Chapter 17: Seeing what isn't there

It was morning and Star Cluster woke up from his sleep. He yawned and stretched as he listened to the birds chirping. It had been some time since he heard a bird. He stood up from the couch and walked to the window. The sun was shining brightly, the snow was melting fast. The grass steams began to peak through the snow. Star Cluster looked around at the bright glittering snow that had covered the forest like a soft white blanket. He was enjoying the view when he saw a white pony at the corner of his eyes, he turned his head and looked but it was only a large pile of snow.
"Is something wrong?" Amaryllis asked as she approached him from the kitchen.
"Nothing I guess," Star Cluster replied.
Amaryllis looked out the window and saw only snow.
"Star Cluster, I saw you suddenly turn your head as if you saw something," Amaryllis told him, "Was it a wild animal?"
"No it wasn't. I just thought I saw a white pony but it was only that pile of snow," Star Cluster replied.
Amaryllis looked at the pile of snow next to a tree and smiled, "It kind of look like a pony."

Peaches suddenly came into the living room towards her mother.
"Mommy, can I go out?" Peaches asked.
"Alright but you wait for me," Amaryllis answered.
Peaches smiled greatly and ran into the kitchen towards the dinning room.
"Are you coming with me?" Amaryllis asked.
Star Cluster smiled and followed her to the dinning room. Amaryllis opened the door and Peaches ran outside. Star Cluster followed Amaryllis outside in the crunching snow. Amaryllis stopped and leaned her head on Star Cluster as she watched Peaches. Star Cluster looked around the forest, snow was falling from the trees as it melted.
"Star Cluster want to go for a walk?" Amaryllis asked him.
Star Cluster smiled, "I'd love to."
"Peaches!" Amaryllis called to her. Peaches stopped running and turned, then she ran to her mother.
"Peaches, lets go for a walk," Amaryllis said, "Stay with us."
Peaches smiled greatly and followed her mother and Star Cluster into the forest.

They walked together enjoying their surrounding. Star Cluster continued to imagine he was seeing a white pony but he tried not to let Amaryllis catch him looking once in a while. Peaches ran in front of them laughing and jumping in the snow. She loved to hear the sound of snow crunching. As they walked Peaches continued to play in the snow and run around them.
"Peaches, be careful," Amaryllis told her, just then Peaches slipped and fell down short slope. Amaryllis hurried to her and saw Peaches getting up. She was upset and was ready to cry. Amaryllis picked her up, "Are you alright?"
Peaches nodded her head, her eyes began to water as she rubbed her front leg.
"It's alright Peaches. Just watch it next time. There is still snow on the ground and it's still slippery," Amaryllis told her.
Star Cluster stood at the top of the slopped under a tree watching when he felt something hit his nose. Amaryllis and Peaches looked at him as he looked up. Suddenly a pile of snow fell from a branch and hit him on the head. Amaryllis and Peaches laughed.
Star Cluster wiped the snow from his face. Amaryllis put Peaches down and walked up to him, still giggling. She cleared the snow off his back.
"Are you alright?" Amaryllis asked.
"I'm fine but that snow was cold," Star Cluster replied.
Amaryllis and Peaches laughed.
When Amaryllis had calmed down she looked at Star Cluster, "Lets head back before something else happens."

They turned and walked back through the forest to the clearing where her house sat. Peaches ran to the clearing and began making a big snowball. Amaryllis stood next to Star Cluster watching her.
Star Cluster watched Peaches when he suddenly saw the white pony again out of the corner of his eyes. He quickly turned his head and saw only a pile of snow.
"What is it?" Amaryllis asked noticing how quickly he turned his head.
"Nothing," Star Cluster replied.
"Nothing?" Amaryllis asked, "Are you sure?"
Star Cluster looked at her and saw that she obviously didn't believe him. Star Cluster sighed, "I thought I saw a white pony. I've been seeing her all day now."
"Her," Amaryllis asked, "Who is she?"
"I don't know," Star Cluster asked, "I think she's someone from my memories."
"What does she look like beside white?" Amaryllis asked curiously.
"All white," Star Cluster replied, "She has no other colors besides white."
"A pure white pony?" Amaryllis asked.
"I guess so," Star Cluster replied.
Peach ran up to them smiling, "Mommy, look what I made." Amaryllis and Star Cluster followed Peaches a little father away from where they were standing. Peaches stopped and pointed at the full body imprint in the snow that she had made.
"That's lovely Peaches," Amaryllis exclaimed smiling, "How about I give you a set of wings?"
"Yeah," Peaches cried happily.
Amaryllis used her hoof and made a set of wing on the back.
Star Cluster stared at the pegasus imprint, something about it looked familiar. As he looked at the imprint in the snow he suddenly realized something about it was missing.
"Add a horn," Star Cluster told her.
"A horn?" Amaryllis asked.
Star Cluster was anxious to see if he was right, he used his hoof and made a nice pointed horn.
"That's it," Star Cluster muttered.
"What's it?" Amaryllis asked curiously.
"That is the white pony I've been seeing. I think she's someone from my memories. Something about her looks familiar like I know her...someone very close..."Star Cluster paused trying his best to remember. Suddenly an image of a white winged unicorn flashed before his mind, "Yes, she is from my memories."
"A flying unicorn?" Amaryllis asked, "There's not even one in the fairy tale books."
"Look mommy, I'm a flying unicorn!" Peaches exclaimed and began jumping around the snow.
Star Cluster looked at Amaryllis seriously, "My memories are slowly returning. She and the black ponies are just a small piece of it. I know it all sounds like I'm remembering a fairy tale book but I have really seen them, I just don't know where or who they are...yet."
Amaryllis looked at Peaches sadly, "Will you show me those strange ponies you keep remembering someday?"
Star Cluster smiled and nuzzled her neck, "I promise."
Amaryllis smiled at him, "I'll be looking forward to seeing them."
As they stood and talked Peaches ran around and then she picked up a snowball and threw it at them. Amaryllis smiled greatly, she picked on up and threw it at Star Cluster.
"Ok, your going to get it," Star Cluster told her. He picked up a snowball and threw it at her. For the rest of the day, they continued playing in the snow till it was dinner time.