The Road Home


Morning Star a white unicorn with red, pink and white hair. she sat on a stool in the Soda Shop with her four friends sitting next to her. Spring Rain and Sun runner on one side, Rose and Starbrite on the other side. Morning Star looked out the window behind her. The sky had gotten darker since she walked in the shop. She thought about her father and wondered if she should go home.
"What's the mater, Star?" Starbrite asked, noticing Star staring out the window. Starbrite was a bright pink pony with blue and purple hair.
"It's getting dark outside."
The girls turned around and looked.
"It looks like it's going to be a bad storm," Sun Runner observed, she was bright green with yellow hair.
"The clouds doesn't look good either," added Spring Rain, she was a light Blue Unicorn with Purple, Pink, Blue and white hair.
"I think I better go home," Morning Star stood up, "Father is going to worry if I'm not home before the storm starts.
"I agree. I think we all better go home," Starbrite pronounced.
"See you tomorrow," said Rose.
"Bye!" Morning Star left the shop and almost lost her balance with the sudden gust of wind. Nxavier, a black pegasus with black and green hair, caught her and kept her from falling.
"Are you alright?" Nxavier asked.
Morning Star blushed, "I'm alright, thank you."
"A bad storm is coming."
"I know. I'm heading home now."
"So am I. See you tomorrow."
Nxavier and Morning Star went their separate ways.

The closer Morning Star got to her house the darker the sky looked. The wind blew in her face which made it hard to see where she was going. By the time she reached her street, the sky was pitch black with dark gray clouds stretching beyond Pony Valley. Leaves blew across the street and Morning Star's long hair blew wildly in the wind.
In the distance she could see her house with her father at the door looking for her.
Morning Star ran down the street and was almost home when suddenly a bright blue light appeared in front of her in midair. From the light formed a clear rippling water whirling like the center of a tornado.
She couldn't believe what she was seeing, "This can't be. Could this be a vortex I had heard about at school? But it's not possible," she thought.
"Star!" yelled her father, who stood between the vortex and the house.
Morning Star noticed she was being pulled into the whirling water and tried desperately to back away but she couldn't.
Her horn started to glow and wings protruded from her white coat. She extended her wings and flapped them as hard as she could but she still couldn't make herself stop.
Suddenly the Vortex formed a funnel and pulled her inside, the last thing she heard was her father calling her name.

She laid in the cool tall grass, still not fully awake. She heard voices whispering among themselves. She slowly opened her eyes but all she saw were blurry images standing at her feet and the dark sky.
"We found her!" said the first voice.
"Star Cluster is going to be so pleased with us," remarked the second voice.
"Are you sure it's her?" The third voice asked.
"We were told she's a white winged Unicorn with long hair and we found one," declared another voice.
Star closed her eyes and slowly lost consciousness.

