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Through the Temporal Gate


Chapter One: Through the Gate

“Mage, wake up.” someone whispered, “Its time!”
The dark green Dralicorn (Dragon Alicorn) with green, white, and pink hair felt himself wakening, and tried to fall back to sleep, hoping for another five minutes. However, the little yellow and white Pegasus with yellow hair, Andromeda, who was his wife, would have none of it.
“Bloodstone is below the Island, and they need you!” Andromeda whispered, shaking him harder. Bloodstone was the red Dralicorn with black hair, who had gone below the island to confirm a rumor of a possible rise in dark magic. Mage, Andromeda, and Bloodstone were three of the seven Guardians of Magic living on Angel’s Island, an island that floated in the sky.
“Okay, tell her I’ll be there in five minutes.” Mage mumbled, not wanting to get up and leave his warm cocoon of blankets.
“Sunstar needs you now!” Andromeda ripped off the blankets.
“Okay! I’m going.” Mage shook himself awake, and teleported to Sunstar and Bryon’s cottage. He walked in, and nearly fell over as 3 yr old Sunfire tried to climb into his arms. She was a lilac colored winged unicorn with red and white hair. Sunstar, her mother, was golden with long red hair, and was the third known Dralicorn, while her father, Bryon, was a solid black winged unicorn.
“Guess what, Uncle Mage! Daddy says that Mommy is getting ready to get my new baby brother, or sister!” She cried, thoroughly excited.

“I know, sweetie! I have to go in there to help her get your new baby brother, or sister. Go run along to aunt Andromeda, now. Cupid is waiting.” Mage smiled as he watched the baby pony race off. Bryon and Sunstar were going to have their hooves full, trying to raise Sunfire, and the new baby. A mare’s scream of pain broke into his thoughts, and he ran into the room. Sunstar looked up from the bed, a hoof on her huge stomach. She was the leader of the Guardians, being both good and evil. Bryon, Milky-way, and Galaxy made up the rest of the Guardians.
“I’m okay, honey. It was a contraction. The baby is ready to be born.” Sunstar reassured her husband, Bryon, who looked like something the cat dragged in. at that moment, Galaxy, and Milky-way arrived.
“Bryon, you can stay. Galaxy, Milky-way, wait outside with Andromeda, cupid, and your granddaughter.” Mage said, turning his attention to Sunstar, “As soon as the next contraction passes, start pushing.”
“Mom, stay!” Bryon fretted.
Milky-way and Andromeda were sisters, and Galaxy was their mother. Milky-way was red and white with red and white hair, and had metallic red butterfly wings.
“I’ll wait outside, then.” Galaxy left while Milky-way went over to try to sooth her son’s frazzled nerves. Sunstar screamed again, as another contraction passed.

Outside in the cottages only other room, Galaxy started making breakfast for everyone. Sunfire was a bundle of energy, clearly excited over the fact she was going to be a big sister. Cupid sat next to his mother, Andromeda, watching the winged unicorn bounce around. Galaxy was dark pink with orange, pink, and red hair, while 8 yr old Cupid, despite the fact he was a boy, had hairless feet, and was pink with dark pink, nearly red hair. He was a Pegasus like his mother, and had his father, Mage’s snake like eyes. Every few minutes, They would hear Sunstar’s cry of pain.
“What is wrong with mommy?” Sunfire asked.
“She is having your baby brother or sister, stupid!” Cupid snapped.
“Cupid! That’s not a nice thing to say!” Andromeda scolded, “Apologize!”
“Yes mom, sorry, Sunfire.” Cupid said.
Finally, they heard the cry of a baby pony. Milky-way came out.
“It’s a little boy.” She smiled.
Bryon came out next, holding a bundle of blue blankets.
“Sunfire, come meet your baby brother, Jetfire.” He said, stooping down to the baby pony’s level.
“awe! He is black, like you, daddy! Is he a winged unicorn like me and you?” Sunfire asked.
“No. He is a dragon pony. I’m going to take him back to see his mommy now.” Bryon said.
“Can I come?” Sunfire asked.
“Yes, you may, sweetie.” Bryon went back to Sunstar’s side in the other room.

