Chapter 28: Flood of memmories

Mango, Star Cluster, Amaryllis and Peaches had walked far from camping last night. The grass was tall and thick at time, the forest felt crowed with tree growing close to each other, tall bushes hit would hit their face as they walked through it. Amaryllis was relieved when they came to a forest of palm trees. There was hardly any bushes or tall grass. Birds squawked and some even chirped, other animal's voices echoed in the forest. Amaryllis looked around wondering what was making the noises but she never found out. They climbed steep hills and went down slops, they crossed streams and large clearings. The sun was hot, beating down on their coats. Amaryllis wanted to stay in the shade and rest, she was relieved when they enter the palm tree forest again. The ground had very little grass, it was mostly dirt and a little bit of sand. Mango stopped and pointed, "There's the village."
Amaryllis looked and saw rows of huts and brightly colored ponies walking around. Some were coming from the beach carrying packs of fish on their backs. Star Cluster stared at the village, it too looked familiar. Flashing images of the village began to appear before his eyes.
"Come," Mango told them.

Star Cluster, Amaryllis and Peaches followed them into the village. Peaches walked closely next to her mother, Star Cluster looked at the villagers as they whispered his name. They were obviously shocked to see him. Mango walked to a hut that was a bit larger than the rest of the huts in the village. Mango stopped and waited as Chief Tahoe walked out of the house. He had heard a commotion and went outside to see what was going on. To his surprise he saw Star Cluster, the one pony he never thought he'd see again.
"Star Cluster?" Chief Tahoe exclaimed, "But we thought you were dead."
"No, I'm alive," Star Cluster replied.
"Chief," Mango began to say, "He's lost some of his memories. I thought bringing him here would help his memories return."
"Yes I'm sure it will help," Chief Tahoe replied, "Star Cluster, who are the ponies with you?"
"This is Amaryllis who I plan to marry and the little pony is her daughter, Peaches," Star Cluster replied.
Amaryllis smiled, "It's nice to meet you."
Just then Pineapple went outside and stood on the porch next to her father. She gasped when she saw Star Cluster, "Your alive?!"
"The last time I checked I was," Star Cluster replied.
Chief Tahoe laughed, "Well, some things about you hasn't changed. Come inside...both of you." Chief Tahoe took Star Cluster, Amaryllis and Peaches into the house. The floor was a light wood and it was so shinny, Amaryllis could see herself. There wasn't much in the room, only a few windows and some small tables. The room ahead was a dinning room and then there was another hallway. Star Cluster wasn't interested in the other rooms, only one very familiar room. He turned and walked into an empty room.
Chief Tahoe followed him and stood at the doorway, "Do you remember this room?"
Star Cluster stood at the other doorway and turned around fallowing Chief Tahoe, "I've...been here before," He looked around the room and began seeing images of Luna and the black ponies. Star Cluster sat down trying to think of what else happened in the room. He knew he had been in the room before but he wasn't alone. Just then images flashed before his eyes. It was so fast that it began to give him a headache. He closed his eyes and held his head till the images left him. He let go and looked at Chief Tahoe, "I slept in her with Luna and the black ponies."
"Yes, you slept right where your sitting. Your brother slept at your foot," Chief Tahoe replied.
Star Cluster looked at him surprisingly, "My...brothers?"
"Yes, the black ponies are triplets, they're also your older brothers," Chief Tahoe replied.
Amaryllis stood next to Chief Tahoe, listening but she still found it hard to believe such ponies existed.
Star Cluster stared at the floor trying to remember more about the Black ponies. He remembered how mad he was at them and how they cared about him. He remembered playing with one of them on the beach.
"Star...dust," Star Cluster muttered, finally able to remember a name.
"He's the pony without the wings and horn, he's also Luna's father and the oldest of the three black ponies," Chief Tahoe explained.
" niece?" Star Cluster asked.
"Yes," Chief Tahoe answered.
Star Cluster had learned so much at once that it began to give him a headache. He stood up and left the room, " to take a walk." Then he left the house.
"Star Cluster," Amaryllis called.
"No, let him go. He must remember what he had lost. Please don't worry, he'll be fine," Chief Tahoe told her, "Would you mind telling me how you meet him?"
Amaryllis smiled, "Well I live in the forest alone with my daughter," she continued to tell the story how he was found and during the times he was living with her.

Star Cluster walked through the village as the ponies stopped and whispered his name. He felt they had done that once before when he first arrive on the island. Star Cluster continued walking till he left the village and was heading towards the beach. He could hear the ocean sweep on land and back into the ocean again. The small of the salty sea air filled his lungs. The wind flew across the ocean cooling his dark purple coat. He stopped and stood in the sand under the shady tree. He stared into the ocean remembering his brothers.