Chapter 5: The truth behind the picture

It was in the evening that Star Cluster sat outside in the grass watching Peaches playing with her ball. Every now and then the ball would roll to Star Cluster, stopping at his feet. He took the ball and kicked it back making Peaches chase it. He enjoyed watching Peaches but something about her playing felt familiar. He wasn't sure why but he hopped by watching her play he would start to remember. Star Cluster spent all day trying to remember something, anything from his past but all he remembered was falling out of the sky. He had always wondered where he fell from? He didn't have wings so it wasn't possible for him to fly.
Star Cluster glanced at the bright sun, he could feel the warmth beating on his dark purple coat. He stood up and called for Peaches, "I'm going in for a minute. I'll be right out."
"Ok," Peaches replied and then she continued to play.

Star Cluster walked from the field to the house. He went to the kitchen and got a glass of water when he noticed Amaryllis standing in front of the fire place staring at a picture. He had seen her a few times staring at the pictures and had always wondered why. He didn't want to bother her with such questions since it was non of his business. Star Cluster hardly knew her and yet he felt worried for her. He stood for several minutes drinking his water and staring at her. He couldn't help but think how pretty she was.
When he was done, he sat the glass in the sink and went into the living room.
"Amaryllis," Star Cluster called to her, startling her in the process.
Amaryllis turned and smiled. for a second Star Cluster saw her sad face.
"Star Cluster, I...didn't hear you come in," Amaryllis replied.
Star Cluster was surprised, he wasn't that quiet about walking in the house. Could she be thinking hard about something and just didn't pay attention to the noise he was making?
"Why don't you join me outside?" Star Cluster asked.
Amaryllis turned from the picture, "ok."
She left the house and followed him to a shady tree not far from the house. Amaryllis sat down next to him and watched Peaches playing.
"All she ever wants to do is play," Amaryllis commented.
Suddenly Star Cluster felt something familiar about what she said. It was a strong feeling, he knew he had heard it before, like someone he knew that loved to play.
"Star Cluster?" Amaryllis asked noticing his surprised stare, "are you ok?"
"I-I'm fine. I...uh, was just thinking about what you said. She really does like to play, all little ponies do." He continued to have a nagging feeling that he knew someone like Peaches that always wanted to play but he couldn't bring any images to his mind.
Amaryllis sat in the grass talking to Star Cluster till sunset.

After dinner, Amaryllis took Peaches to bed and then she too went to bed reading a book. Star Cluster quickly fell asleep on the couch. He soon began dreaming of a white dragon and a red dragon fighting. His dream was to cloudy and even blurry a times to see what was happening. Suddenly Star Cluster jumped awake. He looked around and realized it was just a dream. He sat up on the couch rubbing his face. It was several minutes before he stood up from the couch. He left the room and walked to the kitchen. He got a glass of water and began drinking it satisfying his thirst. As he stood drinking his water he looked out the window and saw how dark it was. The sky was clear with a crescent moon shining brightly and the twinkling stars scattered across the sky. The field was quiet, even the crickets had stopped making noises. Star Cluster figured it was past midnight. As he stood and looked, he noticed something in the field. It was sitting in the grass staring at the stars. Star Cluster was curious as to what it was. He sat his glass down and walked outside as quiet as he could trying not to make a sound. As he approached he was surprised to find it was Amaryllis. She looked sad staring at the stars.
"Amaryllis?" Star Cluster asked in a whispering voice.
Amaryllis jumped, her fur stood on end. She had not expected anyone to be up late at night. She turned her head and half smiled, "Star Cluster. You scared me. What are you doing up?"
"I had a dream and it woke me up. What about you?"
Amaryllis turned her head from him staring at the grass. Star Cluster sat next to her looking worried, "Something has been bothering for sometime. What is it?"
"I'm sorry Star Cluster."
"Amaryllis, is it that picture you've been staring at?" Star Cluster asked.
Amaryllis looked up at him surprisingly.
"I saw you many time looking at it," Star Cluster replied as if he knew what she wanted to ask.
Amaryllis looked up at the stares, "That was my husband. He died sometime ago. Peaches was to little to remember."
"How did he die?" Star Cluster asked curiously.
Amaryllis looked down at the grass sadly, "He loved hiking and climbing. We moved here so he could be close to the forest and mountains. He loved playing with Peaches which is probably why she loves to play. Well, he went hiking one day..." Amaryllis paused, a tear began to fall from her cheek, "He was climbing up a steep hill on the mountain when he...slipped and...fell." Tears poured from her eyes, "I never told Peaches about it. She's still to young to know"
"Oh, I'm sorry," Star Cluster whispered to her.
Amaryllis leaned on his shoulder crying. Star Cluster was caught by surprised when she leaned on him and yet he enjoyed having her leaning on his shoulder. He turned his head and looked at her, she was silently crying with her eyes closed. Star Cluster looked up at the sky and stared at the stars.