Early morning mist had covered the Pony's camp that sat in an open field just outside Ponyland. Soldiers stood on guard at a white tent. Other ponies were making breakfast for all the soldiers in camp. Inside the white tent was Morning Star laying unconsciousness in a cage. Morning Star heard a tiny voice calling her, "Wake up."
The voice continued til Morning Star had fully regained consciousness.
"Wake up!"
Morning Star opened her eyes, at first all she saw was a blurry image standing on her nose.
"Are you ok?" The voice asked.
Morning Star slowly regained her sight and saw the tiniest pony stand on her nose. The pony was green with purple and yellow hair. On it's back were large butterfly wings.
Morning Star blinked a few times, wondering if she was still dreaming.
"You have to escape," said the tiny pony.
Morning Star looked around and saw two ponies with swords at their sides, standing guard at the tent door.
"We finally got her," exclaimed a voice from outside the tent.
"I must see her before she's taken to Star Cluster," ordered another voice.
Just then, three ponies walked inside the tent.
The tiny pony quickly flew under the tent and left the camp.
Two of the three ponies were black, one had a horn and the other had wings. They both had black and blue hair.
"We found her last night," remarked the green pony with orange hair.
The Black Unicorn stood closely at the cage staring at Morning Star, "She's not the Princess."
"But she has to be. You said the Princess was a White Winged Unicorn with long hair," the green pony exclaimed.
"I said the Princess was a pure White Winged Unicorn with long white hair."
The Black Pegasus stood next to the Unicorn, "I've seen her myself and this pony is defiantly not Princess Lunarstar."
"Princess Lunarstar?" Morning Star asked herself.
The Black Pegasus looked at Morning Star who was sitting in her cage, "The Princess is the only winged Unicorn alive, so where did you come from?"
The Black Pegasus reminded her of Nxavier who was also black but had black and green hair.
"Well?" The Black Unicorn asked still waiting for an answer.
"Pony Valley," Morning Star answered.
"There's no such place," the Green pony remarked.
"Your lying, little pony," the Black Pegasus exclaimed.
"I'm telling the truth!"
"What's the last thing you remember?" The Black Unicorn asked.
"I saw a vortex and suddenly I found myself on the grass, then woke up here."
"Vortex?" the Green pony asked.
"Your from another world," the Black Pegasus suddenly said.
"She can't be," the Black Unicorn exclaimed.
"Why?" the Black Pegasus asked.
"The Gate only opens on a full moon and there was no full moon last night."
"What do we do with her?" the Green pony asked.
"Take her to Star Cluster," the Black Unicorn answered.
Just when the three ponies were about to leave, Morning Star stood and pressed her face against the bars, "What going to happen to me?"
The two Black ponies stopped and turned around.
"You'll be taken to Dream Castle to see King Star Cluster," the Black unicorn turned and left the tent.
"Prisoners who enters the Castle never comes out," the Black Pegasus turned and left the tent.
Morning Star sat down and lowered her head.

It was early in the afternoon when the teny green pony sneaked back into camp with two other tiny ponies. One was a blue pony with white hair and the other was a yellow pony with pink hair. They carefully flew to different tents until they saw a set of keys hanging on a wooden post that held the tent up. The three ponies picked up the keys and flew under the tent. They slowly flew low across the grass.
When a pony walked nearby, they would duck under a tent till the pony had past before continuing on their way. The three tiny ponies flew to a white tent and dragged the keys under the tent.
Morning Star was laying in her cage and noticed light shining in from under the tent. She stood up and watched the three ponies carry the key to the cage. Two ponies tried all the keys till one fit. The third pony pushed the key into the keyhole and the other two turned the key.
The tiny ponies opened the cage door, while the green pony flew up to Morning Star, "Hurry and head for the forest."
Suddenly she heard voices heading her way.
"Lets hurry and take the prisoner to the castle."
"While your taking her to the castle, me and Starfire will continue to search for the Princess."
Morning Star froze when she saw their shadows on the tent wall.

The green pony flew up to Morning Star, "Hurry!"
Morning Star snapped out of it and quickly crawled under the tent. Starfire had just seen the end of Morning Star's tail. He ran out of the tent, "Skyview, she escaped!"
Skyview, starfire and a few other ponies looked around and saw her running into the forest.
"She's heading into the forest!" yelled Starfire.
Skyview and Starfire ran after her along with a few other ponies behind them. They caught glimpses of her ahead of them. Just when they thought they were catching up to her, she was gone.
They ran til they saw Stardust around a tree. They made a sudden stop, almost running into him.
"What's the hurry?" Stardust asked.
"We were chasing a winged Unicorn but we lost her," Starfire answered.
"The Princess?" Stardust asked.
"No, she wasn't the Princess," replied Starfire.
"She claims to have come from another world, a place called Pony Valley," added Skyview.
"Another World? When did she get here?"
"Last night," answered Starfire.
"That simply isn't possible. There wasn't even a full moon last night," remarked Stardust.
"We have no idea how she got here," replied Starfire.
"We have to find her. Let look around. She must still be around. I never saw anyone run by me," ordered Stardust.
The ponies split in different directions, walking slowly through the forest.
Just above their head on a big branch laid Morning Star who had heard all that they said.
"There's only one who might be able to help me and that's Princess Lunarstar but how would I find her?" Morning Star thought.
Morning Star was to afraid to come down from the tree, she feared the Black ponies might find her if she left the tree. It wasn't till nightfall that she decided it was safe to walk the forest.
Morning Star walked through the forest, she wasn't sure where she was going or how to leave the forest. She had wondered through the forest all night till she got tired.
She laid down in the grass, between two bushes and slowly fell asleep.

