Chapter 9: Reasearch at the Library

Morning had came and Star Cluster had just finished breakfast. He stood up from the table and took his plate to the kitchen counter, "Well I'll be going then."
"You know how to get to town?" Amaryllis asked as she picked up her plate and then Peaches.
"Yes I do. I just go straight and follow the path."
"Ok. Make sure your back in time for dinner," Amaryllis told him.
He stood at the door and smiled at her, "I wouldn't miss your cooking," Then he turned and left the house. Amaryllis stood surprised at what he said. She smiled greatly to herself.

Star Cluster walked across the meadow to the forest and followed the dirt path to town. He walked over hills, past bushes, rocks and fallen trees till he saw the black pathed road ahead of him. He left the forest and followed the road to town. Star Cluster saw adult ponies walking around some stared at his hairy feet. He looked around and noticed there were no little ponies.
"I wonder where they went?" Star Cluster thought.
He continued to walk looking at signs that would say, library. Just then he saw little ponies playing by a medium size yellow building. Non of the ponies strayed to far from the building. He turned and continued walking till he saw the library not to far from the little ponies. It was a one story building a little bigger than the store he and Amaryllis went to in town. He walked inside and saw a light blue pony with white, pink and yellow hair writing something at the desk front of him. He walked up to the pony, "Um, excuse me."
The pony looked up from her desk and smiled great when she saw who it was, "Your Star Cluster."
Star Cluster was surprised a stranger would know his name, "How did you know my name?"
"This is a small town, everyone knows everyone here. I'm May, if there's anything you need just ask me."
"Yes there is. I need books on unicorns, pegasus and other strange ponies," Star Cluster replied.
"Oh, the fairy tale ponies. We got a few. If you like, you can sit at a table and I'll bring some to you," May replied.
"Oh, one more thing," Star Cluster turned and pointed to a yellow building through the window, "What building is that?"
"That's the school," May replied.
"Oh," Star Cluster replied. He remembered what Amaryllis told him about school, "So that's a school."
When May left him, he turned and walked around the desk. There were long rectangled tables with bookcases on each side. There were a few ponies in the library but he was the only one sitting at the table. After a few minute, May returned with a small stack of books. Some were thick, some were thin. Others were big. May sat the books in front if him.
"Some of these are little pony books but this is all we have," May told him.
"This will do, thanks," Star Cluster told her.
May smiled and went back to her desk while Star Cluster took the first book and began to read it. It had lots of pictures of unicorns and Pegasus but is wasn't what he had hopped for. Star Cluster closed the book and pushed it aside, then he grabbed the next thick book and opened it. There were very little pictures but there was lots of reading. He quickly skimmed through the pages till something caught his eye. He sat for hours reading the book. As he read ponies came in the library and left non of them stayed as ling as Star Cluster. When he realized what time it was, he close the book and quickly skimmed through the other books. He had learned a lot by reading them but he only found more questions and very few answers. He gave up and decided to go back to Amaryllis's house. He stood up and left the library. As he walk he saw lot of ponies in town and little ponies in the allies playing. He hurried out of town and into the forest.

He could feel his stomach began to rumble and twist. He knew it was close to dinner time and he didn't want to miss it. As he walked he thought about what he read in the books and the pictures he saw. He wondered if there were real unicorns and Pegasus around, if so then where did they go? Where are they hiding? He didn't find anything about his hairy feet or fur growing back or glowing on a full moon but one thing he noticed was that all the unicorns and Pegasus were females.
He continued walking through the thick forest till he saw the meadow. The house sat far on the other side.
Peaches was outside with her mother when Star Cluster appeared from the forest. Peaches dropped her ball and ran towards him. When she reached him she stood on her hind legs and gave him a hung which surprised Star Cluster. He looked down at her and smiled, "Missed me?"
"Don't leave," Peaches exclaimed sadly.
Amaryllis walked up to him smiling, "Peaches thought you weren't coming back. She very attached to you."
"I noticed," Star Cluster replied looking down at her.
"Well I was about to have dinner. I'm guessing your starving," Amaryllis guessed.
"Yes, I am."
"Did you learn anything at the library?" Amaryllis asked as she, Star Cluster and Peaches walked back to the house.
"Some but I only have more questions," Star Cluster replied.
"Why are you so interested in fairy tales?" Amaryllis asked curiously.
"I don't know. Something about it just draw me to it," Star Cluster replied.
They continued into the house and talked as they eat dinner.