Chapter 6: Star Cluster and the small town

It was in the afternoon and Amaryllis was in the dinning room putting on her two bags around her neck. Peaches stood on her hind legs leaning on the door.
"Star Cluster, want to help me with the other bag?" Amaryllis asked.
"Sure," Star Cluster replied. He took the other bag and hung it around his neck, "Umm, why are we going to town?"
"I'm low on food supplies so I have to go to town and get some," Amaryllis replied. She turned and left the house with Peaches and Star Cluster. They walked across the field to the trail which you wouldn't know it if someone didn't show you. Star Cluster was anxious so see other ponies and a town. He wondered if there were more male ponies like him with hairy feet. He wondered what the town would be like. Was it a big town? was it close by? Would there be a lot of ponies there?
"Where is this town?" Star Cluster asked.
"Just over a few hills," Amaryllis replied.
They walked far from home till he saw a pathed black street at the end of the trail. He knew they were very close. When they walked out of the forest, Star Cluster was surprised at what he saw. It was nothing like he thought it was. The town was small and there wasn't very many ponies walking around. There were a few little ponies playing in the street with a couple of adults watching from outside the stores.
Star Cluster noticed non of the male ponies have hairy feet.
"Well, here's the town," Amaryllis told him.
"Non of the ponies have feet like mine," Star Cluster remarked.
Amaryllis smiled, "You are the only one I have ever seen his hairy feet. You'll find ponies in this town will find you fascinating. Your different and I have never seen hair grow back as fast as yours. Star Cluster, I'd suggest you tell no one about your hair growing back. This town is small and word spreads very fast here."
"Ok," Star Cluster replied.
As he and Peaches followed Amaryllis, Star Cluster noticed the ponies watching him. He felt strangely used to the staring even though he didn't know why. They walked into a store and was quickly greeted by a yellow pony with white and cyan hair.
"Hello Amaryllis it's been while since I saw you," the yellow pony exclaimed happily.
"Yes it has," Amaryllis agreed then she turned towards Star Cluster, "This is Star Cluster."
The yellow pony hadn't noticed him at first till Amaryllis said something. The yellow pony looked up and down at Star Cluster and then he noticed his hairy feet, "I never seen a pony with feet like yours before."
"Yes, they're...unusual," Star Cluster replied.
"Well, we got some shopping to do," Amaryllis told the yellow pony. She continued bowsing around the store with Star Cluster who found just about everything in the store, interesting. Amaryllis couldn't help but laugh when she looked at his curious face.
"Star Cluster, isn't there anything you want?" Amaryllis asked still giggling.
Star Cluster picked up a bag of chips and turned towards her, "This looks good."
Amaryllis took the bag of chips and put it in her bag. They continued shopping till they had filled their bags. Then they took their bags to the counter and emptied it. As Amaryllis stood waiting for the yellow pony to cheek each item, she suddenly noticed Peaches was gone.
"Where's Peaches!" Amaryllis exclaimed as she looked around.
"I'll find her" Star Cluster quickly said. He left the store and back trailed where he had been. He didn't go far when he heard laughter. He stopped at the corner of a store and looked around the building. In the alley was Peaches and a few boys playing. They wrestled with Peaches in the dirt. Peaches held a small blue ball under her, she looked as if she was ready to cry.
"I got it first!" Peaches cried.
"It's my turn!" a bright pink boy replied.
Star Cluster walked into the alley startling the boys, "get off of her."
The boys quickly climb off of Peaches and stood aside.
"Peaches are you alright?" Star Cluster asked.
Peaches sat up from the ground holding the ball and looked up at him, "yeah but I got the ball first and..." then a tear came down her cheek, "They tried to take it from me."
Star Cluster couldn't help but notice how dirty she looked, even her hair was dirty.
"Well your mother was worried and I don't think she'll be pleased to see you so dirty," Star Cluster told her.
Peaches rubbed her eyes making her face even dirtier, she handed the ball to the bright pink boy. Then she stood up and followed Star Cluster. They walked to past a few stores till they came to the grocery store.
"Wait here. Your to dirty to go in," Star Cluster walked inside.
Amaryllis was just putting the food in her bags when he approached her.
"Found her," He pointed at the door. Amaryllis turned and gasped, "What happened?"
"She was playing in an alley."
"Oh my. Star Cluster could you finish putting the rest of the food in your bag?" Amaryllis asked.
"Sure," Star Cluster replied.
While Amaryllis went to check on Peaches, Star Cluster quickly packed the boxes and bags in his brown bag then he left the store, "I'm ready."
"Great. Now lets go home so I can wash Peaches," Amaryllis told him.
They left the store entrance and continued walking till they were out of town, then they followed the trail back home.