Chapter 28: Blueberry's secret

After school Lunarstar went to practice, at the Track N Field, she and the other ponies sat on the bleachers waiting for the coach.
Lunarstar looked in the distance, she could see the group of ponies gathered in the other field.
A few seats down was Raspberry and her friends.
"Raspberry, I heard your brother's one of the best on the team," one of her friends commented.
Raspberry smiled, "Yeah, he is. Blueberry is one of the best on the team."
"I heard Ace is better," the other friend remarked.
"If you ask me, the team couldn't win without Blueberry," Raspberry replied.
Just then, the coach showed up, "alright, listen up." The girls sat still and listened, "Today, we're going to exercise."
Everyone looked disappointed and began groaning about it.
"Come one girls let get started," The Coach ordered.

After practice Lunarstar walked to the other field to watch the Soccer practice. Lunarstar stood next to the bleachers watching the ponies. They were either kicking the ball through cones or they were kicking the ball in a net or dribble on their heads.
The coach blew the whistle, "Ok, practice is over, see you guys at the game in a few days!"
The ponies put the ball in a big bag next to a bench before leaving.
"Blueberry!" called the Coach.
Blueberry stopped and turned around. He trotted over to the coach, "coach?"
Lunarstar stood and listened, she couldn't help but over hear them talking.
"Blueberry, you should bring your Parents to see the next game."
"But Coach, they're...Um...busy,"
"Your parents are the only ones I haven't meet yet."
"Bring your Parents to the next game. I'm looking forward to meeting them," The coach smiled and walked away.
Blueberry stood looking troubled, when he turned around, he noticed Lunarstar watching him. He walked over to her, "hi."
"Hi, I'm waiting for Patch," Lunarstar noticed his troubled look, "Is there something wrong?"
"Wrong?" Blueberry asked.
"I saw you talking to the coach."
"Oh...Nothing's wrong. I just have a lot of thinking to do."
"Oh. I saw you practicing, your as good as Ace."
"Thanks but I think Ace is better than me."
Lunarstar noticed Patch leaving, "Well, keep practicing. I'm sure you'll beat Ace someday...I got to go. See you later!"

Lunarstar ran to catch up with Patch, "Patch!"
"Lunarstar, is Practice over?"
"Well, practice finish early and I thought I'd watch you guys for a while."
"Are you coming for the game?" Patch asked.
"Yea I am and so are my parents."
Lunarstar and Patch continued walking across the field towards the school yard.
"Have you ever meet Blueberry's parents?" Lunarstar asked.
"You never seen them at the game?"
"No, just Raspberry. Why do you ask?"
"I was just carious," Ahead was the park, a short cut the her house, "I'll see you tomorrow."
"Bye," Patch took a different rout through the park to her house.

She walked through the park, enjoying the sunshine and the birds chirping. then she stopped, ahead of her was Buster and Charades. She ran up to them.
"Lunarstar, what's the hurry?" Charades asked.
"Nothing?" Buster asked.
"Are you going to the Soccer game?"
"What Soccer game?" Buster asked.
"There's a School Soccer game in a few days. Me and my parents are going."
"Sure, we'll go. We don't have anything else to do," Charades answered.
"Great. Well...I' should be going. See you guys later," Lunarstar left and continued walking through the park.
She came to a corner and saw Blueberry with his parents. Lunarstar hid behind a tree trunk that sat next to the sidewalk.
The mother was a light pink pony with blue and purple hair. The father was white with orange and green hair.
His Parents looked upset with Blueberry.
"I wonder what's going on? Are they his parents?" Lunarstar asked herself, "I guess I shouldn't be spying."
Lunarstar came out from behind the tree and began walking on the side walk. Suddenly Blueberry left his Parents and ran in the opposite direction, right into Lunarstar.
Lunarstar jumped out of the way, if she hadn't Blueberry would have knock her down. Lunarstar looked back at Blueberry, he ran out of the park and headed towards the old Track N Field.
Blueberry's parents called out to him but her didn't answer.
Lunarstar turned around and followed Blueberry.

She soon found him laying in the grass under a tree. He was staring at the Construction of the old Track N field through the fence.
Lunarstar quietly walked up to him. Blueberry turned around, "What?"
"Don't tell me there's nothing wrong."
"Leave me alone."
Lunarstar refused to leave. She sat down next to him, "This is the spot where I sat watching you, Ace, Teddy and Lancer play Soccer."
"Just drop it."
"Drop what?"
"Soccer," Blueberry replied.
"Are your parents going to the game?"
Blueberry faced to the other direction, he didn't want to talk. Lunarstar knew there was something wrong and he wasn't about to tell her if she flat out asked him.
"Are your parents going?" Lunarstar asked again.
"No," Blueberry groaned.
"Is that why your upset?"
Blueberry didn't answer right away, "No."
"Why are you upset?"
"That's non of your business. Just leave me alone," Blueberry exclaimed.
Lunarstar sigh, "I'm sorry. I just want to help."
"I seriously doubt there's anything you can do."
Lunarstar stood up, "Ok."
Blueberry turned and looked at her.
"I go and tell Raspberry where you are and..."
"No," Blueberry interrupted, "Don't bring her here. She's the last pony that I'd want to see."
Blueberry sat up and stared at the workers on the Construction site, "I love playing Soccer. I always have."
Lunarstar sat down and listened.
"When I was little, I joined the Soccer team. I was good at playing Soccer and we won most of the time. The game started the day after it had just rained. The Coach said the field was ok, so we played. It was half way into the game and I had the ball. The team was behind me, then suddenly I fell. The team behind me tried to stop but couldn't, they piled on top of me. When I up, I was covered in bruises and mud with a few scratches. I had also broken a leg."
"You fell?"
"The grass was slippery in that area," Blueberry answered, "Well, ever since my Parents refused to let me join the Soccer team or and other game similar to it. My Parents found out that I was on the Soccer team and they ground me from ever playing the game again."
"That's why you ran?"
"But how did they find out?"
"They over heard someone talking about the Game that coming up in a few days."
"Does anyone else know that your not suppose to play Soccer?"
"Just Raspberry. She loves to use my secret in order to do things for her."
"What do you mean?"
"She forces me to help her, if I don't she'll tell Mom and Dad about the Soccer team."
"That's awful."
"She doesn't have an real friends. She finds out about their secret and forces them to be her friend," Blueberry looked at Lunarstar, "If you have any secret just hope Raspberry doesn't find out about them."
Lunarstar lowered her head, she certainly don't want Raspberry finding out that she's the Ghost.
"Don't worry, Raspberry is perfectly happy with her two friends."
Lunarstar put on a fact smile. she sat in the grass for a few minutes before realizing how late it was getting, "it's getting late. I should have been home hours ago."
Blueberry stood up, "I guess I had better be heading home."
"I suppose you won't be watching the game?"
"No, my parents will probably ground me for a few weeks or a month. Depending on how mad they are."
Lunarstar and Blueberry left and walked along the sidewalk till they came to the park.
"Thank's for talking with me," Blueberry smiled and departed, walking through the Park.
Lunarstar smile and headed home.