Chapter 193: Battle begins

Early in the morning before the sun rose, the three Kings split into Group as they had planned. They surrounded Dream Castle, hiding in the thick misty forest waiting patiently till sun rise.
Stardust stood close to the edge of the forest hiding behind a tree staring at the castle. Skyview walked up behind him and stood next to him.
"The sun is coming up soon," Skyview whispered.
"Go show King Frost and Queen Rosy Peach Star Cluster's room," Stardust whispered.
Skyview winked out in a misty cloud. Then the cloud cleaned, Starfire walked up hind Stardust and looked at the castle.
"Will Luna be ok with Buster?" Starfire asked.
"She should as long as she stays put," Stardust turned and looked at Starfire, "It'll be good to be home again and be a family."
"I can't wait to get my memories back. I feel like I missed so much of my life," Starfire whispered.
"I know that feeling," Stardust replied.
When the sun was half in the horizon, Skyview winked back, appearing behind Stardust, "They're ready."
Stardust and Starfire jumped as their fur stood on end.
"Sorry, I didn't mean it," Skyview quickly added. A few of the soldiers smiled, some laughed to themselves.
"Good," Stardust replied, brushing his fur flat.

When the sun rose from the horizon, Stardust looked back at the soldiers, they stood ready to charge with their ropes, swords, spears and bows & arrows.
"It's time to go!" Stardust yelled.
Stardust and his brother stood by the tree while the soldiers ran out of the forest. Once the three Kings saw the soldiers running towards Dream Castle, they too ran out of the forest. The soldiers on the walls gasped.
"We're under attack!" cried a few soldiers.
A soldier that stood at the castle doors hurried inside and ran to the throne room. He rushed inside and stood at the top of the steps.
"We're under attack!" the soldier yelled then he ran out of the throne room and hurried outside.
"So, Stardust is here," Star Cluster said as he stood up and passed the room. He could hear soldiers yelling and fighting.


The soldiers on the wall did their best to keep the other soldiers from climbing the wall.
Stardust and his brothers watched from a distance.
"I don't remember him having so many soldiers," Starfire observed.
"He probably got soldiers from other Kingdoms. Skyview, Starfire, go open those gates. Skyview come back and get me. Starfire, you can meet us inside," Stardust told them.
"Ok," they replied.
Skyview winked out and appeared on the wall. The soldiers around him were surprised but they quickly got over it and swung their swords at him. Skyview winked out and appeared behind them. He turned, raised his back legs and kicked them over the wall. Starfire flew like a blur across the top of the wall knocking the soldiers down. While Starfire kept the soldiers busy, Skyview winked to the ground and quickly rounded the soldiers in a cloud ball. Then he used another cloud to raise the thick wooden beam on the door letting the soldiers in. As soon as the soldiers were inside the wall, the cloud ball dissolved. Skyview winked back to Stardust while Starfire went to the Castle door.
"Wink me inside the castle," Stardust told him.
Skyview's horn began to glow, he lowered his head and touched Stardust's head with his horn. Suddenly they were gone.

Luna sat on the hill anxiously waiting for her father's return. Buster sat next to her watching the castle in the distance. they could faintly hear the cries in battle.
"Can't I just go take a peek?" Luna asked.
"No. I'm sorry but your father gave me strict instructions to keep you here and not to go anywhere else."
"I just want to watch."
It has been awhile since Luna ha heard her other name, she had almost forgotten it.
"I'm sorry," Luna signed sadly, she didn't want to get him in trouble and yet she was curious to see the battle.
She laid on the cool soft grass with her heard on her front hoofs watching the castle. As she stared at the castle towers, an image flash in her mind. It was the same image she had seen before. two great beast fighting in the air.
Luna suddenly lost the image and blinked a few times. She looked up at Buster, "What?"
"Are you ok?" Buster asked.
Luna was confused, why was he asking her questions?
"I'm fine. Why do you ask?" Luna asked.
"Well, you were staring and then your...uh..."
"My what?" Luna asked as she sat up, anxious to hear what was bothering him.
"Your eyes, they changed," Buster finally told her. He was still surprised when he saw her eyes changing.
"My eyes?" Luna asked, "What do you mean?"
"No one told you about your eyes changing to green?"
"" Luna asked. She had never heard or seen such a thing. What was he talking about?
"Every now and then your eye's turn green. I myself have never seen you do it till now," Buster told her.
"They change? Does it happen a lot?" Luna asked worriedly.
"No, I think only your father and uncles has seen it."
"My eyes...turn green?" Luna asked again still surprised.
"Yes. You look like you have big cat eyes."
"Why hasn't anyone told me?" Luna asked.
"I'm sorry Luna, I guess your father didn't want you to know. I'm sure he will tell you eventually."
Luna sat silently staring at the castle as she thought about what Buster said. She couldn't imagine her eyes turning green. When did her eyes start changing? the longer she thought about it the morse she realized it felt familiar but why? As she continued to think about it in deep thought, a feeling suddenly came over her. Luna jumped to feet as if she suddenly saw something in the forest.
"What is it?" Buster asked worriedly.
"I have to go."
Buster quickly stood in front of her, blocking her view of Dream Castle, "I can not let you."
"I must go. I have to be there," Luna exclaimed. She didn't know why she had to go or what she was talking about but she felt a suddenly urge to go.
"Lunarstar, you maybe the Princess but I'm ordering you to stay put and not move," Buster said sternly.
Luna looked up at him, "I have to go. I don't know why, I just know I have to be there."
"You don't have to be there. A battle is not a place for little ponies, especially a Princess."
Luna looked at him seriously, "I must go before it's to late." She quickly winked out and appeared in the cleaning. Her body began to glow as she ran, changing her form.
"Wait for me. I'm not letting you go alone no matter what form you take!" Buster yelled and bolted into a run.
When she stopped glowing, she looked just like Buster but without armor. They ran across the clearing and into the forest towards Dream Castle.