Half an hour later, Mage dragged Bryon, and Cupid outside for a celebratory fly around Angels Island.
“What’s that, dad?” Cupid asked, sometime later, pointing at a strange gate below him. It’s frame was gold, and it looked like one of the Realm gates guarded by the Gryphon pony, Wildheart, who lived down in the northern part of Riverfalls.
“That is a gate.” Mage said, hoping to quiet his son’s morbid curiosity.
“I know that, but is it one of Wildheart’s realm gates?” Cupid asked.
“No.” Mage turned north, away from the gate. He and Bryon both knew what it was. Cupid decided to go take a closer look, and Mage heard his scream.
“Cupid! Hang on! I’m coming!” Mage dove, flying straight at the gate, hitting it with a blast of dark magic. He grabbed Cupid’s tail, and Bryon winked behind him, hanging on to Mages own tail. They were no match for the gate, and got sucked through it. The gate’s screen went dark, and it sank into the cloud which it had been sitting on. This kind of gate was called a temporal dimensional gate, and what they didn’t know, was that it was a one way only.

Chapter Two: Captured!

Mage hit the ground first, Cupid landing on his back, and Bryon landed in front of them. Mage looked up, and looked around. They had landed in a field. Mage checked himself and Cupid over for broken bones, and found none. He stood slowly, pushing Cupid under the protective cover of his leather dragonic wing. Bryon stood on his left, his customary position since Mage was his boss.
“Where are we?” Bryon asked.
“I don’t know. I do know that we are not in Equinovia anymore.” Mage said, “That gate we fell through sent us here.”
“Was that one of those Temporal Dimension Gates you and mom are always telling me and Sunfire about?” Cupid asked.
“Yes.” Mage said, “Lets fly, and hope we find someone who will tell us where we are.”

The three ponies took flight, and climbed up into the clouds. Mage scanned the ground below for any kind of town, or city. He spotted one between two very familiar buildings. One was the legendary Paradise Estate, while the other was Dream Castle. He couldn’t believe he was seeing them again. He remembered during his possession, that he had reduced both buildings into rubble, and killed Majesty, Queen of Dream Valley. They landed, and Mage noticed that there were no winged unicorns around. This world must still be recovering from the long ago collapse of the Flow of Magic.
“Bryon, go Earthling. Cupid, I’m turning us both into Earthlings.” Mage said. Seconds later, a black stallion with black hair, a dark green stallion with dark pink and white hair, and a green colt with the same dark pink and white hair as the second stallion, walked into the town. Mage checked out several window displays before he found a library, and herded Cupid inside with him. He found a map that read, Map of Ponyland.
‘Ponyland? Did we travel to the past? We couldn’t have. When Equinovia first got its name, the first castle was still being built. That means we are in a different dimension all together.’ Mage thought to himself. He turned to a sales clerk, and asked, “What is the name of this town?”
The sales clerk turned, and screamed, “Teriney!”
The scared pony ran outside the store, and raced toward the castle. She stopped before the gate, and screamed, “He’s here!”
“Who is here?” One of the soldiers called down.
“Teriney is here!” The frightened sales clerk screamed.

Within minutes, King Stardust, and his brothers raced into the town, following the sales clerk. She led them to her library, where Mage was just leaving with Cupid, and Bryon. They were surrounded by the black ponies. Cupid yelped and ducked behind Mage.
“Capture Teriney!” Stardust ordered.
“With pleasure!” Skyview grinned, lighting his horn. A cloud net formed around Mage. Bryon jumped back with Cupid next to him, causing Starfire, the Pegasus, to do a double take.
“Stardust, look! Teriney has a daughter, and its another black pony!” Starfire said.
“I’m a boy, not a girl! I don’t get hoof hair until I become a teenager!” Cupid screamed, trying to charge at Starfire, “You should know that, too!”
“Cupid! Calm down! Mage! Teleport!” Bryon closed his eyes, expecting to feel his horn and wings, and felt nothing.
“I’m trying, Bryon! I think the Unicorn is somehow blocking my magic!” Mage cried.
“I was born with furry feet, sorry!” Starfire cried.
“Keep your mouth shut, then!” Skyview snapped, “I’m trying to concentrate on keeping Teriney contained!”
“Quick, get Teriney down to the dungeons! I’ll talk with him later!” Stardust ordered.
“I’m gone!” Skyview winked out in a puff of black clouds.
“You two are coming with me.” Stardust said, “Guards, capture them!”
“Wait! I’m-” Bryon got a gag stuffed into his mouth, and chains on his legs. Cupid didn’t fair much better. He too, was gagged.


Chapter Three: Trying to Remember

Mage only flinched as his son, and his best friend were thrown into two cells adjacent to his.
“Stardust will speak to you later.” The guard told them before leaving.
“This is a great fix we’re in, now!” Bryon complained, “I still can’t access my magic!”
“Teriney…” Mage mused, wondering why the name sounded so familiar. He couldn’t put his hoof on it. He dug through his childhood memories, and made a startling realization. He couldn’t remember anything before he turned ten. He could remember a field, waking up as a ten year old in a field, and seeing his grandmother, Fizzy, standing over him, concerned. He closed his eyes, and remembered.

