Chapter 41: Night Time Meeting.

The sky was turning purple and blue and a few stars began to show.
Lunarstar was in her winged unicorn form and had finished dinner before everyone else did.
"You must had been hungry," Booster commented.
"I was," Lunarstar took her plate to the kitchen and walked back into the dinning room, "Can I go out tonight?"
"Again?" Booster asked.
"We don't mind," Charades remarked.
"Lunarstar, you've been going out almost every night," Rosebud observed.
"I know but I like going outside and besides I haven't flown and a long time, my wings will probably ache from not being in use."
"You can fly?" Booster asked.
"Since when?" Rosebud asked.
"Since Christmas. A little girl fell off the cliff and I had no choice but to save her."
"She saw you?" Rosebud asked.
"I'm sorry but I had no choice." Lunarstar exclaimed.
"It's ok Lunarstar, she fell off the cliff, what else could you have done but to save her. I'm glad that your able to fly because of her," Booster replied.
"You couldn't fly?" Buster asked, in disbelief.
"We couldn't teach her since we can't fly and she was afraid of heights," Booster answered.
"A Pegasus afraid of heights?" Buster asked.
"I used to be," Lunarstar blushed feeling embraced.
They all laughed.
"It's ok," Charades assured her, "I used to know a few Pegasus who were afraid of heights but they got over it just like you did."
Lunarstar smiled, "So can I go outside?"
"Sure as long as Buster and Charades are willing to go with you," Booster answered.
"Just as soon as we're done with dinner," Buster answered.

After dinner Lunarstar changed into an earth pony and left the house with Buster and Charades. They walked down the sidewalk with Lunarstar in the middle while Charades kept scanning the area.
"What is it?" Lunarstar asked noticing Charades looking around.
"Just keeping my eyes open."
"For what?" Lunarstar asked.
"For the one who was spying on us that night in the park."
"So where are we going?" Buster asked.
"To the Old Track N Field. I haven't been there since they started tarring it down."
They walked pass the park and pass the community of houses. When she saw the old cobbled road to the Track N Field she quickly changed back to a Winged Unicorn and hurried to fence. Buster and Charades wasn't to far behind her.
The old bleachers were gone and the old track was gone and so were the buildings. In the bleachers place was a half built wall and in the middle of the track were stones and lots of wood stacked high.
"Looks like they're starting to build," Buster observed.
"I wonder what it's going to look like when they're done?" Charades wondered out loud.
"By the looks of it, it's going to be big," Buster replied.
"Well now that you seen it, what do you want to do?" Charades asked.
"Go flying for a bit and then maybe play something before going home."
"Fly?" Buster asked, "I don't know if that'll be a good idea."
"Why? No one is around and they're all a sleep. My wings are begging to fly. I won't go far."
"Ok but keep us in sight and stay away from the houses," Charades ordered.
Lunarstar smiled, she was happy to have a little freedom and glad that they couldn't fly. Lunarstar flapped her wings and left the ground.
"Don't forget!" Lunarstar heard Charades yell.
She flew around the Old Track N Field and flying higher. The wind blew through her feathers and her mane blew wildly. Her coat felt the cool breeze as she flew faster.
"This feels so good. I need to fly more often."
The sky was pitch black and covered in twinkling stars, the moon was only a sliver just barley showing.
After a while Lunarstar came to the ground but didn't land, "Charades, I'm going to get my ball. I'll be right back."
With her horn glowing, she disappeared leaving twinkling stars in her place. A minute later she appeared next to them on the ground, "Got my ball."
"I don't think you should play on the track N field," Buster remarked.
"How about the field next to it?" Charades asked.
"Ok," Lunarstar kicked her ball into the field and chased after it.
"Buster, go to the other side and keep watch, I'm going to stay here and keep watch."
Buster ran to the other side of the field which wasn't to big. Charades sat in the grass next to the fence scanning the area while Lunarstar played with the ball.
Lunarstar kicked the ball and winked to the other side to catch it, then she kicked it hard and wink to kick it back. After a while she felt lonely playing by herself. She winked in front of Buster, "Want to play ball?"
"Not tonight."
"Oh," Lunarstar winked in front of Charades catching him by surprise, "Want to play ball?"
"I'm sorry," Charades smiled, "I doubt I could keep up with you the way you wink all over the place."
"Well, ok," Lunarstar had hoped one of them would play. She winked back to her ball and kicked it and winked to catch it. She head butt the ball and chased it, once she had caught up with the ball she kicked it again. The ball flew into the forest. Lunarstar was about to walk in the forest when the ball came out and flew pass the field. Buster and Charades stood up and hurried over to Lunarstar.
Lunarstar wasn't sure what was going on or what made the ball come back. A second later she heard rustling noise among the grass in the forest. She slowly backed away as Buster and Charades arrived. They stood beside Lunarstar with her in the middle and stood guard looking seriously at the forest.
The nosie got closer then Stardust appeared, he wasn't mad or happy. He had a blank stare.
"Don't come any closer," Charades warned him.
Lunarstar ducked low, his stare scared her. There was something about him that made him different than his brothers, different than other earth ponies. He looked just like his two brother but without a horn and wings.
"You have to go through us to get her," Buster exclaimed.
"That won't be a problem but I didn't come here tonight to catch her."
"Then why are you here for?" Buster asked.
"Just to see her."
Lunarstar couldn't look away from his stare. She slowly began to back away.
"Lunarstar, don't move," Charades ordered.
"Stay put," added Buster.
Lunarstar sat in the grass ready to jump at the slightest move from Stardust.
Stardust smiled and continued to walk pass them, "Lunarstar. What an interesting name, Princess Lunarstar."
Lunarstar watched him from underneath Charades till Stardust had disappeared in the darkness.
"Are you ok?" Buster asked looking down at her.
Lunarstar kept staring at the darkness thinking he was going to come back.
"Lunarstar, he's gone," said Charades kindly.
"Who was that?" Lunarstar asked, still sitting in the grass.
"That was Stardust," