Chapter 190: Long Good byes

Luna had spent the morning eating with her father and two uncles. She listened as they talked as they went over their plans. Luna couldn't help but worry about her father in battle. What would happen to him? Would he get hurt? Would she ever see him again. Her heart raced with worry. She wanted to talk to him but he had been so busy since yesterday that she didn't want to interrupt him. After breakfast Luna went outside to see the soldiers while her father and two uncles talked to King Sea Mist.

Luna walked down the steps outside and stood staring at the soldiers. They stood in the yard putting on their armor and weapons. Among the soldiers she spotted Charades, Buster and Banner. Luna hurried across the yard, passing the soldiers. She stopped and stared at them. They were wearing silver armor with swirl designs in every corner. A Crescent Moon shape was in the middle of every swirl. The royal crest, a heart with a crown in the middle was above every swirl. On the larger piece of armor was a small symbol of a sitting dragon in the center of the armor. Trapezoid shapes outlined the armor. The metal leg bands had swirls on them with a large Royal crest and trapezoid shapes outlined the band. Most of the soldiers had the same armor and some had a different armor.
"Good morning Luna!" Charades exclaimed with a smile.
"Come to see us off?" Buster asked.
"Umm, yes," Luna looked up at Banner who seemed to be the only one wearing a green cloak. "Why are you the only one wearing a cloak?"
"I am captain and every captain wears one," Banner looked around and saw another pony wearing a cloak. "Over there, that pony is captain of King Sea Mist's soldiers."
"Oh, I thought you were the only one," Luna replied.
Banner smiled. "No, there are a lot. Me, that pony, King's Sunrise's captain, King Fiddler's captain and King Wispy's captain. They all will be wearing cloaks."
"Oh," Luna replied, She looked at Charades's armor and noticed the crest on the armor, it was the same as the one on her birthday cake. Luna walked up to his armor and pointed, "Is that the crest?"
Charades looked down to see what she was pointing at. It was a heart with a crown in the center.
"Yes it is. It's your family's crest," Charades answered.
"That's the same one on the Gate and my birthday cake."
"Yes it is," Charades replied.
Luna noticed a small dragon symbol on the front of his armor, "That...uh..what is that?"
"It's a dragon. It's part of your family's crest," Charades answered.
"Why is it on the crest?" Luna asked.
The three of them stood silently. It was a good question that none of them had ever thought of.
"We don't know nor do we know what it means," Charades answered.
As she stared at it, an image flashed before her. It was the same image that she had seen yesterday. Two great beasts fighting in the air.
"A great beast," Luna muttered.
"Great beast?" Banner, Buster and Charades asked.
Just then Luna heard her father talking. She turned and saw him walking down the steps with King Sea Mist, Queen Snowfall, Skyview and Starfire. When they reached the bottom steps, they stopped and continued talking.
Luna felt so worried that she could hardly hold it in.
"Your worried, aren't you?" Buster asked, while noticing the worried look on her face. "Your worried about your father."
Luna looked at him worriedly. "I don't want to lose him, Buster. I just found him and got to know him. I...don't want to lose him."
"Luna, how long have you been worried?" Charades asked.
Luna stared at the ground, "For quite a while now."
"Luna, if you're so worried, why don't you go and talk to your father about it?" Banner suggested.
"He's busy and always has someone with him or it's not the right time," Luna answered.
"There's never a right time. It's either you talk to him or don't talk him at all," Charades told her.
"We will be leaving soon, Luna. Go talk to him," Buster told her.
"Hurry Luna. Even if you have to interrupt him," Banner added.
Luna looked at her father. He had finished talking and was heading towards the gate with his brothers.
Buster and Charades said their good byes and began walking to the gate with the rest of the soldiers.
"Luna, this is your last chance. Hurry before he leaves," Banner smiled at her kindly and left to join the soldiers.
Luna stood wondering if she should go or not. The soldiers got in line in rows of three. Banner and Charades stood in front. Buster was near the of the line. They turned their heads and looked at her.
As soon as the gate opened Stardust began walking.
Luna's heart raced, she couldn't let him go without saying something to him. She winked out and appeared in front of Stardust, surprising him and his brothers. She looked up and him as tears began to fall down her cheeks. "You'll be back, won't you?"
Stardust smiled then he walked up to her and nuzzled her, wiping her tears away. "Don't worry Luna. I'll be back."
"I'm just afraid to lose you," Luna whispered.
Stardust smiled at her. "You won't lose me, you'll always have me, Luna. I'll be back with your mother and we'll have Dream Castle. Everything will be as it was before."
"Don't worry Luna, me and Starfire will be sure he comes back," Skyview assured her.
Luna smiled at them.
"Do me a big favor. Stay with King Sea Mist and Queen Snowfall while I'm gone. Do not leave their side at anytime. I won't be here to protect you so they'll watch you while I'm gone. Luna, can you do that for me?"
"Sure," Luna smiled.
"That's my girl," Stardust smiled then nuzzled her cheek one last time.
Stardust continued through the gate while leaving a hand full of King Sea Mist's soldiers behind to guard the castle.
Luna ran up the steps on the castle wall and hurried to the corner of the wall. She sat between two large blocks and watched as her father and uncles led the group of soldiers along the wall. Stardust smiled at her before he walked the group down the mountain. Luna jumped on the tallest block and watched till the last soldier was out of sight.
"Princess," a soldier behind her called. "King Stardust will be ok."
Luna turned towards the pink soldier and smiled with tears running down her cheeks. "I know he will."