“Wake up, little one.” A kind voice whispered.
“Hmm,” ten year old Mage murmured softly.
“Wake up, little one.” The voice urged.
Mage opened his eyes, seeing a kind old unicorn mare standing over him. She looked like him, and standing nearby was a pink unicorn mare, watching them.
“Where am I?” Mage asked.
“You are sleeping in the meadow outside Ponyville, little one. Do you have a family?” The unicorn mare asked.
“I don’t got one anymore. My name is Mage.” Mage said, “Who are you?”
“My name is Fizzy, Mage. Why don’t you come with me?” Fizzy asked.
“Okay.” Mage stood, and cried out in pain as his left leg gave out from under him. He stared at it in horror, trying to remember what happened to him. His leg was bigger then it should be, and it hurt.
“Here, how about I carry you?” Fizzy asked, kneeling next to him so he could get on her back. She took him back to the village, straight to Dr. Wigwam, who determined that Mage’s leg was broken, and that he was suffering from amnesia.

“Mage!” Bryon called again.
“What?” Mage asked, concerned.
“You were staring off into space, again. You’ve been doing that quite a bit lately.” Bryon said.
“I was thinking about my grandmother.” Mage said.
“You mean Great Grandma Fizzy?” Cupid asked.
“Yes, that one. I’ve never told anyone this, but-” Before Mage could continue, the sound of a cell door opening caused him to look up. A blue colored soldier wearing silver armor stood in front of him.
“King Stardust wishes to speak to you.” the soldier said.
“Tel him I’m coming.” Mage stood, and got a spear shoved in front of his face, “Geez! Watch where you point those things!” He pushed it aside, and wound up face to face with several other spears, from several more soldiers, “Okay! I get the point! Come quietly!” He was led up to the throne room.

Sitting on the thrones were a white Pegasus Queen with long blue hair, and King Stardust. Between them, was an all white winged unicorn filly. Mage took them to be the royal family.
“Teriney.” It was the winged unicorn who spoke first.
“Before you start hammering me with questions, I’m not Teriney. I’m Mage, leader of the dark Guardians.” Mage shut himself up when he saw one of the soldiers inch a spear closer to his face, “I can’t talk ether?”
“Buster, lower the spear.” Stardust ordered, “Why don’t I believe you, Teriney?”
“It’s Mage, and I can prove I’m not Teriney by assuming my real form. I’m a Dralicorn, and I’m one of the last three surviving members of my kind.” Mage closed his eyes, and felt nothing. There was no soft warmth of magic coursing through him. He opened his eyes, “Something is wrong. I can’t access my magic. This is serious, as my Magic is tied to the Flow of Magic.”
“Flow of Magic? What are you talking about?” Stardust asked.
“The Flow of Magic is something that exists outside the Universe. It looks like a rainbow but it has two colors, white on one side, and purple on the other side. My magic comes from the dark side, but that does not make me evil. My job is to protect the dark side. If I can’t access my Magic, we are in trouble.” Mage said, “It can mean one of two things. 1) The white side as overtaken the dark side, and the Flow is going to collapse. 2) the Flow has managed to tie itself into a knot, and it caused a back flow of Magic.”
“I’m still lost. Buster, escort Teriney back to the dungeon, and bring me the black pony.” Stardust ordered.

Buster led Mage back to his cell, and left with Bryon. Mage went to the wall on his left, and called softly to Cupid.
“Cupid, we will get out of this. I will get us home, somehow.” Mage whispered.
“Its okay, Dad. I’m sure Grandma Galaxy, Aunt Milky-way, Mom, and Aunt Sunstar are working on getting us out of this.” Cupid said.

