Clash of the Ancients

Chapter 1

The young princess walked through the grounds. Only recently had she been reunited with her father after 16 years of separation. The princess was white in colour, with silver hair and golden eyes, and a cyan lock at her brow. She had a silver horn, and a black wolf paw print. Strangely enough, her tail was that of a wolf’s, and was silver. Her name was Silver Wolf.
Silver’s tiara was of course, silver, but set with diamonds and gold gems. She wore it today, with her long hair curled and tied up neatly.
The clouds were out, and it was dark, almost night time. Silver Wolf had always enjoyed walking at night. She walked through the large gardens till she came to a fountain. It was white marble, with a wolf statue sitting and staring at the sky. Among everything in the castle, it was Silver’s favourite thing.
“Silver Wolf?” A voice called out. Silver Wolf smiled, replying.
“Yes dad?” She started to walk in the direction of her father, when she heard some strange whisperings in the bushes. Curiosity aroused, she walked slowly over.
“Who’s there?” She called out. The voices went silent and a prickly feeling in her coat told Silver she was being watched. Starting to feel a bit nervous, she backed up and turned round. Then she screamed – a net had encased her and electrical bolts were paining her. Out of the bushes came a group of five ponies. One was a unicorn, two earths and two pegasi. The unicorn increased the bolts in the net and soon the princess fell silent.
“Is that her, your sure right?” One of the pegasi said. He had a yellow coat, with red hair and a black smudge for his symbol. The unicorn sighed.
“Yes, Smudge. I know for sure that it is her, you need to remember that I captured her in the past.” Her coat was tan and she had blue and silver hair, and a symbol of a nebula. Then the other pegasus spoke, he had a sun for his symbol and was red in colour with black hair.
“Smudge do you ever listen? You were told her exact description, only an idiot could see that it is the princess.”
“Oh shut up the both of you.” One of the earthies spoke as Smudge was opening his mouth to reply. This one had a silver coat and navy hair, with a symbol of a shadow.
“Do you ever give it a rest?” Nebula, the unicorn, spoke. “Smudge, make sure she’s passed out, if she hasn’t hit her. Sunlight, don’t annoy Smudge you know it just causes trouble.” Then she turned to the earth ponies.
“Shadow and Eclipse, go scout and return here in five minutes. Make sure no one is coming or has heard. The rate those pegasi were going, it’s a wonder the whole damned castle hasn’t woken up.”
Shadow nodded, slinking away into the approaching darkness. The other earth pony, Eclipse – he had a navy coat and green hair and a symbol of the moon with a glow around it – walked off in another way. Nebula turned back to the princess and the pegasi.
“Get her tied up and on Sunlight’s back. Now!”

Meanwhile, King Phantom had heard his daughter’s scream. Phantom was a unicorn, with a black coat and red and silver hair, and a symbol of a pair of dragon wings and glowing red eyes. As he was running as fast as he could towards where he had heard her, he was unexpectedly ambushed by a silver earth pony with navy hair. A fight ensured, and the earth pony was joined by another earth pony, this time with a navy coat and green hair. Phantom recognised them instantly.
“Shadow and Eclipse – what have you done with my daughter?” He growled, fighting off Eclipse with jets of red light and keeping Shadow at bay with more red light. The two earthies looked at each other.
“Times up.” They said at exactly the same time, and with a last attack bounded off into the darkness. Phantom had been thrown to the ground, and he got up and raced after them, only to see a glow of silver light and his daughter, on a red pegasus’ back, tied up and unconscious, vanish.

Meanwhile, back in Ponyland, Princess Lunarstar was in her bedroom. At the moment she was putting up her long white hair. It was morning in Ponyland, and sunny. In just a moment she would go down for breakfast. She just had to place her silver and diamond tiara on her head, make sure it wouldn’t fall off accidentally.
A flash of green light distracted her. She turned around, looking. Her lilac eyes widened and a confused expression came upon her face. In her room stood a tan unicorn with blue and silver hair, and along with her two pegasi friends, but minus the earth ponies. Unknowingly to Luna, this was the same group that had kidnapped Princess Silver Wolf, in another world. Never in all of her 17 years of living, had she seen this pony. Luna’s gaze was drawn to the red pegasus, he had something on his back. Looking carefully, she made out an unconscious pony, that looked like she was tied up.
“We need you to come with us, Princess.” A voice spoke. Luna looked round and saw it was the tan unicorn who had spoken.
“Why? Who are you?” Luna replied, obviously confused. The group remained silent. Luna steeled herself and spoke again.
“If you don’t start talking, I’ll have to get my dad.”
At this, the unicorn looked expectedly at her.
“I don’t think you’ll be doing that. See, we have a job to do.” Her horn glowed, and a net flew out of her horn and encased Lunarstar. This net was different to the one that had been used on the other pony however, it was black and sucked out Luna’s magic, leaving her to tumble to the floor. At a look from Nebula, Smudge walked forward and placed the white winged unicorn on his back, still wrapped in the magic absorbing net. The group vanished.


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