Chapter 147: To afraid of them

It was morning and Skyview got out of his bed, yawing and stretching. A pink pegasus walked in with a silver tray. She was a bit nervous around Skyview and wanted to hurry and leave. She set the tray on the table and then she quickly left. Skyview walked to the table and picked up the silver lid, reveling three large pan cakes. He sat on the floor and quickly ate them. He then finished off his orange juice and left his room. He turned left and walked to the next door. Just then, Starfire walked out of his room and joined Skyview at the door.

Stardust was still eating when he heard a knock at his door.
"Come in," Stardust said, taking a sip of his orange juice.
"Your still eating?" Starfire asked surprisingly.
"I got up late," Stardust replied.
"Still having those nightmares?" Skyview asked.
"Yes and it takes me a while to get to sleep afterwards." He took a bite of his pancakes and looked at his brothers, "How did you two sleep?"
"Pretty good," Skyview replied.
"I slept great," Starfire replied.
"You always do," Skyview replied, "weather you're in a bed or on the grass."
"It's amazing you slept at all," Starfire remarked.
"Don't you two start in my room!" Stardust exclaimed. He finished the last pancake and then stood up, "I'm going downstairs to help the King and Banner make plans. I want you two to make friends with Lunarstar."
"The Princess will be scared of us so it won't be easy," Skyview replied.
"Well for starters, just call her Lunarstar all her friends do. She's not allowed to leave the castle walls so she won't go far. You'll find her outside or in the Library or in her room. You guys can get me if you have any trouble," Stardust said, then he left his room.
"So where should we look?" Starfire asked.
"I don't know, let's just walk around until we find her," Skyview replied.

They left the room and headed down stairs. They reached the bottom steps when Lunarstar almost bumped into them.
"I'm sorry Stard-," Lunarstar looked up, gasped and she instantly winked out.
"Well, there she goes!" Starfire exclaimed.
"Lets split up. You looked around the castle while I check outside," Skyview suggested.

Lunarstar winked outside in front of Buster, surprising him. Charades was leaning on the wall and looking at the forest when he heard Buster call her name.
"What's wrong?" Buster asked.
"N-nothing. I just wanted to see you guys," Lunarstar replied.
"Oh," Buster replied with a smile.
"So Lunarstar, how are you doing living under the same roof as the black ponies?" Charades asked.
"Oh, I...uh...fine I guess," Lunarstar replied.
"Fine?" Buster asked, he had a feeling things weren't going fine like she said it was.
Suddenly Skyview appeared behind her, "Lunarstar I..."
Lunarstar gasped and instantly winked out.
Skyview sighed.
"What's going on?" Charades asked.
"I just want to talk to her and make friends with her but she won't stay long enough for me to say hardly anything," Skyview replied.
"Oh, we had that problem too a while back," Buster replied.
"Keep trying," Charades suggested.
Skyview turned and looked at the castle then he winked out.

He appeared in the Library and looked around but didn't see her. Just then, he heard the door above him open. He looked up just in time to see Lunarstar wink out and Starfire walk in.
"I didn't know she was at the door," Starfire replied after seeing the odd look on Skyview's face.
"Now where did she go?" Skyview replied.
"We could try her room," Starfire suggested. "Only we don't know where that's at."
Skyview winked in front of Starfire. "Lets ask one of the servants."

They left the library on the second floor and wondered through the halls until they found a pony leaving a room with a pile of sheets.
"Do you know where Lunarstar's room is?" Skyview asked.
The servant looked at them nervously. "She's...down the hall on your left. Her room is the last door on the right."
"Thanks," Skyview replied.
They turned around and walked down the hall. Then they turned the corner on to their left and stopped at the last door on the right. They knocked on the door but there was no answer. Skyview cracked the door open and saw Lunarstar on her bed curled in a ball. It was obvious she was scared.
Skyview opened the door and was about to say something when she suddenly winked out.
"I'm getting tired of chasing her," Skyview complained.
"It's no wonder she's so scared. She probably hasn't forgotten when we caught her. She was scared to death of us," Starfire pointed out.
"She certainly was. We came close to taking her to Dream Castle..."Skyview paused. "when we were thrown back knocking us out."
"That's when I saw her eyes turn green," Starfire added.
Skyview gave him a questionable look.
"I'm serious. Her eyes really did turn green," Starfire exclaimed.
"Well it doesn't matter now, that's all in the past. At the moment, we have to get her to trust us."
"How?" Starfire asked.
"I'll go talk to Stardust. Wait here," Skyview winked out.

King Sea Mist, Banner and Stardust were in the throne room on one end of the room at a table talking.
"There's a few I might know who would be willing to join us," Banner replied.
"We can't get other Kingdoms to join us," King Sea Mist added.
"Let me try and..." Stardust was interrupted when Skyview appeared. "Skyview!"
"I'm sorry, Stardust but I can't get close enough to talk to Lunarstar."
"I'm sorry, but I have to go help my brothers," Stardust said to Banner and the King.
"It's alright. We can talk more after dinner," King Sea Mist replied.
"So what's happening?" Stardust asked skyview.
"We went all over the castle and outside chasing her, but she just winks out."
Stardust was silent for a minute, thinking about something, "I got it. Take me to her room."
Skyview's horn light up, he lowered his head to touch Stardust, then suddenly they winked out, reappeared in Lunarstar's room.

Starfire was still in her room waiting. Stardust looked around the room, he looked on her dresser then under her bed.
"She's not in here," Starfire commented.
"I know, I'm looking for something else," Stardust turned around and saw what he was looking for. "There it is." On the table on the other side of her room was the rope. "Skyview, take that rope and I want you and Starfire to meet me outside by the water fountain."
"Ok," Skyview replied.
"What are you going to do?" Starfire asked.
Stardust turned around, leaving the room. "I'm going to get Lunarstar."