Chapter 29: Star Cluster's world

After dinner Amaryllis, Peaches, Chief Tahoe and Pineapple went to bed except for Star Cluster who left the house and went for a walk. Peaches laid under her blanket cuddled up next to her mother for warmth.
"Mommy, Where's Star Cluster?" Peaches asked.
"Out for a walk. He'll be back soon," Amaryllis answered. She missed spending time with him. She had hoped to have fun and play with Star Cluster but she hardly saw him and he rarely said a word to him. He spent most of his time thinking and sitting alone on the beach. How long was he going to do that? What was he remembering? It had been three days since she arrived in the village and she was starting to feel lonely, Peaches was the only one who had made friends and played.
The sun had set and the sky got dark. Amaryllis and Peaches had fallen fast asleep waiting for Star Cluster to return.

After midnight Amaryllis had woken up from a strange noise. She sat up and listened, only to find it was just a bird. She wasn't used to hearing island birds at night and it always woke her up. She was about to lay back down when she noticed Star Cluster's bed hadn't been slept in. Was he still on the beach thinking or had he fallen a sleep on the beach? This time she was determine to get a few more words out of him other than good morning. She slowly and carefully stood up while trying not to wake Peaches. Then she quietly walked out of the room and left the house.

Once she was outside she could hear the ocean waves moving and crashing on land. The wind blew as her hair waved wildly. She walked quietly through town listening to everyone's snoring. She hoped no one would wake up. When she left the village and was walking closer to the beach, she noticed the moon was full. It gave light to the beach and cast a shadow in the palm tree forest. She approached the sand stopped. In front of her was Star Cluster standing and staring at the wild water. His glowing coat was the first thing she noticed, it was almost like seeing a ghost on the beach. Even though she was used to seeing him glow it looked strange to see him on the beach at first.
She stepped on the cool stand which felt strange to her feet. She had never felt the sand so cool. She had also never walked on the beach at night.
"Star Cluster?" Amaryllis whispered to him.
Star Cluster turned around and smiled at her as she approached him, "Amaryllis."
She stopped in front of him and looked at him worriedly, "I woke up and saw you haven't slept in your bed, so I got worried and came outside to look for you. We hardly talk to each other."
Star Cluster turned and stared at the ocean. Amaryllis stood next to him and leaned her head on his shoulder.
"I'm sorry, Amaryllis. I've been doing a lot of thinking."
"Do you remember anything?"
"Yes. I remember a lot. I remember my brothers, especially my older bother...Stardust. Starfire is the youngest of the three."
"Starfire?" Amaryllis asked wondering who he was.
"He's a Pegasus and loves to play but mostly...he loves to tease Skyview," Star Cluster replied.
"Skyview...the earth pony?" Amaryllis asked.
"No he's a unicorn. Stardust is the earth pony. I'm the youngest...last to be born in my family," Star Cluster sighed sadly looking at the sand below his feet, "being the youngest I was always alone. My parents were always busy to have time for me so I spent most of my youth alone. I tried to get the six of us together and act like a family but they didn't listen. So when I got older I left home. I...can't seem to remember much after that. I do remember bringing Luna to this island spending time with her here."
Amaryllis rubbed his neck, "You're not alone now and we'll be a family soon."
Star Cluster looked at her and smiled, "I know." he remained silence staring at the full moon. After a few minutes he turned and faced her, "Amaryllis, There's something I must tell you about me."
"I already know your not married and you have three brothers and a niece."
"There's more. Amaryllis, my older brother Stardust is...well...he's a King," Star Cluster finally said, "My brothers are Princes and I'm...Prince Star Cluster. Even though I'm a Prince I don't inherit anything."
"What?" Amaryllis asked finding it hard to believe what she heard.
"I'm serious He's a really King and owns a large castle named Dream Castle. He rules over a very large country called Ponyland."
"That's just across the ocean..." Amaryllis began to say.
"No, this is a different Ponyland," Star Cluster quickly said.
Amaryllis looked at him suspiously. Everyone in the village believed unicorns and Pegasus were real and they had seen them. Peaches undoubtedly believed them but she had always been told non of it existed. She knew only one place named Ponyland but it had no castles. She had never heard of a King named Stardust. Is he telling her the truth? She wanted to believe him but a small piece of her didn't.
"I'm from another world," Star Cluster began to explain. He lifted his hoof, "The reason you never seen a pony with feet like mine is because they're isn't any in this world. Every boy that is ever born in my world has hairy feet, the girls don't."