Meanwhile in the throne room, Bryon was being questioned by Stardust.
“Who are you?” Stardust asked.
“My name is Bryon.” Bryon said.
“Bryon, why are you black?” Stardust asked, “My brothers and I are supposed to be the only black ponies around.”
“I was born black because my father was black.” Bryon responded.
“Who is your father?” Stardust asked.
“Lord Echelon, The Lord of Thunderfalls Oasis, in the Jewel Desert, In Equinovia. Both of my grandparents were black.” Bryon said.
“Equinovia? You are from outside the kingdoms?” Stardust asked.
“I’m not from this world. The world I’m from is called Equinovia.” Bryon said.
“How did you get here?” Stardust asked.
“I came through a Gate.” Bryon said.
There was a collective gasp from the royal ponies.
“Bryon, My name is Princess Luna. You don’t mean one of the gates into the other world, do you?” Luna asked.
“gate into the other world? You know where the Realm gates are?” Bryon asked.
“Realm gates?” Stardust asked, confused.
“There are three known Realm Gates leading into many different worlds. Each of the Realm Gates look like golden arches, and the surface area is colored like a rainbow circle.” Bryon explained.
“Our gates aren’t like that. They open on a full moon only.” Stardust said, “Buster, you may take him back to the dungeon.”
“You want me to bring you the colt next?” Buster asked.
“No. you can put him in with Teriney, since it appears that he is his son,” Stardust said.




Chapter Four: A Princesses Nightmare

Princess Luna couldn’t stop thinking about the Flow of Magic. She wondered why it sounded so familiar to her. She decided that she must have heard of it in her past life, as Kisia the dragon. It took her some time to fall asleep.
Luna saw herself as Kisia, her dragon form. She was staring at something twisting and shuddering spasmodically in the starry sky. Something told her this wasn’t good.
“It’s going to collapse soon! We must do something! Anything!” Fallon screamed.
“I’m open to ideas!” Kisia cried.
“Quick! We must run for the gates! Lets go! Kisia, are they open?” Teriney asked.
“They should be! Lets go!” Kisia looked up at the Flow again, and watched with horror as white mist gathered around it, and screamed, “Run!” The mist was getting closer. Like a pyroclastic cloud, it destroyed the landscape. Kisia reached the gate first, and got through it. Fallon was right behind her, and behind both of them, was Teriney, who turned, and watched the gate.
“My nephew is still there! I’ve got to go back!” he cried.
“You can’t, Teriney! Its too late!” Kisia jumped back from the gate as the white mist wafted through it.
Luna woke up, drenched in sweat.
“I think I remember, now. I was there when the Flow first collapsed.” She whispered out loud. She got up, and walked outside, noticing that it looked like it was still very early, and something white floated down from the sky. At first, she thought it was her fiancée, Blizzard, creating snow, but when she looked up, She saw what looked like a black and white rainbow, twisting, and lurching as if in massive agony. Her eyes grew wide in wonder. She felt oddly calm.
“I wonder, if it can feel pain?” She thought, deciding to go talk to Bryon about it after breakfast. She turned, and was going to get back into bed, when a servant came to tell her to wash up for breakfast. She immediately looked up at her clock, which showed that it was eight in the morning. She went down to the dining room, where her family was waiting. Stardust was in the middle of a discussion with Skyview.
“What do you mean you can’t use your magic?” Stardust asked.
“I mean just what I said, Stardust. I can’t do anything with the horn! I can’t even make it light up anymore!” Skyview said.
“Could this be related to the white stuff falling outside, and that strange rainbow?” Royal Heart worried.
“Would this affect our royal abilities?” Starfire asked.
“What’s wrong?” Luna asked, digging into her pancakes.
“Luna, can you still use your powers?” Skyview asked.
Luna heard the fear in his voice. She realized that something wasn’t right. She looked at her fork, and focused on it. Nothing happened. She tried again, with the same result.
“What happened to my powers?” Luna asked, her pancakes long forgotten.
“I don’t know.” Stardust said, “and I’m going to find out.”
Luna didn’t feel like eating anymore. She pushed the remains of her pancakes around on her plate. She noticed that everyone else was doing pretty much the same thing.
“Why are we sitting here, then? Why don’t we go ask that Mage guy, because he seamed to know quite a bit about the flow thingy.” Blizzard brought up.
“Okay, then, lets go.” Stardust said, leading the way into the throne room.
Down in the dungeon, Mage was just finishing breakfast of bread, and water, when his cell door opened. He looked up.
“More questioning, or are they going to execute me?” He asked, barely flinching as a soldier pointed a spear at his face, “I get the point, come quietly.”
He was led up to the throne room, where Stardust merely pointed to a window, and said, “explain.”
“it’s a window, King Stardust. It was there yesterday. You use it to look outside.” Mage said.
“No! No! No! I know it’s a window! I meant, Explain what is happening outside!” Stardust snapped back. Starfire burst out laughing, despite Skyviews attempts to keep him quiet. Mage looked at the window.
“It looks like it is early morning, and it is snowing.” Mage said.
“No! are you literal or something? Go look out the window, and tell me what is wrong with our magic!” Stardust thundered, stomping the ground. He stared at his hoof in shock, and stomped the ground several more times, before crying out, “Our royal abilities are gone too!”
Mage walked over to the window, and looked out at the twilit morning, and the still falling white stuff. His gaze landed on the Flow, and his blood ran cold.
“Your magic is not gone, and so is my magic. It is right there, outside. Its what is falling. Even your sun is being drained to keep the Flow balanced. If it collapses, you can kiss your world good bye.” Mage said, “I can’t fix it, but I know who can. I have to get home to alert my Leader, Sunstar. She is the only one capable of fixing the Flow.”




