Chapter 3:  Night time surprise

Star Cluster was in the kitchen staring out the window and watching the sun setting. Amaryllis was on the couch reading when Peaches sat on the couch next to her and leaned against her.
"It's time for you to go to bed," Amaryllis told her.
"Mommy," Peaches exclaimed and yawned.
"You're tired, Peaches," Amaryllis sat her book on the couch and stood up with Peaches at her side.
"Can you read me a story?" Peaches asked.
"Sure. Would you like me to read from your favorite book?" Amaryllis asked.
"Yeah!" Peaches cried excitedly and hurried to her room.
Amaryllis followed her.

Star Cluster walked to the living room and saw Amaryllis taking Peaches to bed. He continued into the living room and looked around. He noticed several pictures, some sat on tables and above the fireplace. In one of the pictures he noticed three ponies, Amaryllis and Peaches but the other he had never seen before. Star Cluster walked up to the picture and held it in his hoof. The other pony was light blue with pink, green and white hair. Star Cluster stood wondering who the pony could be. He looked at the other pictures and noticed the same pony. He set the picture down and walked to the fireplace looking at the pictures. As he stood and looked he noticed the room looked brighter with a purple tent to it. He looked at the lamp next to the couch but it wasn't bright enough to light up the room. Star Cluster left the fire place and looked around for the light source. As he walked past the couch he caught a glimpse of him reflection on the window. Star Cluster stopped and looked at the window. His eyes were fixated on his glowing image. Star Cluster looked at his legs and body, to his great surprise, he was glowing. His fur coat was giving off a light purple glow, lighting up the room around him.
Star Cluster walked to the window to get a better look at himself. He couldn't get over his glowing appearance. Through his reflection he noticed the full moon shining brightly. Could his glowing body be connected to the moon? He wasn't sure but somehow he felt he was right.
Suddenly he heard Amaryllis gasping in shock. Star Cluster turned and saw Amaryllis looking shocked.
"You're-you're...glowing," Amaryllis managed to say.
"I noticed," Star Cluster replied.
Amaryllis walked up to him and looked closely at his fur, then she touched his coat and hair. Every strand of fur and hair was glowing. Amaryllis found it very fascinating.
"How...I mean why are you glowing?" Amaryllis asked.
"I'm not completely sure but I think it has something to do with the moon. I hadn't glowed during the time I spent here till tonight and the moon is full," Star Cluster answered.
Amaryllis looked out the window and saw the full moon, "You don't remember glowing before?"
"I don't know," Star Cluster replied as he went back to staring at his reflection.
Amaryllis lightly touched his fur again still fascinated by the glow. Star Cluster turned his head and looked at her curiously.
Amaryllis looked at him feeling embarrassed. "I..ummm...Sorry, I guess I should be going to bed too. Goodnight Star Cluster," She turned and began walking out of the room when she head Star Cluster reply, "Goodnight, Amaryllis." She smiled at him and left the room. She was happy to hear him say her name. He hadn't said it before till now."
She walked into her room and laid on her bed thinking about Star Cluster glowing. She remembered his fur growing back and the first time she saw his hairy feet and now he's glowing.
"He's not normal. I wonder where he's from?" Amaryllis thought.
Star Cluster went to the couch and laid down. For some reason the glow didn't really bother him, it was as if he was used to it and yet he was still a bit surprised. He closed his eyes and fell into a deep dreamless sleep.