryllis asked curiously.
"I can't remember. I think it's...someone important that I forgot," Star Cluster looked down at her and saw her concerned look, "don't worry I'm not married, it's someone else...someone...small," Star Cluster paused trying to remember the image but he couldn't bring himself to remember the pony he was with.
Amaryllis finished her hot chocolate and sat the cup next to her, then she nuzzled on his neck, "Remember in the morning, it's to late to try and remember anything."
"Yes I guess your right," Star Cluster quickly drank his hot chocolate and sat the cup to the side, then he rested on her head.

When morning had came, Peaches woke up and to her surprise her mother hadn't woken her up like she always does. Peaches jumped out of bed and hurried to her mother's room but she wasn't there. Peaches got scared and ran to Star Cluster. When she didn't see him on the couch she got scared that she was alone. She was about to go to the kitchen when she heard a noise. She turned and saw her mother sleeping, curled in a ball next to Star Cluster. They each had their own blanket on them to keep them warm. Peaches smiled and ran to her mother.
"Mommy!" Peaches cried and landed on her, waking her and Star Cluster up in the process, "Mommy!"
Amaryllis woke up and yawned, "Oh Peaches, I'm so sorry I forgot to get you up."
Star Cluster stood up and stretched his legs as he yawned. Their cups were right where they had left them. He couldn't even remember when they fell asleep, he could only guess that it was right after they had finished their Hot chocolates.
Peaches looked at them curiously, "Why mommy, sleeping out here?"
"I was keeping Star Cluster company last night," Amaryllis replied.
"Lonely?" Peaches asked.
Star Cluster smiled at her, "not with your mother around. She was very good company."
Peaches smiled, "Mommy, I'm hungry."
"Alright Peaches, I'll fix breakfast," As Amaryllis left the room Star Cluster walked to the window and opened the curtains to let some light in. When he opened the curtains he was surprised to see what was happening outside, "Amaryllis!"
Amaryllis hurried to the living room and gasped at the window, "Is it really snowing?"
Peaches stood next to her mother and smiled at the snow.
Amaryllis hurried to the window and watched the snow falling. The ground was partly covered in snow, the leaves had already fallen leaving the branches bare.
"Mommy," Peaches cried.
Instead of Amaryllis picking her up, Star Cluster picked her up and held her to the window. Amaryllis laid her head on his shoulder and watched the snow fall.
"The first snow fall. Isn't it pretty?" Amaryllis asked.
"Yes is certainly is," Star Cluster replied rubbing his head on her's.