Chapter 8: Real or fairy tale?

The sky was dark and there was no moon. The forest was quiet and the wind wasn't blowing.
Star Cluster laid on the couch sleeping peacefully under a dark red blanket. His head rested on a light red pillow. He twitched his leg as he began to dream.
He saw baby unicorns playing with adult unicorns under the bright sun. Some of the unicorns winked in and out as they laughed. He saw some running in the meadow with a town in the distance. Just then three Pegasus flew low catching the baby unicorns by surprise. The white pegasus turned and laughed as the baby unicorns tried to catch her. The other two landed next to the adults. Just then a large bear roared and chased Star Cluster to a cliff. It was the same bear that had chased him up a tree before. As he inched closer to the cliff, he slipped and fell. He landed in a lake with a splash but found that he couldn't swim to the surface. Just then four sea ponies carried him to the surface. Star Cluster grabbed the ground and pulled himself out of the water. He turned and thanked them then he left. As he walked he saw four flutter ponies flapping their wings fast. The wind they created threw him back into the lake only this time there was no sea ponies. Star Cluster continued sinking with no way of reaching the surface.
As Star Cluster slept, Peaches shook him calling for him, "Wake up."
Star Cluster slowly woke up to the sound of her voice.
"It's morning," Peaches exclaimed happily to him and then she hurried into the dinning room. Star Cluster sat up rubbing his face trying to wake up.
"That was a strange dream," Star Cluster whispered to himself.
As he thought about the dream, he wondered if there really were such things as unicorns, pegasus, Sea Ponies and Flutter ponies. He couldn't get over how real it felt to him.

"Star Cluster, are you hungry?" Amaryllis asked from the kitchen.
Star Cluster stood up and walked into the kitchen. Peaches was sitting at the table waiting for breakfast.
"Yes I am," He replied and walked to the table sitting on a wooden chair.
Amaryllis set three plates full of eggs, toasts and sausages on the table. Then she sat down and began eating. Star Cluster couldn't get the dream out of his mind. Why did it seem so important to him? After all it was just a dream.
"Amaryllis, have you seen a unicorn or pegasus before?" Star Cluster suddenly asked.
"No, they're not real. Those are just fairy tales...stories from books," Amaryllis answered.
"How about ponies that live in water but has no legs?" Star Cluster asked.
"I never even heard such a pony," Amaryllis replied.
"Or ponies with crystal see through wings?"
"No, not those either. Star Cluster why do you ask?" Amaryllis asked.
"I was just curious," Star Cluster replied.
Amaryllis didn't believe him, she could tell something was bothering him.

After breakfast Star Cluster went outside with Peaches and watched her play while Amaryllis cleaned house. He sat under a shaded tree thinking about his dream again. He saw Peaches in the meadow playing but didn't pay close attention to her.
He thought about the unicorns he saw and how real they seemed to him. His dream made him feel like he was home. Suddenly a blue ball rolled up to him. Star Cluster grabbed the ball and threw it far for Peaches to chase after. It was then the he noticed his hairy feet. He remembered when he was in town how every male pony didn't have hairy feet. Even Amaryllis had said that she never seen a pony with hairy feet or fur that grows back instantly. He began to wonder about himself. Where did he really come from. Were there other's like himself?
He continued thinking not realizing what time it was. It wasn't till Peaches came to him about dinner time that he realized how long he had been thinking.

He stood up and followed her into the house. Amaryllis had just finished setting the table when he and Peaches walked in.
"Peaches, did you have fun?" Amaryllis asked.
"Yes mommy," Peaches answered and quickly sat at the table.
"Star Cluster are you alright?" Amaryllis asked worriedly.
"Yes, I'm fine," Star Cluster answered sitting at the table with Amaryllis and Peaches.
As they eat Star Cluster continued to think and wonder, not realizing how worried Amaryllis was getting.

When dinner was over, Amaryllis sent Peaches to bed while Star Cluster went to the window in the living room and stared out the window. He imagined the baby unicorns playing and Pegasus flying like in his dream. He watched the empty meadow as the sun slowly disappeared behind the forest. Amaryllis walked in the living room and saw Star Cluster staring out the window like he was watching something.
"What's outside?" Amaryllis asked startling him.
"Nothing. I was just thinking," Star Cluster answered not looking back at her.
"So I noticed all day," Amaryllis replied, she walked up next to him almost touching his purple coat, "Please tell me what's bothering you."
Star Cluster was silent for a few minutes. Amaryllis thought he wasn't going to tell her at first.
"I had a dream this morning about Unicorns, Pegasus, Ponies in the water without legs and ponies that fly with see through wings," He turned and looked at her, "It felt so real. I knew what they were in my dream, Amaryllis. It felt like...home."
"But Star Cluster, it was just a dream."
"Is it just a dream or have I really seen those kind of ponies. Amaryllis I...I must know or learn about unicorns and Pegasus and those other ponies."
"But they're not real," Amaryllis told him.
"Amaryllis, look at me. My feet are hairy. My fur grows back. I can jump over trees. Have you ever seen or heard of a pony like me?" Star Cluster asked.
Amaryllis was silent for a minute wondering if he was right, "I...I never seen a pony like you."
"There's something about me that's different like those fairy tale ponies. Amaryllis, I..." Star Cluster paused as if he didn't know what else to say. He felt deeply troubled the more he thought about it.
Amaryllis lightly touched his shoulder as if she was afraid it would bother him is she did. She smiled at him, "I can't understand how you must feel Star Cluster but if it would help you, you can go to town and look them up at the library."
"Library?" Star Cluster asked.
"It's not very big but you might find some answers or you might find more questions."
"Great. I'll go tomorrow," Star Cluster replied.
"I would go with you but I got to stay here with Peaches. She doesn't go to school so I home school her early in the mornings," Amaryllis smiled at him, "I used to be a school teacher."
"A school Teacher?" Star Cluster asked. For some strange reason he had no idea what a school teacher was. It didn't even feel familiar, "What's a school teacher?"
"You don't know?" Amaryllis asked surprisingly, "I thought you would at least know that. Well I used to teach ponies math, history and stuff like that."
"What's school?" Star Cluster asked.
"School is a place little ponies go to learn from their school teacher."
"Oh, I see now," Star Cluster replied.
"You don't seem to have a problem knowing anything else but it's strange that you didn't know what school was," Amaryllis observed.
Star Cluster had to agree with her. It was a bit strange. Had he gone to school at one time? Was there anyone out there that would know him?
"Well, it's getting late. I better go to bed," Amaryllis told him, "Goodnight."
"Goodnight," Star Cluster replied as he continued to stare out the window.