Chapter 22: Looking Distracted

The sun had rose and Amaryllis opened the curtains in the living room. She walked to the couch and saw Star Cluster moving his feet in his sleep. Amaryllis smiled, "He's dreaming. I wonder what he's dreaming about?"
She lightly put her hoof on his shoulder and shook him till he woke up.
"I'm sorry but you've over slept. I'm sure you don't want to miss breakfast," Amaryllis said.
Star Cluster yawned and smiled, "I wouldn't miss it. I love your cooking."
Amaryllis smiled and blushed, "Hurry up."
She left the couch and went into the kitchen. Star Cluster soon followed her into the kitchen. Amaryllis handed him his plate then she picked up her plate and followed him into the dinning room. Peaches was already sitting down eating. Amaryllis sat and began to eat as she glanced up at Star Cluster. He was eating slowly and staring at the table at times.
"Ummm, I saw that you were dreaming," Amaryllis said trying to brake the silence in the room.
"Yes, I was," Star Cluster replied not saying anything else about the dream.
"Was it bad or a good dream?" Amaryllis asked curiously.
"I don't know," Star Cluster replied. He stirred the scrambled eggs staring at his plate as if he was in deep thought.
Amaryllis knew something was wrong. He hadn't been acting right for a week now, ever since he remembered the name Luna.
"It's going to get cold," Amaryllis remarked.
"Oh, sorry," Star Cluster muttered.
Amaryllis continued to eat her breakfast as she watched Star Cluster every now and then. He was unusually quiet and stares at nothing. It worried her every time she saw him staring. What was he thinking about? What was bothering him? Was it the dream he had? Has more of his memories returned? Amaryllis wanted to find out but she knew Star Cluster was obviously not in a talking mood.

After breakfast she took Peaches outside to play with her ball while Star Cluster sat and watched. Amaryllis sat next to him and looked at him worriedly. Star Cluster looked at her and smiled, "I'm fine. I'm just doing a lot of thinking."
Amaryllis smiled, "Try not to think to hard."
Star Cluster chuckled, then he continued watching Peaches kick her ball. Peaches ran after the ball and kicked it high. The ball landed and bounced from her. Peaches laughed and ran after it.
Amaryllis smiled at Peaches, she enjoyed seeing her daughter laughing. Amaryllis looked at Star Cluster wondering if he was still thinking hard. She saw he was staring at the meadow but not paying attention to Peaches. Amaryllis leaned on him and rested her head on his shoulder which made Star Cluster lose his thought. He turned his head and smiled at her.
Just then Peaches kicked her ball and it rolled through the tall grass, stopping in front of Star Cluster. Peaches ran to the ball and stood holding it.
"Want to play with me?" Peaches asked Star Cluster.
"That sounds like a good idea. It'll get your mind off your thoughts," Amaryllis told him.
"I'll try it," Star Cluster replied.
"Peaches take your ball and stand back. Star Cluster you might want to stand back too. We'll pass the ball around," Amaryllis told him.
Star Cluster stood up and walked from Peaches. Amaryllis did the same till they stood in a triangle shape.
"Ok, Peaches throw the ball," Amaryllis told her.
Peaches held the ball high and threw it as hard as she could. Then Star cluster picked up the ball and threw it to Amaryllis. Then she threw it to Peaches.
They continued to throw the ball to each other for a while.
Star Cluster looked at Amaryllis holding the pink ball. She smiled at Peaches and got ready to throw the ball. Suddenly an image flashed before his eyes. He remembered Luna holding a while flaming pearl.
"Star Cluster!" Amaryllis yelled.
Star Cluster blinked a few times and saw the ball sitting at his feet.
Amaryllis approached him worriedly, "Star Cluster, I know your thinking but your getting me worried. What are you thinking so hard about?"
Star Cluster picked up the ball and looked at it.
"Please tell me," Amaryllis begged. She wanted to find out what's on his mind.
"I've been remembering bits and pieces of my life and other ponies. What ever you do or Peaches does it seems to bring back a piece of my memories. It's gotten so bad that it comes in my dreams," Star Cluster explained, "Just a minute ago you reminded me of Luna holding a white flaming ball wasn't a ball. I don't know what it was." Star Cluster leaned down towards Peaches and gave her ball back, "I'm sorry Peaches. I can't play today. I have to much on my mind. I can play some other time, just not today though."
"Ok," Peaches said sadly.
"I'm going inside. Maybe I'll lay down," Star Cluster told Amaryllis.
Amaryllis watched as he walked back tot he house. She felt happy that his memories are returning but she also felt sad that his memories were coming at a fast rate.