Chapter 19: Dreams of a great battle

It was after midnight and everyone was sound asleep. The crickets made their sounds in the high grass. An owl blinked his eyes and made noises. Other night time animals roamed the forest. The wind blew slightly through trees and tall grass.
The curtains in the living room was closed giving very little light in the room as Star Cluster slept.
He groaned and kicked his feet as he dreamt.

He, Amaryllis and Peaches ran in the meadow laughing and playing. Amaryllis slowed down and turned towards him, She leaned forward and kissed him. Star Cluster nuzzled her neck, "Now we can go home and live as a real family."
Peaches ran up to him smiling, "Daddy, race you home!"
Star Cluster and Amaryllis looked at each other.
"You know I'll win though," Star Cluster replied.
"You think you will," Amaryllis replied.
The three of them ran back to the house, laughing and smiling. As Star Cluster ran he felt the earth shake and heard it rumble. He slowed down and glanced back. To his surprised he saw two great big dragons. One was red, the other was white. They were fighting in his meadow. Amaryllis and Peaches didn't seem to see them.
Just then three black ponies ran off the forest. He was shocked to see them. They were black as the dark sky. One was a unicorn, the other was a pegasus and the third looked normal. He knew the three black ponies, they felt so familiar. Just then a group of brightly colored ponies ran out of the forest and surrounded the red dragon. They pointed spears and bows& arrows at the red dragon.
"Star Cluster," Amaryllis shouted.
Star Cluster turned and saw her standing at the doorway.
"Come on!" Amaryllis shouted.
Star Cluster looked at the two fighting dragons and then at Amaryllis. He wanted to go to her but he feared he would lose the three black ponies and the dragons. If he went towards the black ponies, he feared he would lose Amaryllis. Star Cluster stood not sure which way to turn to.
Suddenly, the red dragon came close to him and cast a shadow over him. Star Cluster looked up and stared in fear, not daring to move.

Suddenly, Star Cluster gasped and jump up from the couch. He quickly looked around and took a deep breath of relief seeing that he was only dreaming. He took the blanket off and sat on the couch rubbing his face. The dream was so clear to him. He saw everything in great details.
He stood up and walked to the kitchen. He took a glass from the cupboard and filled it with water from the faucet. He took a sip and looked out the window. The meadow was dark except from the half moon lighting up the forest. As he stared he began to imagine the two dragons fighting and the Black ponies standing there watching. They were ghostly images in the meadow fighting under the moon.
Star Cluster rubbed his eyes and looked but there was nothing there. He continued drinking his water till the glass was empty, then he sat it in the sink. He looked out the window again and realized not only was he thirsty, he was also hot. He felt his fur on his front leg, feeling the heat coming from his damp skin.
"That dream was so...intense that I was sweating," Star Cluster whispered.
He walked to the door and opened it, then he quietly closed it. He walked a little further from the house. He stood and looked at the stars and feeling the genital breeze blowing through his coat and hair. He thought of the three black ponies again, he couldn't get them out of his mind. They were important to him. It annoyed him that he couldn't remember who they are or even their names. He thought of the two dragons and knew they too looked familiar. He thought of the white winged unicorn and knew she looked familiar. He thought of the castle he had seen last year and knew that too looked familiar and his dream of strange winged ponies.
Star Cluster sat in the grass and rubbed his face.
"Who are they!" Star Cluster exclaimed, "I know them and yet I don't. Just who are they?"
No mater how many times he asked himself that question he never got an least for tonight. He promised himself he would find out who they are. The answers are in his head, it was only a mater of time till he found it.

Star Cluster stood up and turned from the forest. He walked towards the house and walked inside, closing the door behind him.