Chapter 20: Amaryllis worries

It was early in the morning before the sun rose. The Meadow was covered in misty fog, it was so thick you couldn't see the edge of the forest.
Amaryllis was laying on her bed half asleep as she tried to wake up. She yawned and stretched her legs. She was partly covered in her pink sheets and her other pillow was wrapped around her front legs. She opened her eyes and stared at the picture on her night stand in front of her. It was a picture of her and Star Cluster with Peaches and their friends that came for a Christmas party. She remembered when they eat together and Star Cluster made everyone laugh.
Amaryllis smiled greatly at the thought of Star Cluster and the times she spent with him. She sat up in bed and yawned again still feeling tired. She stood up and took her yellow brush from her night stand and began brushing her hair. She looked out the window staring at the morning mist. When she was done, she sat the brush down and left her room. She walked to the living room anxious to see Star Cluster's sleepy face but when she walked into the room she was surprised to see he wasn't there. He obviously slept on the couch as she observed the blanket on the floor. She walked into the kitchen wondering if he got up early for something to drink but he wasn't there either. She looked out the window wondering if he was sitting in the grass but the fog with to thick to see. She opened the door from her dinning room and left the house. She walked in the meadow whispering Star Cluster's name but she didn't see him. She didn't want to walk to far till the fog lifted so she went back into the house.
"I wonder where he is. He wouldn't leave without saying goodbye first...I hope," Amaryllis thought. She walked to the kitchen and made herself hot chocolate as she thought of Star Cluster.
She walked to the dinning room table and sat down thinking about Star Cluster. Why did he leave? Where did he go? She continued to ask herself. She wondered if he would someday leave like this and never returned, the thought of it began to make her worried.

As the sun rose, the mist began to lift but there was still no sign of Star Cluster. Amaryllis sat her cup on the counter and left the kitchen. She walked past the living room glancing at the couch, then she walked into Peaches room. She walked up to the bed and shook Peaches, "Wake up."
Peaches opened her eyes and yawned. Amaryllis smiled and left the room. She walked to the kitchen glancing at the living room still expecting Star Cluster to be there. She entered the kitchen and began making breakfast.
Peaches walked into the kitchen and tugged on her tail.
"Mommy, Where's Star Cluster?"
"I don't know," Amaryllis replied, "Go sit at the table while I get breakfast ready."
Amaryllis fried the eggs and toast, then made orange juice.
"Mommy," Peaches began to cry, "Is he coming back?"
Amaryllis turned and saw Peaches starting to cry. She smiled at her daughter, "Of corse he will. He wouldn't leave without saying goodbye to his best friend."
Peaches smiled and wiped the tears from her eyes. Amaryllis turned towards the stove hoping she was right.
When she was done cooking she filled two plates with eggs and toast. Then she carried them to the dinning room.
Peaches quickly took her plates and began eating. Amaryllis sat down and eat glancing at the empty chair next to her. She quietly listened to the birds as they happily chirped. The sun shined through the windows, the fog was almost gone.
When they had finished their breakfast, Amaryllis got her pink folder from her room and went to the livingroom with Peaches.
"Mommy, can't we go outside?" Peaches asked.
'No, you'll concentrate better inside. Now, lets get you started on your school work then you can play outside," Amaryllis replied.
Amaryllis took out a piece of paper and handed it to Peaches, then she took out some flash cards and began teaching her to read, write and do simple math.

The morning had went by quickly and there was still no sign of Star Cluster. When Amaryllis had finished teaching Peaches, she sat her folder on the couch and lead Peaches outside. Peaches smiled and ran around the meadow. Amaryllis sat in front of her house watching Peaches enjoying herself. It was several minutes till she noticed something moving in the forest. She stood and watched closely. Then she smiled when she saw it was only Star Cluster. She ran across the meadow and gave him a hug. Star Cluster smiled and hugged her.
"I'm sorry I was gone so long. I couldn't sleep this morning so I left and went for a walk but then a fog came in and I could find my way back so I waited till the fog had lifted. Unfortunately I was further away from the house than I thought."
Amaryllis let go and looked up at him, "Leave a note next time. I'm scared to death you'll leave one day without saying goodbye to me." Star Cluster nuzzled her cheek, "I'd never leave without saying something to you. I'm sorry I had you worried."
Just then his stomach rumbled loudly. Amaryllis looked at him curiously which made Star Cluster laugh.
"I'm surprised you didn't hear me coming. My stomach has been making noises for an hour now," Star Cluster quickly told her.
Amaryllis smiled, "Come inside then. I'll make you something to eat."
Just then Peaches ran to him and held her front legs up. Star Cluster picked her up and Peaches hugged him.
"She was worried too," Amaryllis explained.
"I'm sorry, Peaches. I'm back now. I only went for a walk," Star Cluster explained.
"Really?" Peaches asked.
Star Cluster smiled, "Yes..just for a walk. Now I'm starving. Lets go into the house."
Star Cluster sat Peaches down and he began walking back to the house with Amaryllis and her daughter next to him.