Chapter Five: Kidnapped!

“Should we believe him?” Skyview asked.
“What choice do we have?” Royal Heart Asked.
“I know what I am talking about because I am one of the seven Guardians! Not Teriney!” Mage said.
“I believe him. I had a dream last night. I was Kisia, and the Flow collapsed. Fallon, Teriney, and I escaped through the gate into our world, and Teriney wanted to go back to get his son. Mage, are you some how related to Teriney?” Luna asked.
“I don’t know. The name does sound familiar, though.” Mage admitted.
“It would explain why Teriney hated it when I accidentally called him father.” Blizzard put in.
Suddenly, Royal Hearts ears shot up, and she looked as if she was hearing something.
“Royal Heart?” Stardust questioned.
“I thought I heard something. It sounded like a pop.” Royal Heart said.
“It’s probably nothing, but someone should go check.” Starfire whispered, “I pick Skyview.”
“Hey wait a minute here! I don’t think so! I pick you, Starfire!” Skyview shot back.
“Me? You have a horn! You can defend yourself!” Starfire snapped.
“You have wings, and you can out fly anything! That’s better defense then a horn!” Skyview pointed out.
Outside the window, several of the white flakes swirled, forming a ball of pure magic. The ball of silvery light floated into the room. Mage saw, and knew what was coming.
“Skyview, Starfire, I’d stop arguing over who has better defense, because you are going to get yourselves switched!” Mage called out. They ignored him.
“Horns!” Starfire yelled.
“Wings!” Skyview shot back.
The silvery light split into two, and Skyviews horn glowed. So did Starfires wings. Skyview felt himself grow lighter, and saw his horn vanish. Starfire yelped as he grew heavier, and his wings disappeared. The glowing lights faded. Skyview saw wings on his back, and yelped in surprise, as he felt his own horn jab him in the shoulder. Starfire reached up to feel the horn on his head. Instantly, he turned to see his back, wingless. Skyview felt his forehead, and found no horn. Stardust sighed, and turned to Mage, “Explain.”
“The Magic is very unstable right now, and it reacted to Starfire and Skyviews argument, and that was the result. I seriously need to get home, now, before your world is destroyed by the Flow of Magic collapsing. My Leader can fix it, as soon as I get home.” Mage said.
“How do I know I can trust you, Mage?” Stardust asked.
“I know you don’t trust me, but I’ve been pretty helpful. I’ve answered your questions. Please, I want to save your world as much as you do. It is my nature as a Guardian.” Mage said.
“How do we get ourselves back to normal?” Starfire asked.
“You two will go back to normal as soon as the Flow stabilizes, which will be after I convince my Leader to fix it.” Mage explained.
Suddenly, there was a loud clamoring coming from outside the throne room. The doors flew open to reveal three ponies. Mage’s jaw fell open as he stared at the dark green pony on the left, closest to where he was. The pony looked like him. He knew at once that it must be Teriney. The pony on the far right cackled. She was a dark violet Demon Alicorn named Villainna. She had lilac purple hair, and her symbol was a trio of three differently colored witches hats. Mage paled, and his jaw dropped even lower as he recognized the middle pony. The pony was jet black, and sported two horns on his head. He had blood red hair, and eyes that seamed to bore through you. His wings were black, and looked like that of a Dragon. His symbol was of a dead pony slowly rotting away. The smell of rotting flesh wafted into the room. Stardust found his voice, first.
“Who are you?” He asked.
“How silly of me not to introduce myself. I am Lithanimus, Son of Lithanica, Goddess of the Dead. This is the dragon lord Teriney, and this lovely lady on my right is Villainna, daughter of King Deadskull who is the ruler of the Equinovian Darklands. My plan is almost complete. Soon, Your world will collapse, ripping open the dimension wall, which will allow me to bring forward the eternal night! Not even the Guardians themselves can stop me now!” Lithanimus growled, “I need the girl!”
Vilianna’s horn glowed, and Luna screamed. Mage stood in front of her, and felt a familiar surge of power. He glowed, and changed back to his Dralicorn looks. He stood proudly, horn glowing.
“I am Mage, Leader of the dark Guardians, and as a Guardian, I made a promise to protect, and serve, no matter what world I was in! You will not take their princess! Shadow Strife!” Mage released a wave of pure dark magic at the three evil ponies. Lithanimus calmly sent it flying back at Stardust. Mage heard himself scream, and he threw himself in front of the attack, taking the hit from his own attack. He staggered, and took another hit from Lithanimus. As he went down, he saw Starfire charging, trying to drive his recently acquired horn through Teriney, but wound up crashing into the wall instead. Skyview tried out the wings, and ended up joining him by smashing into the same wall. Mage struggled to rise, to fight, but his body refused to obey his commands. Stardust and Royal Heart were alone, now, fighting to save their daughter. Luna screamed, again, as she was made immobile by Vilianna’s powers. As she was dragged toward the demonic Queen, Royal Heart tried to grab her, but was sent tumbling backwards to skid into the fountain. Stardust pinned down Teriney, only to have him disappear from under him. Consciousness left Mage at last.




