Chapter 2:  Walking together

It was morning and Star Cluster woke up from the noise in the kitchen. He sat up on the couch and looked into the kitchen. Amaryllis grabbed a few things from the freezer and walked to the dinning room. Star Cluster wondered what she could be doing. He stood and walked to the kitchen and saw Amaryllis putting food and drinks into a pink bag.
"What are you doing?" Star Cluster asked surprising her.
Amaryllis turned and smiled, "Going for a walk through the forest. We used to walk all the time till..." She paused looking sad for a minute, "Well, I decided it's time for a walk and Peaches is coming. She loves to go on walks. Star Cluster would you like to join us?"
Star Cluster couldn't help but wonder what made her sad?
Just then Peaches ran into the dinning room, "Mommy, I'm ready!" She turned and smiled at Star Cluster, "Are you going too?"
Star Cluster looked at her and Amaryllis, it was clear they both wanted him to come with them.
"Yes, I'll go with you. I could use a walk and stretch my legs," Star Cluster replied.
Peaches cheered and ran out the door.
Amaryllis smiled great, "I have food in my bag in case we get hungry." then she picked up the bag and hung it around her neck.

Star Cluster followed her out the door and into the forest through a tinny clearing. Peaches looked around enjoying the scenery. Star Cluster walked next to Amaryllis while glancing at her shinny yellow and white hair. Shadows danced on them as they walked. Birds flew and chirped while rabbits ran and a deer stood watching.
Amaryllis caught Star Cluster looking at her and smiled, "What?"
"Oh, umm...well...Peaches, she looks a lot like you," Star Cluster quickly answered. He didn't know why he was staring at her.
Amaryllis smiled, "Yes she certainly does. You can tell she's defiantly my daughter."
Star Cluster looked at Peaches who was walking ahead of them, Suddenly something flashed before his eyes. He thought he saw Peaches as another pony but a little older. He couldn't see the details such as color or if it was a male or female. Star Cluster blinked and stared at Peaches but the flashing image never came. Was he daydreaming or was it a piece of his memories?

They walked and talked. Star Cluster enjoyed the view of the distant mountains and the animals in the forest. Amaryllis and Peaches were used to it but they still loved seeing it. They walked till they came to a meadow with a few trees and a large pond.
"I'm getting hungry. How about you two?" Amaryllis asked.
"Me too!" Peaches cried.
"The long walk is making me hungry as well," Star Cluster answered.
"How about we rest by the pond?" Amaryllis suggested.
"That's fine with me," Star Cluster answered.
Amaryllis walked to the pond and sat down in the short grass. Star Cluster sat next to her and Peaches sat across from her. Amaryllis put her bag down and began handing out sandwiches. Peaches took her sandwich, unwrapped it and quickly began eating. Star Cluster and Amaryllis did the same. As they eat Star Cluster couldn't help but feel being on a picnic felt familiar. He thought hard trying to remember but nothing came.
Amaryllis noticed he seemed to be in deep thought, "Are you thinking about something?"
"I was."
"About your lost memories?" Amaryllis asked.
"I know I've been on a picnic before but I can't remember...where, when and with who. I simply can't remember. Things just feel familiar."
"You'll get your memories in time," Amaryllis encouraged him.
"Mommy, can I play?" Peaches asked suddenly.
"Yes but you stay close."
Peaches stood up and ran around laughing and enjoying watching the birds fly away.
While Star Cluster watched her Amaryllis looked at Star Cluster, there was something about him that she liked. His deep rich purple coat and colorful hair, he was indeed very pretty but for the short time she had known him, she had gotten to like him.
Just then Star Cluster saw Peaches as another pony. Star Cluster blinked a few times.
"You ok?" Amaryllis asked.
"I'm fine just thought...I saw something. That's all," Star Cluster replied.
Through the whole day they spent their time in the meadow talking and walking through the forest before coming home.