Chapter 24: Familar Island

It was morning and Star Cluster was eating breakfast with Amaryllis and Peaches. Star Cluster ate slowly staring at his plate every now and then. Peaches quickly eat hers, "Mommy. Can I got outside?"
"Yes but I want you to stay in front of the hose and stay close. Make sure I can see you," Amaryllis answered.
Peaches smiled and climbed off the chair. She went to the door and quickly left the house. Amaryllis finished her breakfast and took it to the sink. She fill the sink with water and soap.
"Star Cluster," Amaryllis called to him, snapping him out of his deep thoughts, "hurry up I need to wash that plate before we leave."
"Where are you going?" Star Cluster asked.
"To town. I need to shop for food," Amaryllis replied watching dishes, "Are you coming with us?"
Star Cluster quickly eat and brought his plate to Amaryllis, "I guess I could go to town for awhile."
Amaryllis smiled, "Help me with the dishes then." Star Cluster took a town and began drying the wet place.

When they were done, they left the house and began walking through the forest with Peaches between them. Amaryllis and Star Cluster carried a bag around their necks. Star Cluster watched the shadows on the ground dance as the wind blew. Birds flew from tree to tree, rabbits ran from them. They walked over hills and through the thick forest at times. An hour past till they finally came to a black pathed road. They followed the road to town. Star Cluster could see it was unusually busy. There was a bus stopped in town. Ponies walked from store to store, some just stood outside and talked.
"I wonder what's going on?" Amaryllis asked.
They went into the grocery store and saw it to was busy. Amaryllis went from row to row picking up food and storing it in her bag, then she stored the rest in Star Cluster's bag. When they approached the check out, Amaryllis was surprised to see a line. They stood and waited in line for several minutes. Then they finally came to the cashier, Amaryllis dumped out her bag, then Star Cluster's bag.
"Brightly, what's going on?" Amaryllis asked, "What's with all the new ponies and the bus?"
"It's a camping trip. They came through town wanting to rest and shop before they continue. I think it's great. I haven't had this much business in a long time. Some of them wants to come back for a visit," Brightly answered.
"That's great," Amaryllis replied smiling.
While she and Brightly talked, Star Cluster noticed a small rack full of brochures. They were information about the mountains, maps and other vacation spots. One of them looked familiar. He picked up a light orange brochure and looked at the cover. It was a picture of an island and the natives.
Amaryllis saw what he was holding and smiled, "I've been there. It's one of the world's best vacation places," Amaryllis paused for a minute, "Star Cluster, why don't you take a vacation? Relax and enjoy yourself."
"I guess I need a vacation. Get my mind off of things," Star Cluster replied.
"Brightly, I'll take that brochure too," Amaryllis told him.
When Amaryllis finished paying for the food, she packed the food in the two bags. Then she put one bag around her neck, then Star Cluster took the other bag.
They left the store and walked down the street heading out of town.
"Star Cluster, would you mind if me and Peaches went too?" Amaryllis asked, "I haven't been there since Peaches was born."
"Sure, I'd love to have you along," Star Cluster replied smiling.
Peaches tugged at her mother's tail. Amaryllis stopped and looked at Peaches, "What is it?"
"Are you going some where?" Peaches asked.
"Yes, in a few days, we'll leave home and go on a vacation," Amaryllis replied.
"Vacations?" Peaches asked, "Where are we going?"
"To Drakon Island. You'll love it there, Peaches. There's a big beach to play in, lots of great food to eat, hotels to stay in, pools to swim in. We could even go walking on a trail and we'll get to see the birds that lives on that island. It's just a place to have fun," Amaryllis explained.
Peaches smiled greatly, "Mommy can we go now?"
"It's to late now, in a few days we'll go," Amaryllis replied.
"Drakon Island?" Star Cluster asked, he took out the brochure and looked at the cover.
"They call it that because of the shape of the island. It's in a shape of a sleeping Dragon and Drakon means dragon," Amaryllis explained.
Star Cluster suddenly thought of the two dragons he kept seeing. Were they from that island?
"There's a story about a dragon that used to live there. But that's just a story the natives of that island like to tell tourists," Amaryllis explained.
Star Cluster could feel a sudden great urge to go there. He had a feeling all his answers to his questions are on that island.
"Lets go tomorrow," Star Cluster suggested.
"Tomorrow?" Amaryllis asked, "But I got to clean the house and pack tomorrow."
"Pack what?" Star Cluster asked, "You don't need anything. I can help you clean the house tonight."
"Well, ok," Amaryllis replied.
They continued walking while Star Cluster thought of the island.