Chapter Six: The Guardians

Sunstar held her newborn son, watching as he fed. Sunfire was asleep next to her. Jetfire yawned, and went to sleep. Sunstar decided that taking a minute to check the flow wouldn’t hurt anything. She closed her eyes, and sensed the tiny vibrations of Magic flowing around her. She felt it get erratic, and felt the feeling of something missing.
“A displacement in time… Mage? Bryon? Cupid? A gate? Something is very wrong.” Sunstar moved carefully, not wanting to disturb her sleeping children. She walked out into the main room, holding Jetfire. Galaxy and Milky-way swarmed around her.
“You should be resting, Sunstar! You just gave birth three hours ago! I told you, Andromeda is out looking.” Milky-way scolded. Galaxy glared at her.
“Sun, something bugging you, sweetie?” Galaxy asked, taking her new great grandson from Sunstar.
“The Flow. It has been destabilized. I can feel it. It will only take me a minute to teleport to the ancient Palace of Magic to check it out.” Sunstar said.
Despite Galaxy and Milky-ways protests of no, Sunstar teleported. She arrived in the main gate of the crumbling ruins that was once the legendary Palace of Magic. Its walls were white marble, and still held its soft white glow. Sunstar turned her gaze skyward. It was always night here. Thousands of stars twinkled, and the Flow itself, visible, now, contracted as if in massive agony. Sunstar watched as the stars began to fall. Her heart ached with sadness. She couldn’t believe it. The Magic was dying. She had failed as a guardian to protect it.
Mage woke up in a dark room. He stretched his wings, and checked himself over for broken bones. He got up, and walked over to the window. He felt his heart ache with pain, and realized a minute later that it was Sunstar’s pain he was feeling. He heard her thoughts, and realized that even she, his powerful Leader, couldn’t do a thing.
“It’s hopeless, then.” He turned away from the darkness outside, “We failed. For the first time ever, we, the Guardians, failed to protect the Magic, and now it is dying.” He walked out into the hallway, “We’re failures! Some Guardians we turned out to be! Sparklestar, we failed you, too!” Mage thought of the former Leader of the Guardianship, whom he had killed while possessed by the true evil. He almost crashed into Royal Heart, who looked like she had done some heavy crying.
“I’m sorry, your highness.” Mage quickly apologized.
“It’s okay, Mage.” Royal Heart’s voice was thick, “Do you have a minute?”
“Yeah, I guess.” Mage said.
“Come with me into the sitting room.” Royal heart said, leading Mage into a comfortable sitting room, and pointing him to a chair, “You look so much like Teriney, Mage. May we talk?”
“Yes, I’m listening.” Mage said, as Royal Heart sat down next to him.
“Skyview and Stardust are fine, just bruised over the fact Luna got taken right from under their noses. Stardust is with them. I’m going to tell you our whole story. I had Luna nearly 18 years ago. When she was three weeks old, Starcluster took over the kingdom, and I sent her into another world, where she grew up not knowing her true identity. Starcluster is good, now, but he tried to capture her. Now, she is gone, again. You seemed to know those ponies. Who were they? I know about Teriney.” Royal Heart explained.
“The black Dragon Bicorn is Lithanimus, and the purple Alicorn is Villainna. Lithanimus is the son of Lithanica, Goddess of the Dead. Villainna is the Queen of the Underworld. Lithanimus is known as the true evil. Only Sunstar, my leader, knows his weakness. She has fought him many times. I am going to tell you my story. My earliest memory is of waking up in a field outside Ponyville, Dream Valley, Equinovia. I was found by my grandmother, Fizzy. I can not remember a thing before waking up in that field. All I knew was my name, my age, and the fact I was a Dralicorn, which is a Dragon Alicorn. I grew up with my Grandmother, and a half brother named Wildheart. Then one day, my life changed forever. A stallion by the name of Arrow arrived at our house. He said he was from Angel’s Island, and he was here for me. He took me to Angel’s Island, and I learned that I was from another world, not Equinovia. My homeworld was wiped out when the Flow collapsed thousands of years ago, just as it is going to do now, and wipe out your world. Under Arrow’s