It was early in the morning, the bird were chirping and Morning Star woke up hearing a voice calling for her. At first she thought it was her father but realized it couldn't be.
"Good morning," said a friendly voice.
Morning Star opened her eyes and sat up, looking for the one who woke her.
"Who said that?" Morning Star asked.
"Over here!"
Morning Star looked in a bush, on a branch stood the Green pony who had helped her yesterday.
"Who are you, what are you?" Morning star asked while taking a close up look at the pony.
"My name is Fern and I'm a Summer Wing Pony. My cousins, the Windy Wing ponies live in the mountains."
"You saved me from those ponies last night, thank you," Morning Star commented.
"You're welcome, Princess," said Fern.
"I'm not the Princess."
"Sure you are," said another summer Wing Pony from the other bush, "The Princess is the only Winged Unicorn and you are a Winged Unicorn."
"So you have to be the Princess," exclaimed another pony from a branch in the tree above her.
Morning Star looked up and to her surprise there were lots of little ponies on branches.
Morning Star stood, "Believe me, I'm not the Princess. My name in Morning Star."
Fern flew to her face, "You must be the Princess."
"I'm not the Princess. Call me Star or Morning Star. I am looking for the Princess, would you know where she's at?"
"Your not Lunarstar?" another pony asked.
"No I'm not. Please it's important that I find her."
"Well, princ...I mean Star, I heard she's been seen at Moony Mountain."
"Where's that?"
"I'll show you," Fern flew deep into the forest with Morning Star close behind.
Fern flew pass trees, bushes, rocks and the camp near bye till they came to the forest edge, "This is far as I will go."
Morning Star looked around, there was a huge field with houses and towns in the distance. Far in the distance standing in the sunrise was Dream Castle which she could barley see.
"That's Dream Castle, what ever you do, don't go near it. Moony Mountain is far from here. Do you see the mountain in the distance?"
Morning Star looked and saw the mountain which was farther than Dream Castle and was even harder to see.
"I think so."
"That's Mooney Mountain. Good luck and good-bye," Fern flew back into the forest and Morning Star began walking towards the mountain.

