Chapter 26: Natives watchful eye

It was morning when the ship arrived at Drakon island. Ponies took their bags and began leaving the ship. Amaryllis, Star Cluster and Peaches left the ship and followed the large group of ponies off the docks. When they approached the busy town, Star Cluster noticed a bright red pony watching him curiously. Star Cluster figured he was watching the ponies get off the ship.
"Well, now where do we go?" Amaryllis asked.
"Lets walk through town and see what we find along the way," Star Cluster answered.
Amaryllis agreed and followed Star Cluster closely with Peaches next to her.
They walked past the shops to the beach and continued walking on the sandy beach enjoying the hot sand beneath their feet. Peaches ran to the water as it came onto the beach cooling the hot sand.
Amaryllis and Star Cluster continued walking as they past ponies laying on the sand or playing with their ball.
"We better find a hotel before it gets dark," Amaryllis suggested.
"Lets got to the next town," Star Cluster suggested.
Amaryllis called for Peaches who was splashing in the water. She left the water and ran to her mother.
They left the beach and walked on the road, passing tourist train carts going to and from town. They stopped every now and then to look at the ocean crashing onto the beach.
"It's so pretty here. I've forgotten what's it like here," Amaryllis commented.
They continued walking as they past untold number of palm trees but it gave them shade from the hot sun so they couldn't complaint to much. Amaryllis began walking slowly, "I wish we had gotten on one of those train carts."
"Why?" Star Cluster asked.
"I'm tired from walking," Amaryllis answered, "Aren't you tired from walking?"
"No, not in the lest bit. I guess I'm used to doing a lot of walking," Star Cluster replied.
They climbed a slight hill and stopped to rest.
"The town isn't far from here," Star Cluster pointed at the distance.
"Good," Amaryllis replied.
Peaches sat next to her resting her tired feet.
After they had felt rested, they continued walking.

They walked into town, noticing the road immediately became stony. Shops sat on either side of the wide street. Amaryllis, Star Cluster and Peaches found themselves pushing their way through the crowds. Star Cluster noticed a few of the native ponies working in the shop, stopped and stared at him. Amaryllis had also noticed one of the passing natives turned and looked at him.
"Star Cluster," Amaryllis whispered to him, "Why are they looking at us?"
Star Cluster stopped and looked at a native who realized he was caught staring.
"I's me they're looking at," Star Cluster replied.
"Why?" Amaryllis asked.
"I don't know," Star Cluster replied.
They continued walking trying to ignore to stares but it was getting harder and harder to do.
"Lets hurry and find a hotel," Star Cluster told her.
"Any will do at the moment," Amaryllis replied.
They continued walking till they found a hotel at the top of the hill. They anxiously walked past the crowds of ponies till they reached the hill. They walked down the long sidewalk towards the tall white and orange hotel. Peaches noticed the native dance a little farther from the hotel, "Mommy, look!" Amaryllis and Star Cluster stopped. They stood and watched from a distance. Amaryllis noticed that they too glanced at him.
"Lets go inside," Amaryllis suggested.
They turned and was about to walk to the hotel when a group of native ponies was approaching them.
"Lets find another hotel," Star Cluster suggested.
They turned and walked back to town.
Star Cluster was getting annoyed and nervous with all the natives watching him.
"Is there anything different about me that would make them stare?" Star Cluster asked.
Amaryllis looked up and down at him, "Other than your hairy"
"There's got to be something about me," Star Cluster muttered. He noticed that non of the tourist watched him, it was only the brightly colored native ponies.
Star Cluster stopped and looked at a bright pink pony in the shop who quickly looked away. They he turned and looked at another bright green pony who also looked away.
"Something is wrong," Star Cluster said.
Amaryllis didn't know what to say, she only had more questions.
"Lets get going," Star Cluster told her.
They were about to continue walking when Amaryllis noticed Peaches was missing. She turned around and called for Peaches. Star Cluster looked around but there was so many ponies, she could be next to them and they wouldn't see her.
"Mommy!" Peaches cried and ran to her, "Come see!"
"Peaches, you had me so worried. Don't ever go by yourself without me!" Amaryllis exclaimed.
Peaches looked at her sadly, "Sorry mommy."
"Your all I got. I don't want to loose you," Amaryllis told her.
Peaches began to cry, "Sorry mommy but...I saw something.
"What did you see?" Star Cluster asked, "Show us."
Peaches sniffed her tears back and took them to the center of a four way street. In the cent stood a statue of a dragon.
Star Cluster stared surprisingly at it.
"See...Dragon," Peaches pointed.
Star Cluster couldn't believe what he was seeing. it was the same dragon as the one in his memories. He now knew this was the island he had seen the dragons but where was the other dragon? It wasn't on the stature.
Amaryllis looked at the writing below the dragon.
"Mommy, what do it say?" Peaches anxiously asked.
"I'll tell you in a minute," Amaryllis replied.
After she had read it, she looked at Star Cluster and Peaches, "It says it's a guardian dragon of this island, protector of power and wisdom."
"Guardian...dragon?" Star Cluster asked. He knew it sound so familiar, the answer was so close and yet he couldn't bring the answer to his mind.
"Are you Star Cluster?" a voice asked.
Amaryllis, Star Cluster and Peaches turned around to find a tan pony with bright yellow, orange and green hair standing behind them with a curiously look.
Star Cluster was shocked that a stranger knew his name.
"Who are you?" Star Cluster asked, "and how did you know my name?"
"My name is Mango," he answered, "Most of us know who you are. You're the one who save us."