tutelage, I became a Guardian of Dark Magic, and took his place as the head of Dark Magic when he passed away. My life was uneventful. I fell in love, got married, and had a son named Cupid. Then we started picking up highly unusual spikes of dark magic coming from the Flow. I went to check it out, and something happened. I was possessed by powerful black magic. I did some bad things, and tried to kill Sunstar, but she saved me. I resumed my duties after leaving for a bit, and Sunstar recently had a baby. To celebrate, I took Cupid, and Bryon, my best friend and the father of the new baby, out for a celebratory flight around the Island. Cupid found the gate, and here we are. I will do everything I can to get Luna back, and save your world.” Mage explained, “The name, Teriney, sounds familiar to me for some reason.”
“Could you be from the world I sent Luna to, all those years ago?” Royal Heart mused, “That’s where Teriney is from.”
Mage stood upon hearing the door open, and seeing the three black ponies enter the room.
“Mage, I’ve done some serious thinking. I feel that I have no choice but to trust you. Do you know where they would take Luna?” Stardust asked
“Lithanimus would want a place accessible by flight, only. Villainna would want somewhere dark, and Teriney, I’m not…” Mage’s eyes glazed over, and he slumped toward the ground.
Mage watched his parents leave the nest in search of food. The plains stretched for miles below him. He watched as his mother, a pale green dragon pony, dive low over the ground, and snatch up what looked to be a gazelle. His father, a dark green, many shades darker then him, Dralicorn sweep low to pick up a long silver fish in his claws. They headed back toward him, and his world went upside down. He heard his mother screaming, as the plains erupted in a blaze of dragon fire. Mage heard his father scream his name.
“Darkmage! Run!” the Dralicorn screamed.
Suddenly, Mage saw the dragon. It was a big red dragon, and his father turned to it.
“Fallon! This is my territory! Leave!” the Dralicorn ordered.
“I’m not here to take the territory, Windflame! I am here for the Pearl of Kisia!” Fallon said, “Ether you give me the key, or Rainfire here gets it!”
“Mommy!” Mage screamed.
“A little one, eh?” Fallon rose to Mage’s eye level, “give me the Pearl, or the kid dies, and so does the pretty little mate of yours!”
Suddenly, Rainfire rose, glowing brightly, “Leave my son alone!” She let lose with an ice attack. Fallon howled, and swiped at her, leaving several long gashes in Rainfire’s side, and turned to counter a strike from Windflame. He tore through Windflames chest, and spun to strike Rainfire again. Then Mage saw her. She was a white Dragon with feathery wings. He knew who she was from his mothers stories.
“Kisia!” Mage cried.
“Fallon, Leave them alone! This world has finally started to recover from the collapse, and you come along to wipe out the last surviving magical ponies? Rainfire is part dragon, like us! So is Windflame, and their son, Darkmage! Why did you attack them?” Kisia asked, jaws parted in an angry hiss.
“Cool your jets, Kisia! I want the pearl for its power! I could restore this world back to the age of the dragons, and rule! You can be apart of it, too!” Fallon turned to face the angry white dragon, “They got in the way!”
“You killed innocent lives!” Kisia attacked, spitting green slime on Fallons scales. Fallon tore into her body, as his scales melted. Kisia twisted, throwing Fallon into the cliff side. Mage screamed, and Kisia grabbed him, getting him out of harms way. She took off into the sky, Fallon close behind her. They spat fire at each other. She finally lost him by kicking him into the water. Mage buried his face into her arm, thoroughly frightened.
“Its okay, little one. You are safe, now. I promise I’ll raise you like my own. I knew your parents. Everything is okay, now.” Kisia whispered, “You look so much like your uncle, Teriney.”
“Okay…” Mage heaved a sob, thinking of his now dead parents…
…and woke up shaking like a leaf. He noticed that the three black ponies, and Royal Heart were all staring at him with shocked expressions on their faces.
“Luna, I mean, Kisia, raised you?” Skyview asked.
“Skyview, close my wings properly!” Starfire snapped, “Or I’ll try to wink again!”
“I remember some, now. Teriney is my uncle!” Mage cried.