She had flown for a whole day flying high among the clouds. The land below her looked very small and soon the sun began to set and she was feeling tired, her wings began to ache.
She landed next to a river and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning she heard laughter and water splashing. Morning Star woke up and looked at the river. There were three strange looking ponies, she had never seen ponies like them before.
The three ponies notice Morning Star and swam up to her.
"Hi," said one of the ponies.
"Um...Hi," Morning Star stood up, "what are you?"
"We are Sea Ponies," one of them answered.
"You must be the Princess," another suddenly said.
"We head the Princess was a winged Unicorn but we found it hard to believe," the third one said.
"I'm not the Princess but I am on my way to meet the Princess."
"Are you sure your not the Princess?" the first one asked.
"Yes, I'm sure. Please excuse me, I have a long way to go before I meet the Princess," Morning Star flew high among the clouds. She could feel herself getting hungry but she didn't know where to get food in a strange world. she ignored her hunger pains and continued flying. At times she would glide through the clouds, resting her wings.
She had flown all day and was about to land when she saw Starfire the Black Pegasus.
He noticed Morning Star and quickly flew after her.
Morning Star flew as fast as she could, The closer she got the Moony Mountain the closer Starfire was getting. Morning Star's wings were starting to ach by the time the sun had went down. The sky had turned black and the stars began to twinkle. She flap her wing even harder but her wings were hurting and she felt herself losing altitude. Starfire turned and left, Morning Star wondered why but she was too tired to figure it out.
Suddenly, she hit a tree and fell to the ground. She laid under the tree for a few minutes before she opened her blue eyes. Two ponies stood at her feet, the first pony was light blue with light green hair and a streak of light purple. His eyes were purple and he had a symbol of three balloons.
The other pony was a light mint green with light purple and pink hair, his eyes were blue and he had a symbol of two party hats.
Morning Star was to tired to try and escape, she slowly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning she woke up in a big soft bed covered in silk green blankets.
"Good morning," said a male voice.
Morning star stood up in bed and saw the same two ponies that she saw last night.
"Are you ok?" The light Blue pony asked, "You took quite a fall last night.
"I'm fine," Morning Star looked around the large room. there were 2 windows covered by light green see through curtains, "Where am I?"
"Your in Moonlight Castle," the mint Green pony answered.
"Moonlight Castle?"
"Moonlight Castle sits on Moony Mountain," The light Blue Pony answered.
Morning Star couldn't believe she made it.
"Who are you?" The light blue pony asked.
"My name is Morning Star."
"I'm Charades and this is my cousin, Buster," replied the light blue pony.
"I couldn't help but notice that you’re a winged Unicorn," Buster commented.
"There shouldn't be any other Winged Unicorns. We thought the Princess was the only one," added Charades.
"I'm from Ponyland, in another world."
"You went through the gate?" Charades asked.
"I guess so," Morning Star felt sad thinking about her home, "I just want to go home."
"I'm sure we can help you get home," replied Charades.
Just then a yellow pony with blue and purple hair entered the room, "Good, I see your awake."
"Morning Star, this is Banner," said Charades.
"Is... um...Princess Lunarstar here?" Morning Star asked.
"Yes she is," Banner answered, "I suppose you would like to see her?"
"Yes, please."
"Charades, would you go get Lunarstar?" Banner asked.

Lunarstar laid in her bed covered in blue blankets with her head on a blue pillow. The sunlight shined through the light blue curtains waking her up. She turned over in bed trying to avoid the sunlight.
Charades walked in her room, "Time to get up, Princess."
"Can't you call me by my name?" Lunarstar mumbled.
"You are the Princess and you'll have to get used to others calling your Princess. Now it's time to get up, you have a visitor."
Lunarstar threw the covers off of her and dragged herself out of bed, then she walked over to the dresser and brushed her long purely white hair, Ok."
Charades walked her through the long hallways, "Princess, there's on thing I have to tell you about your visitor, she's a winged Unicorn."
Lunarstar stopped, "What but how? I thought you said I was the only one."
"Actually you still are but she came from another world and want our help in getting her home."
Charades showed Lunarstar into the green room. To her surprise there was a white winged Unicorn with red, Pink and white hair sitting in bed.
"Lunarstar, this is Morning Star. She came from Pony Valley." said Banner.
Lunarstar walked up to her bed, "Hi."
The two ponies didn't know what to say.
"Lunarstar why don't you take morning Star to breakfast while we talk about getting her home," Banner Proposed.
"Sure," replied Lunarstar.
Morning Star climbed out of bed and followed Lunarstar.
They went to the large dinning hall and eat breakfast Lunarstar had Pancakes. After they eat, Lunarstar took Morning Star outside.
"I think that's the tree I flew into last night," Morning Star guessed.
"Did you see the tree?" Lunarstar asked.
"No, I was tired and besides I had a black pony chasing me."
"You know him?"
"He and his two brother have been trying to catch me."
Just then, Banner, Buster and Charades walked up to them.
"I hope you two enjoyed your breakfast," said Banner.
"We did," Lunarstar noticed they were carrying bags on their backs, "What's going on?"
"We're leaving," said Buster.
"We pack enough food for all of us," added Charades.
"You mean We are leaving?" Lunarstar asked.
"Yes, the five of us. So lets go girls," answered Banner.
"Go where?" Lunarstar asked ash she walked with them.
"We are going to check out the three gates," answered Banner.
As they walked towards the wall that surrounds the Castle, two of the pony soldiers opened the wooden gates as Banner came closer.

