Chapter 30: A ship for home

The sun shined brightly through the drifting clouds. The wind blew a cool breeze on Drakon Island. Star Cluster and Amaryllis ran along the sandy beach, splashing water and laughing. Star Cluster was ahead and glanced behind him to find Amaryllis trying to catch up to him.
Ponies from the village was on the beach watching and smiling. Everyone had gotten to know Star Cluster during the month he, Amaryllis and Peaches stayed with them.
Star Cluster and Amaryllis was getting tired. They slowed down to a walked and went to a shady spot. Star Cluster laid down in the sand with Amaryllis across from him, laying down. They breathed heavily trying to catch their breath. Amaryllis smiled greatly, "I'm having such a wonderful time. I wish it never end."
Star Cluster smiled at her, "Me too but the month is almost over the gate will open soon. We'll have to leave tomorrow if we're going to get there in time."
"Tomorrow?" Amaryllis asked, "that soon?"
"We'll have to," Star Cluster replied.
Just then Peaches and Pineapple ran up to them smiling. Peaches laid between her mother and her new father.
"Tired?" Star Cluster asked.
Peaches nodded her head catching her breath.
"Pineapple, what's in the bucket?" Amaryllis asked.
"Shells," Pineapple answered. She put the bucket on the sand and took out a small pearly shell, "We're collecting them and then I'm going to have it made into a necklace for Peaches."
"Aww, that's so sweet of you," Amaryllis replied.
"Well, you'll have to do it today. We're leaving tomorrow," Star cluster told her.
"Ok, Peaches, lets go find a few more shells," Pineapple exclaimed.
Peaches stood up and ran after her down the beach. Amaryllis inched closer to Star Cluster and rubbed foreheads with his. Star Cluster sat up, "Come on, we still have today to play so lets not waste it."
Amaryllis smiled and stood up. Without any warning, she tapped him, "now your it!" Then she ran down the beach with Star Cluster behind her.

A day later, after they had traveled through the forest, they finally arrived in town. Mango was with them to guide them through the forest.
"Now, you go to the next town and you can catch a ship to Ponyland. Do you have the tickets Chief Tahoe gave you?" Mango asked.
"Yes, we have them," Star Cluster answered.
"Thank you so much," Amaryllis exclaimed happily.
"We'll never forget you Star Cluster. I have a feeling this is the last time you'll be on the island," Mango remarked.
"Yes, I plan to go home and stay there. I'm tired of traveling," Star Cluster replied.
"Bye," Amaryllis said. Then she turned and walked closely with Star Custer. Peaches walked next to Star Cluster. They walked out of town and across the deserted road while viewing the sparkling ocean waves. It was in the afternoon when they finally reached the next town. They continued walking through the crowed and following the signs to the docks.
"Almost there," Star Cluster told her.
They walked til they came to a three way road. They followed the sign pointing right and immeaditly saw several large ships with signs in front of them saying where the ship was going. Star Cluster, Amaryllis and Peaches hurried to the ship going to Ponyland and stood in line waiting behind several ponies carrying bags and wearing hats. When they approached a bright yellow pony with bright pink and green hair, they quickly handed her their tickets then they went onto the plank. Peaches walked closely to her mother fearing that she would fall off.
They walked on to the deck and hurried into the ship. They searched each floor till they found their rooms. They had a room next to each other which made them happy. They left and hurried to the top of the ship where the pool was and stood watching as the ship left the dock.
"I'm so nervous, Star Cluster. I'm leaving my home for good," Amaryllis whisped to him worriedly.
Star Cluster smiled and hugged her tightly, "Your with me and I promise to take good care of you and peaches."
Amaryllis hugged him back.