Chapter Seven: Revelations

“You are related to Tierney?” Stardust asked.
“Yes, according to the memory. I’m starting to remember things from my past. Kiesa allowed my father to protect the pearl since it was the last kind of magic in the world, and my parents were the last of the magical species. She was hoping that the power of the pearl would infuse with me, and I think it has. It explains why I’m still able to access some of my power, and my best friend and son are still unable to reach their magic. Before we can save Luna, I need to know, what is your worlds power source?” Mage asked.
“Power source? I don’t understand.” Stardust said, “What is a worlds power source?”
“Would that be like a planets life force?” Royal Heart asked.
“Yes. In my adopted world, we call it the Heart of Equinovia. A power source is what the Flow uses to nourish its many worlds. Do you know where yours is?” Mage asked.
“I’m afraid we are very new at all of this.” Skyview said.
“Would the Pearl be the life force of this world?” Royal Heart asked.
“The Pearl is a power stone, which is a piece of the power source.” Mage explained, “A power source can not be taken from the world it protects and nourishes.”
“Where do we even begin to look?” Starfire asked, “All I want is things to return to normal.”
“That part is the easy part. I get what Mage is saying. I read this book called Legends and Myths when I was growing up, and there is one legend that I remember well. It was the story of a feathered white dragon and how she finds this stone. She senses it has strong powers and finds this silver archway. She walks through it and enters a cavern, where she decides to hide her find. If we could find that archway, we’d find that stone.” Skyview said.
“We still need to rescue Luna. Starfire, you and I will find and rescue Luna. Skyview, you and Mage find the stone.” Stardust ordered.
“King Stardust, permission to take Bryon with me?” Mage asked, “I might be able to restore his power, which will really help you in the end.”
“Permission granted.” Stardust said.


Princess Luna found herself tied to a rock. She struggled, but couldn’t get lose.
“It’s no use, dear.” someone spoke from her right. Luna turned. She found herself staring at a golden mare with long red hair. Her eyes were blue, and looked like diamonds. She had a horn, and very strange looking wings. They looked like those of a dragon. Her symbol was of a raised golden sun with a ruby in the center. Luna noticed that the mares body looked swollen like she were pregnant.
“Who are you?” She asked.
“My name is Sunstar, and I’m the Chief Guardian of the Guardianship that protects the Flow of Magic. Who are you?” Sunstar asked.
“I’m Princess Luna.” Luna said, “If you don’t mind me asking, what are you? You look like that green pony at home.”
“Green pony? Oh! I’m a Dragon Alicorn, or Dralicorn for short. You don’t mean Mage, do you?” Sunstar asked.
“Yes, he said his name was Mage. I didn’t believe him at first because he looked like Tierney. Are you pregnant?” Luna asked.
“You’ve met Mage. Did you see a black pony looking like you with him, or a young Pegasus colt? I was pregnant. I gave birth this morning to a boy named Jetfire. He is at home with his aunt, grandma, and great grandma.” Sunstar explained, “It looks like a backflow has occurred, and your world is caught in the backlash of dying bits of Magic. This is something even I can’t fix.” Sunstar sighed sadly, “I’ve failed my sacred vow.”
“Um, I did see a black earthling male, but I didn’t see the boy Pegasus.” Luna said, “Sacred vow? What is that? What is a backflow of magic? Did they kidnap you too?”
“My, you are full of questions. The sacred vow is a special promise taken by a fledgling before becoming a full time guardian of magic. A backflow of magic occurs when the Flow ties itself into a knot, and causes itself to rupture, which forces all magic to drain out of itself. To demonstrate,” Sunstar picked up a tube of liquid, and tied a knot in it. She then squeezed one end of the tube, forcing it to pop open, and the liquid to drain out, “the magic on the other side can’t get through, ether,” she squeezed the other side of the tube, which popped, and that liquid drained out, and she held up the tube, “see how the knot is still attached? When this happens, the Flow can’t fix itself, and is forced to collapse, thus destroying the worlds around that area. Lithanimus kidnapped me. We are the representatives of power of our worlds. I don’t know what he is going to do to us.”

Luna heard the fear in the older mares voice, and felt her spine tingle with fear, herself. This couldn’t be happening to her!


To be continued...


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