They walked through the gates and down the mountain, through the forest to avoid the town.
"Morning Star, can you tell me where you landed in this world?" Banner asked.
"No I can't."
"Isn't there anything you can remember that might help?" Banner asked
"Well, Umm...When I first got here, I was captured an escaped the next day with the help of a Summer Wing pony. Then I was chased by the three Black ponies.
The summer Wing ponies were nice enough to show me a way out of the forest. I do remember seeing the Castle in front of me and Moony Mountain in the distance."
"So Stardust, Skyview and Starfire are after you...but the gate you came through was somewhere in front of dream Castle. When did you get here?"
"I think it was three nights ago."
"There was a bad storm three nights ago," Lunarstar exclaimed.
"That was a bad storm but the moon wasn't full," remarked Charades.
"What if the lightning struck one of the gates causing it to open early?" Banner suggested.
"Would it still be opened?" Buster asked.
"I don’t know." replied Banner.

They had walked pass the town and continued many miles into the forest till it got dark.
Lunarstar and morning Star talked most of the night till they fell asleep.

It had been two days since they left Moonlight Castle. They had been walking through the forest for a while now and none of them said a word. Morning Star and Lunarstar had talked a lot for the past two days, getting to know each other.
"So you two have nothing to say?" Banner asked noticing how quiet it was.
"They talked so much in the past few days," Buster remarked.
"Morning Star, you've been talking about your friends and school but what's your Parents like?" Charades asked.
"Well, my dad is a Pegasus and..." Morning Star fell quiet.
"And what?" Banner asked.
"He's..well...," Morning star promised not to tell anyone but after all, this is another world ad she didn't see any harm in telling them, "He's King of Pony Valley."
"King?" Buster asked surprisingly.
"Then you’re a Princess," Charades observed.
"Really?" Lunarstar asked excitedly.
"Yes and my mom has been captured."
"oh.." Lunarstar mumbled.
"What about you, Lunarstar?" Morning Star asked.
"My parents?"
"I don't know. My mom, Queen Royal Heart disappeared and no one knows about my father or if I even have a father."
"Star Cluster took over Ponyland which was Princess Lunarstar's home," Buster commented.
After their long journey, they walked out of the forest to a large meadow.
"Look!" Lunarstar exclaimed.
"Dream Castle," muttered Banner.
In the distance stood a tall but big castle with a few big balconies, lots of windows, several towers and a wall around it. Behind them was Mooney Mountain, far in the distance.
"It's pretty," Morning Star commented.
"It was a lot prettier before Star Cluster took over," replied Charades.
"Lets keep going, I want to find the Gate before the full moon," said Banner.
They kept walking across the meadow and into the thick forest.
"Be very quiet, we're heading into Ponyland and these forest isn't safe anymore," Banner remarked.
They walked quietly, stepping on twigs and rotten leaves every now and then. They walked pass the trees and bushes. Banner had been listening to the birds when it suddenly became quiet. He stopped suddenly and looked around.
"What?" Lunarstar asked.
"Shhhhh," replied Banner.
Buster and Charades looked around too, but saw nothing. Then suddenly they heard a twig snap. Banner pointed Buster in the opposite direction, "Check it out."
Charades stayed with the girls who had no idea what was going on.
Banner ventured deep into the forest looking around, Buster did the same. While the two were looking around Starfire ran out of no where and attacked Charades, sending him to a tree, while Skyview used his horn and put the girls in a cloud shaped like a ball.
The girls were scared, especially Lunarstar since she was the last of the Royal family who hadn't been caught.
Skyview and Starfire ran with Charades behind him.
"Do something with him!" yelled Skyview with the floating cloud ball next to him.
When they had lost sight of Charades for a second, Starfire flew up to the trees and waited till Charades was below him. Once Charades had past him, Starfire flew down low sending Charades down a small hill.
Starfire flew and quickly caught up to Skyview who was waiting in a field next to a lake.
Skyview changed the form of the cloud to a net so he can see the two ponies he caught.
"So we finally caught you, Princess," Skyview smirked.
"And King Star Cluster is going to be so pleased that we have caught two Winged Unicorns," added Starfire.
"Let my friend go, she has nothing to do with this world," exclaimed Lunarstar laying in the grass next to Morning Star.
"Not a chance, Princess!" Skyview replied.
Just then Skyview got splashed with water, Starfire got wet too but Skyview was soaked which caused him to loose his concentration on the cloud. Skyview and Starfire turned around, there were several sea ponies laughing and splashing at them. Starfire got mad and flew over the lake but the sea ponies were to fast for him. They quickly ducked under water and swam as deep as possible.
"Forget it, you'll never catch them," yelled Skyview, dripping water from his coat.
Starfire looked at Skyview and noticed the girls were running away, "They're escaping!"
Skyview turned around and lit his horn, the cloud appeared and caught Morning Star but missed Lunarstar. Skyview formed another cloud in front of Lunarstar but she winked out and winked in at the edge of the forest.
"What are you standing there for?" Skyview asked.
Starfire ran into the forest after Lunarstar.
"Darn...she got away again..." Skyview walked up to Morning Star who was scared to death, "at lest I still have you."

