Chapter 18: Butterfly chase

It was in the afternoon and Amaryllis and Star Cluster sat on the couch in the living room reading a book to each other. The sun light from the window light the room. Bird chirped happily on the trees outside the window. Peaches ran into the living room from the kitchen.
"Mommy!" Peaches shouted excitedly, "Butterflies!" Then she turned and ran back into the kitchen.
"She really gets excited about butterflies," Star Cluster observed.
"She's talking about millions of butterflies. They come to out meadow this time of year. Peaches and I love to chase them and see them fly. It's so pretty. Come on, you got to see this," Amaryllis exclaimed happily. She sat her book down and left the living room. Star Cluster followed her into the kitchen to the door. Star cluster gasped at the large groups of butterflies gathering in the meadow. When they have all settled in the tall grass, Amaryllis quietly opened the door, "Come on Star Cluster, this is fun."
She opened the door and Peaches ran across the grass with her mother behind her. Star Cluster stood and watched. He loved to see her laugh and smile like a little pony. As Star Cluster watched he began to imagine Amaryllis as Luna running along the beach, smiling and laughing. Star Cluster blinked a few times and lost the image. He had seen the white winged unicorn before when the snow was melting but who was she?
"Star Cluster!" Amaryllis cried laughing.
Star Cluster smiled and ran to join Amaryllis in the butterfly chase. Millions of butterflies flew from the grass and gathered in the air as the three ponies chased them.
After awhile the butterflies began to leave, flying higher.
"Aww, they're leaving," Amaryllis complained.
"I'll try and catch some," Star Cluster lowered himself to the ground and got ready for a mighty jump. Suddenly he jumped high, right into a group of butterflies. Then he came down to the ground and landed on his four feet.
Amaryllis looked at him and laughed.
"What?" Star Cluster asked suspiously.
"The butterflies..."Amaryllis laughed, "They're caught in your hair."
Star Cluster looked and saw several butterflies stuck in his mane.
"I'll get them off for you," Amaryllis told him. She approached him and carefully began to set one butterfly free, then another and another. Soon she had set all the butterflies free from his hair. She stood back and laughed, "You looked so cute with them in your hair."
Star Cluster smiled, "at least I caught some."
"You certainly did," Amaryllis replied.
She walked up to him and nuzzled his neck.
Peaches laughed and ran still chasing a few butterflies that was left behind.
"We're like on happy family," Amaryllis whispered.
Star Cluster thought about what she said. He deeply wanted a family, and was very happy with Amaryllis but he had to know his past first. As he watched Peaches he thought about the winged unicorn he had seen. She was so white and yet young looking. Who was she? Was she some how related to him?

Star Cluster sat down and leaned his head on her's. She leaned her body next to his warm purple coat. Star Cluster smiled, he was indeed a very happy pony. He felt as if he had never been so happy like he was living in a dream, a dream that he hoped would never end.