Chapter 23: Star Cluster feeling troubled

Amaryllis laid in bed restless. She looked out her window and saw the sun had not yet rose, it was still very early in the morning. She couldn't stop thinking about Star Cluster. What was he remembering? She had watched him for the last few days and observed his silence. She knew it was important that he got his memories back but she never thought it would be so bothersome.
She threw the covers off of her and sat up in bed. She yawned and stretched. She was still tired but she knew she wouldn't be able to sleep.
"Maybe hot chocolate will help me sleep," Amaryllis thought.
She got out of bed and left her room. She walked to the living room and stopped. She looked at the couch in the darkness expecting Star Cluster to be sound asleep but he wasn't there. She wondered if he was outside walking through the forest or sitting in the meadow. She looked at the fireplace looking for a note but there wasn't any. She looked around the tables and still there was no notes.

She walked into the kitchen looking for a note but there wasn't any. She was sure he would leave her a note. She looked out her window and didn't see him.
"Is something wrong?" she heard a whispering voice ask.
She looked at the dinning room and saw Star Cluster sitting at the table drinking hot chocolate. She walked into the dinning room and sat down.
"I was looking for you. What are you doing up so early?" Amaryllis asked.
"I could ask you the same thing," Star Cluster replied.
"I...was worried about you so I got up to get something to drink before going back to bed," Amaryllis replied.
"I had a dream," Star Cluster looked at his hot chocolate and watched the steam rise from the cup, "I see more familiar ponies. I couldn't sleep, I'm afraid to go back to sleep. I just want to sleep without dreaming something for a change."
Amaryllis looked at him sadly, she felt sorry for him but she knew there was nothing she could do.
"Maybe it'll help you if you could tell me what you have been remembering so far," Amaryllis suggested.
"I remember the three black ponies when they were little. I remember playing with them. I don't know who they are. I remember seeing unicorns, Pegasus and ponies that live in water. I remember seeing a very large castle. I...I remember seeing two dragons fighting, the black ponies were older and they were there watching," Star Cluster paused, "I remember being alone. I was mad and sad at the same time. I don't know why. I remember traveling through the forest alone. Most of my memories so far are me being alone. It bothers me, I don't know why I was alone so much."
Amaryllis stood up and approached him. She nuzzled his cheeks, "Your not alone now and you'll never will be."
Star Cluster tiredly smiled, "I know. I'm glad you found me."
"You can thank Peaches for that," Amaryllis replied smiling.
"But why was I always alone?" Star Cluster asked himself.
"Why don't you give your thoughts a brake and go back to bed?" Amaryllis suggested.
"I can't sleep and I don't want to dream more memories," Star Cluster replied.
"I'll sit with you till you fall asleep," Amaryllis suggested.
Star Cluster sat quietly thinking. He felt very tired and need to sleep badly but he wouldn't be able to fall asleep.
"I'll be with you, Star Cluster," Amaryllis told him, then she kissed him.
"Ok," Star Cluster replied.
He took his hot chuckled and sat it in the sink, then he went to the living room and laid on the couch. Amaryllis sat next to him smiling, "Close your eyes and don't open them."
"That won't help me sleep," Star Cluster told her.
"Try it anyways," Amaryllis replied.
Star Cluster closed his eyes and laid there for a while. He felt Amaryllis laying her head on his pillow. He opened his eyes and saw her still sitting next to him, resting her head against him.
"I'm still here," Amaryllis told him.
"I know," Star Cluster replied smiling. He closed his eyes trying hard to sleep but t wasn't working. Then suddenly he heard Amaryllis humming a tune, then he heard her soft whispering words. She was singing softly and quietly to him.
He listened forgetting his worries and thoughts. He was more interested in her singing. He soon felt his body relaxing, his eyes no long wanted to open. His mind was still on Amaryllis voice.
When she finished singing, she saw he was sound asleep. She leaned forward and lightly kissed him, "Sleep dear Star Cluster." Then she stood up and quietly went bad in her room no longer feeling worried for him.