Lunarstar ran as fast as she could through the forest. She could hear Starfire running after her, "I can't leave her."
Lunarstar looked back to make sure Starfire wasn't in sight. Her horn began to glow, then her body changed from white to brown. Her ears became long and pointy, her tail became short and fluffy, her legs became long and slender.
"Now lets see if he can find me now," thought Lunarstar. She had changed into a deer.
Starfire ran close by, he noticed the deer but thought nothing of it.
"Now, to save Morning Star," Lunarstar leaped from her spot and ran through the forest.

Starfire gave up, he just couldn't find the Princess. He took one look around and decided to head back. Skyview stood and waited till Starfire showed up.
"Well?" Skyview asked, shaking his coat dry.
"She disappeared," Starfire answered.
"That's not to surprising," Skyview commented
Just then Stardust walked out of the forest to join his two brothers, he looked down at Morning Star, "Who is this?"
"She's the one we told you about. The one who claims to be from another world," Starfire answered.
"And the Princess?" Stardust asked.
"She got away," answered Starfire.
"Keep looking for her. She's not going to just leave her friend behind," Stardust exclaimed, "And you go help Starfire."
"But what about this pony?" Skyview asked.
"I'll take her to Dream Castle," answered Stardust.
Skyview let the cloud disappeared and ran into the forest with Starfire.
Stardust took a few steps towards Mornings Star and smiled. Morning Star looked up at Stardust, she was to scared to think.

Stardust smiled at Morning Star, "Morning Star, it's safe now."
Morning Star looked up at him, she was confused. How did he know her name?
Stardust looked around, from the lake to the forest. Then suddenly a horn appeared and began to glow, his coat changed white, his hair became long and white. On his back appeared white wings and his size shrunk till he was Morning Star's height.
"Lunarstar!" Exclaimed Morning Star, "but...did you?...were you just now..." Morning Star was surprised.
"I can change forms, Buster and Charades call it transform. They're the only ones who knows about it, so promise me you won't tell anyone. Not even Banner."
Morning Star stood up and smiled, "I promise."
The two left the field and headed into the forest.
"I can hide my wings and horn but most of the time it's just my wings," Morning Star commented.
"I can change and look like anyone one if I want," Lunarstar glanced back, "We better hurry and find the others before Skyview and Starfire comes back."

