Chapter 40: Mistaken Identity.

It has been a few days since Stardust first saw the Princess. He had been looking every night since then and had no luck finding her.
It was in the afternoon and Stardust sat next to a tree thinking and wondering where the Princess could be hiding. "A pony like that can't possibly hide easily."
He laid on the grass, folding his hairy feet under him, just then a group of little pony walked by, a few of them noticed him.
When the group walked by Stardust noticed another group coming his way, one of them he recognized from the pony a few days ago, she was white with long purple hair.
"It's such a nice day, lets have a picnic," Bon Bon suggested.
"That's a great idea," Starlight exclaimed.
"I'll get the desserts," said Bon Bon.
"I'll get some music," said Melody.
"I can get some sandwiches," said Sweetheart.
"Who's going to get the drinks?" Patch asked.
"I will," said Bright Eyes.
"Great, we'll meet in the park by the lake," Starlight proposed.
The group split up and went home, Lunarstar hurried home as fast as she could. She couldn't wait to get to the park.
She ran in the house and hurried up stair.
"Lunarstar, is that you?" Rosebud called from downstairs.
"Yes mom!" Lunarstar yelled, putting her school bag on the bed.
"Would you come down here for a minute?"
Lunarstar wondered what her mother wanted. She hoped it wasn't something bad or a new rule to keep her safe.
Lunarstar walked downstairs and into the living room.
"Lunarstar, would you help me dust the house?"
"But my friends are going to have a picnic?" Lunarstar complained.
"You'll have plenty of time to go later. I could use your help though. It'll take me hours to dust this 2 story house in every room. You do it much faster and it'll save me time."
Lunarstar felt disappointed, she wanted to meet her friends at the park but now it looks like she's going to be late for the picnic.
"Ok," Lunarstar sighed.
On the table behind her mother were two feather dusters.
"I'll take the second floor and you take the first floor," Rosebud left with one of the feather Dusters in her mouth.
Lunarstar changed back to a winged Unicorn and with a glowing horn she raised the duster and began dusting. She raised the lamps and dusted underneath, then she raised the books and papers on the table and dusted underneath.
Charades walked in the Kitchen and saw Lunarstar standing with her horn glowing. He walked in the living room to see what was going on.
"What are you do?" Charades asked.
"Dusting," Lunarstar answered without looking at him.
Charades stood and watched for a few minutes. He had seen Unicorns lift objects but it interested him watching her do it to clean the house. After a while he left the livingroom and went back into the kitchen getting himself a glass of water.
Lunarstar had cleaned the living room and went to the dinning room to do the same thing. After a while she had went to every room on the first floor and cleaned it. Then she took the feather duster in her mouth and walked to the kitchen. Charades had left and went back to the shed by the time Lunarstar entered the kitchen.
She left the duster on the little table and went upstairs to look for her mother.
"In here."
Lunarstar walked into a bedroom and saw her mother fixing up the bed. Her feather duster was on the night stand next to the bed.
"Mom, I'm done. So I'm going outside."
"Ok, have fun and don't forget about the time."
Lunarstar sighed and left the room. She hurried downstair changing into an earth pony in the process, then she left the house.
She ran as fast as she could to the park and found her friends playing ball. Lunarstar sat under a tree with Bon Bon and Sweetheart while the other played ball.
"What happed?" Bon Bon asked.
"Mom made me help clean the house," Lunarstar replied.
Patch left the game when she saw Lunarstar sitting on a blanket, "Lunarstar, want to play ball with us?"
"No, I'm just going to sit here for a while," Lunarstar really wanted to play but she was afraid if they touched her or bumped heads during the game, they would find out about her invisible wings and horn.
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, I am."
"Ok," Patch left and joined the game.
Lunarstar eat a piece of cake and drank some punch as she watched the others play ball.

Stardust had looked everywhere in town and was getting tired, he had entered the park and looked for a place to lay down.
Suddenly a ball flew over the top of the trees and landed at his feet, then a blue pony with red hair on skates bumped into him.
"Hay!" the little pony yelled, "Watch it!" The little pony looked up at him. She was surprised to see him, "You, what are you doing here?" then she notice he had no horn, "Your mean it was fake the whole time?"
Stardust had no idea what she was talking about.
"A horn?" Stardust thought, "She must think I'm Skyview."
"Well?" the pony asked.
"I don't know what your talking about."
"You looked just like him."
"Who?" Stardust asked.
"The Unicorn," the pony answered.
Just then a peach colored pony with pink hair ran through the bushes towards Stardust, "I'm sorry."
"It's ok," Stardust replied.
"But you have to be him," Raspberry exclaimed.
"Who?" Patch asked.
"The Unicorn."
"The ghost?" Patch asked.
"No, the other unicorn."
"What ghost?" Stardust asked.
"The Ghost of Ponyland," Patch answered, "They say she glows although I never seen her glow."
"I have!" Raspberry exclaimed, "She really did glow."
"Where did you see her?" Stardust asked, he suspect it was the Princess they were talking about and hoped the two little ponies could help him find her.
"At the old track N field just outside of town," Raspberry answered.
"She's been seen in the park, at the concert in the forest. She's everywhere basically," added Patch.
"Hmmm, what does the ghost look like?" Stardust asked.
"She's completely white with wings and a horn," Raspberry answered.
"Patch, did you find the ball?" a pink pony with yellow hair asked from behind the bushes.
"I have to go," Patch left and ran to the bushes.
"Excuse me," Stardust said, and left Raspberry even more confused about him.
Just then a blue pony with blue hair walking towards him, stopped, "Aren't you...?"
"No and I don't know who you think I am either," Stardust lied as he walked by, leaving the blue pony speechless.
Stardust couldn't believe the two little ponies knew Skyview. He wondered why Skyview would show himself in a world where ponies don't believe Unicorns exists.

The sun was starting to set and Lunarstar laid on the blanket watching her friends play. She wished she could play with them. She had wondered through most of the day if her friends would ever find out about her secret. How would they react? Would they keep her secret?
"Lunarstar," Sweetheart began to say, 'Isn't that Charades?"
Lunarstar looked on the sidewalk in the distance. He was standing there watching. Then she remembered, the sun was setting and she had to go home.
"I have to go. See you guys tomorrow," Lunarstar stood up and left, she could hear her friends saying good-bye.
She ran up to Charades, "What?"
"I've come to walk you home."
"Walk me home?" Lunarstar asked, "My parents sent you?"
"Does it matter if they did?" Charades asked.
Lunarstar began walking, heading out of the park, "I feel like I'm always being watched."
"Watched?" Charades asked.
"Yes, I feel like I can't do anything without my Parents, you and Buster constantly watching or asking where I'm going."
"It's our job to make sure your safe and your parents just worry about you. You are after all, their only daughter."
Lunarstar smiled, she liked the sound of that 'their only daughter'.
She knew it was their job to keep her safe. She also knew she was no long free to roam around like she used to which made her sad.
They walked out of the park and down the street heading home.