"How...did you get to this world then?" Amaryllis asked curiously. She believed him about the feet, she had to, no other pony had feet like his.
"I went through an archway called The Gate. It only opens on a full moon and anyone who goes through it will glow. Since I'm not of this world I glow when the gate is open. Amaryllis please believe me. My brother really is a King, his daughter is a Princess."
Amaryllis stared at his glowing body. What he said made sense. She began to feel herself giving in and believing everything he said. She smiled at him and buried her face under his neck.
"Yes I believe you now," Amaryllis replied.
Star Cluster smiled and was relieved that she believed him. He pulled back and looked at her worriedly, "You'll still go with me....won't you?"
"Well, I...thought we'd go home after we leave Drakon Island," Amaryllis replied.
"I need to go to Ponyland and go through the Gate to my world. Once we get to my world, you might not come back," Star Cluster told her.
Amaryllis looked at his surprisingly, "What? but my stuff."
"Amaryllis, you have nothing here. You have no one but Peaches. Come with me and live in my world. You'll have a bigger house. Better things. You'll have unicorn and Pegasus friends....Amaryllis, you'll love it there. You could start a business of your own there, all you need is permission from Stardust," Star Cluster nuzzled her neck and cheeks, "Your husband would want you to be happy. What about Peaches? She needs friends and to be able to play with other ponies. Living in my world would be like living in her fairy tale book...She'll love it."
"I'm...afraid to leave," Amaryllis told him sadly.
"What is there to be afraid of? I've seen the world, both in fact and you'll love it there. There's no cars for ponies to drive around. We walk and we live in group of villages. There's a large town nearby too. Amaryllis you have to come and see it," Star Cluster pulled back and smiled at her, "As long as your with me you won't have to be afraid. We'll live in my world and we'll get married, have lots of friends and more children."
A tear of happiness fell from her cheek, "It sounds like a dream."
"It doesn't have to be," Star Cluster replied.
Amaryllis nuzzled him, "Ok, We'll go with you and never return. We'll make a new life with you."
Star Cluster smiled greatly. He was happy, a feeling of joy that he had long since forgotten.
"Umm..." A voice began to say, "Mommy. We're not going home?"
Amaryllis and Star Cluster pulled away from each other in surprise. They turned and saw Peaches sitting on the sand looking very tired.
"Peaches, what are you doing up?" Amaryllis asked.
"I woke up and you wasn't there. I heard you leave the house so I followed you. I'm sorry mommy," Peaches exclaimed. To her surprise her mother just smiled instead.
"Peaches, how would you like to meet a real unicorn and a real Pegasus?" Amaryllis asked.
Peaches smiled, "Really?"
Star Cluster smiled at her, "I'm taking you and your mother with me to another world. A world where unicorns, pegasus and sea ponies live. A place where you'll see magical ponies, tinny ponies and a large castles. It'll be like living in a fairy tale book."
Peaches smiled greatly, "Lets go!"
"Shhh," Amaryllis told her, "Ponies are still sleeping."
"I'm also going to marry your mother," Star Cluster added.
Peaches looked at him curiously, "Marry?"
"Yes, Peaches. He's going to be with us for a very long time. He's going to be your daddy," Amaryllis explained.
"Daddy?" Peaches asked.
"Is that alright?" Star Cluster asked worriedly.
"I don't think she'll mind. She doesn't remember her dad and always wanted one," Amaryllis whispered.
Peaches smiled greatly and approached him. She stood on her hind legs wanting to be picked up. star Cluster picked her up.
"So I can call you daddy?" Peaches asked.
"Sure," Star Cluster replied smiling.
Peaches hugged him, "Daddy."
"Oh, Amaryllis I almost forgot to tell you. Once we're in my world, don't tell anyone about the Gate or where your from. Ponies outside my family don't know about the Gate. When the moon is full you and Peaches will glow instead of me, so don't let anyone see you glowing. One last thing, don't cut your hair, ponies in my world ponies can't cut their hair, it just grows back."
"Is that all?" Amaryllis asked surprisingly.
Star Cluster smiled, "Yes now it is."
"Will I be able to sleep when I'm glowing?" Amaryllis asked.
"Yes, just close your eyes and you won't see it. It's not a big deal, you'll get used to it fast," Star Cluster replied. He looked at Peaches noticing that she hadn't moved.
Amaryllis smiled, "She fell asleep. I guess we better get to sleep."
Star Cluster and Amaryllis turned and left the beach.
"So do we leave for your world tomorrow?" Amaryllis asked.
"No, we can spend sometime here. Besides my world isn't going anywhere soon. We came here for a vacation, so lets start having one."
Amaryllis smiled, "I can't wait. I hope I'll be able to sleep tonight."
Star Cluster laughed quietly, "Well Peaches is having no trouble sleeping through her excitement."
"She got that from her father. He could fall asleep no mater what was happening or how excited he was," Amaryllis replied.
They continued walking through the village and quietly walked into the chief's house.