Skyview and Starfire continued to look through the forest but still, there was no sign of Lunarstar.
"He's got to be kidding. We'll never find her," Starfire complained.
"lets go back," Skyview suggested.
They ran as fast as they could when suddenly they ran into Stardust, knocking him to the ground. Stardust stood up, "What is your hurry?"
"Stardust?" they asked.
"What's wrong with you two?"
"" Starfire began to say.
Stardust just looked at them suspiciously.
"We just left you with the winged Unicorn," Skyview exclaimed.
"Left me?...What winged Unicorn?...the Princess?" Stardust asked.
"No, the other winged unicorn we left you," Skyview replied.
"I haven't seen you guy since this morning," Stardust exclaimed.
"You were suppose to take the pony to Dream Castle," cried Starfire.
"What pony!" yelled Stardust.
They stood facing each other and continued to yell.
"The one we left you!" replied Skyview.
Stardust was mad and ran into Skyview knocking him to the ground, "I told you, I haven't see you since this morning!"
Starfire knock Stardust to the ground, "You just can't admit you somehow lost the pony!"
Stardust stood up and began fighting Skyview and Starfire, it didn't take long till Stardust had his two brother running.
"You can't out run me! Just wait till I get my hoofs of you two!" Stardust yelled angrily.

Lunarstar and Morning Star walked through the forest quietly till they saw Banner, Buster and Charades.
"Are you two alright?" Charades asked.
"We're fine," Lunarstar answered.
"Are you sure?" Buster asked.
"Yes," Morning Star answered.
"But how did you get away?" Banner asked.
"" Lunarstar smiled, "You know me..."
"Yes, I do. I don't know how long your can continued to trick them. Sooner or later your going to run out of tricks," replied Charades.
"Tricks?" Morning Star whispered wondering what they meant.
"Sometimes don't know who to feel sorry for, them or you," Buster commented.
"Well, lets go. The full moon is tonight and I want to hurry and find the gate," Banner replied.
They walked through the thick forest till they came to another clearing.
"Does anything around here looks familiar to you?" Banner asked.
Morning Star looked around, it felt familiar but she couldn’t be sure, "I don't know."
"We are in front of Dream Castle, the Gate has to be close by," said Banner.
They walked across the clearing and into the forest again. Non of them said a word. They kept walking quietly as possible when Morning Star noticed a familiar spot.
She stopped and walked over to a tree, standing between two bushes. Lunarstar, Banner, Buster and Charades followed her.
"What?" Lunarstar asked.
"This is the spot where I spent the night after the...Um..." Morning Star had forgotten what the tiny ponies were called.
"After what? Buster asked.
"The tiny ponies saved me. I woke up her and...they were all over the place."
"Summer wing ponies," Banner remarked.
"Yes, that's them."
"You actually saw them?" Charades asked.
"Don't you believe me?"
"Sure we do. It just that, It's rare for a pony to actually see one, let along talk to one," Banner explained.
"Your lucky, I really wish I could see one," Lunarstar commented.
"Princess?" a small voice asked.
Morning Star recognized the voice. She looked around but didn't see where the pony was.
"Yes, this is Princess Lunarstar. Who are you?" Banner asked.
Just then a green tiny pony with wings flew out from the bushes.
"Fern!" Morning Star exclaimed.
"I see you found the Princess," Fern flew to Lunarstar, "are you Princess Lunarstar?"
Suddenly a flock of tiny ponies flew down to meet Lunarstar, "It's a great honor to meet you," said a tiny pony.
"We heard so much about you and we really wanted to meet you," added Fern.
"You’re a summer wing pony. But who are you?" Banner asked.
Fern flew up to his face, "My name is Fern. And you are?"
"My name is Banner and this is Buster and Charades. We're Rebels, fighting to regain Dream Castle from King Star Cluster."
A tiny pony flew up to Banner, "You’re the ones we heard so much about!"
"If there's anything we can do just let me know," said Fern.
"In fact there is. The Princess's friend wants to go home be we don't know where the gate is," Charades remarked.
"We know where it's at and we can show you," Fern replied.
They followed a few of the summer wing ponies through the forest. It was almost sun set when they found a small clearing, full of ruins, covered in grass and crumbled stones. The only thing that was still standing was a large archway.
"There is it," Fern exclaimed, "We have to go."
Fern flew to Morning Star, "It was a pleasure meeting you," then Fern flew to Lunarstar, "I hope we can meet again." They watched at the summer wing ponies flew back into the forest.
"Well, there's the gate. Now we have to wait till nightfall," said Banner.
"That's the gate?" Morning Star asked, looking at the stone archway, "But why wait til night fall?"
"That's when the gate opens. Now lets sit and wait a while. Nightfall isn't too far way," answered Banner.
The darker the sky looked the Brighter Morning Star began to glow. It wasn't till the sun had completely disappeared that she noticed herself glowing.
"What's going on? I'm glowing?"
"That's because your not from this world. You'll continue to glow on a full moon unless you get home," Banner answered.
"Look," Buster exclaimed, "The gate is opened!"
In the center of the gate was a mirror image of another Ponyland.
"That's not my world!" Morning Star began to panic.
"Wait a minute. Wasn't there a bad storm the night you came to this world," Lunarstar pointed out.
"Your right," Buster exclaimed, "Maybe the gate needs to get struck by lightning again."
"It's clear night and no storm in sight," Charades pointed out.
"Buster's right," Banner remarked.
"But how are we going to get a storm?" Charades asked.
"Um..." Morning Star began to say, "I can make a storm."
"You can?" Banner asked.
"Well, hurry," Banner replied.
Morning Star closed her eyes which helped her concentrate. Her horn started to glow but no storm appeared. She continued to think and concentrate hard and suddenly a storm cloud appeared above the gate. Morning Star opened her eyes, the light from her horn dimmed.
The storm cloud wasn't very big, it just hung above the gate while lightening thrashed from one end of the cloud to the other. Suddenly it struck the gate.

