Chapter 25: Leaving town for a vacation.

Star Cluster, Amaryllis and Peaches stood on the docks waiting in line to get on the large ship. The sun had just rose from the horizon in the ocean. The sunlight warmed everything that it touched.
"We should have gotten here earlier," Amaryllis complained.
"We got here before the sun rose, that's pretty early," Star Cluster pointed out.
Peached was looking around at all the ponies walking on the docks but what fascinated her most was the large ship she was about to get on. She had never seen a big ship before or the ocean.
Amaryllis laughed as she watched her daughter curious look.
"She's going to love the cruise," Amaryllis remarked.
Star Cluster smiled, "I'm sure she will."
The line continued to get shorter till it was Amaryllis, Star Cluster and Peaches turn to give their tickets to the a dark pink pony with rainbow hair. Then they continued onto the Plank. Peaches stayed close to her mother as she peaked over the edge. They got onto the deck of the ship and followed a group of ponies into the ship through a door. They turned the corner at the end of the hall and saw rows of doors.
"I don't think our room is on this floor," Star Cluster guessed. He turned and walked to the stairs with Amaryllis and Peaches behind him. They walked upstairs to the next level.
"This got to be it. The numbers are in the hundreds," Amaryllis commented.
they continued walking down the hall till they found their numbers.
"120," Star Cluster read on the door, "Looks like I'm next door to you."
Amaryllis smiled, "I wanted you to be close."
Star Cluster went into his room and closed the door. It was a small room but it was big enough for him. It had a bed against a wall and a square window at the head of his bed. On the other wall was a table and a chair.
He sat on the bed feeling how soft it was. Just then he heard a knock, "Star Cluster!"
He stood up and opened the door. Amaryllis and Peaches stood at his door smiling.
"Well?" Amaryllis asked, "Are we going to walk around together?"
Star Cluster smiled, "Yes, lets go." He left his room and closed the door.

They walked upstairs and went outside. They stood at the rails watching the boat leave the dock. The wind blew in their manes and their tails waved wildly in the wind.
There were a lot of ponies on the dock walking around but mainly looking out towards the ocean. Some ponies went upstairs to the very top.
"Lets see what upstairs," Star Cluster suggested.
Amaryllis and Peaches followed him upstairs when they reached the top, they saw a large outdoor bar with a swimming pool behind them.
Peaches smiled greatly when she saw the pool. Amaryllis followed Star Cluster to the bar and sat down on the stool.
A brown pony with white and light pink hair approached them, "What will you have?"
"Tea," Star Cluster answered.
"The same,' Amaryllis replied.
"Ice cream!" Peaches exclaimed.
"Peaches, I don't think they have ice cream," Amaryllis told her.
"Sure we do," the brown pony replied, "We got all kinds. What kind of ice cream do you want little one?"
"Minty!" Peaches replied happily.
"A minty ice cream?" the brown pony asked, "Let me see what I can whip up for you." the pony turned and began digging through the cold frozen box. he took a cone and began scooping up a light green ice cream with chocolate mints in it. He closed the box and turned around with two scoops of ice cream. He gave Peaches the ice cream who gladly took it. Then he took two glasses and poured tea in them from a pitcher.
"There you two go," the brown pony said handing them their tea.
Amaryllis and Star Cluster took their tea and began drinking it while Peaches licked her ice cream and even tried to take a bite out of a few times.
Amaryllis looked at Peaches and began laughing. Star Cluster looked at Peaches wondering what was so funny, then he too began laughing. Peaches looked up at them with ice cream all over her muzzle wondering what was so funny.
"I'm going to have to wash her face when she's done," Amaryllis laughed.
When they have calmed down, Amaryllis looked at Star Cluster and smiled, "This will be so much fun together. I haven't had this much fun in a long time, not until you came."
Star Cluster smiled at her, "Just think, the fun is just starting."
They smiled at each other and looked out into the ocean enjoying the sun refection in the rippling waters.