In Morning Star's world, Silverwind sat outside under the dark sky, thinking about his daughter. He sat on the patio staring at the grass. There was a slight breeze and the two apple trees in the middle of his yard began to rustle their leaves.
Suddenly a light appeared in front of him in next to the apple trees. It was the same light that took Morning Star. Silverwind stood up and slowly backed away. He stood and watched it as the light formed a clear rippling water whirling like the center of a tornado, then it began to calm down and an archway appeared. The center formed a mirror image of Ponyland.
Morning Star stepped through the gate with Banner and Lunarstar who wanted to get a glimpse of her home.
Morning Star was no longer glowing but instead, Banner and Lunarstar were glowing.
Morning Star ran to her father and nuzzled him, burying her face in his mane.
"I'm so glad to have you home again," Silverwind whispered.
"You have no idea how happy I am," Morning Star commented.
Lunarstar walked towards Silverwind and Morning Star, "Star?"
Morning Star turned around, facing Lunarstar. Silverwind couldn't believe his eyes, another winged unicorn. He couldn't stop staring at her, she was the whitest pony he ever seen with long hair.
"I guess this is good-bye," Morning Star guessed.
"yes it is," Lunarstar was sad, she had made a friend and now she had to say goodbye. The two stood and stared at each other for a few minutes. Lunarstar and Morning Star stood up, hugging each other.
"Goodbye...Princess," said Morning Star sadly.
They let go and looked at each other one last time.
"We sure had fun though," Lunarstar commented.
Morning Star smiled, "We sure did and I’ll never forget it."
"Goodbye," Lunarstar turned and left, walking through the gate with Banner.
Silverwind and Morning Star continued to watch as the gate disappeared.
"Who was that? Where were you? Was she really a winged unicorn? did I just hear you call her...'
"Dad, it's a long story and I'm hungry."
Silverwind smiled at his daughter, "I'll order pizza and you can tell me all about you adventure."
Silverwind and Morning Star turned and walked in the house.
"It's so good to be home," Morning Star exclaimed


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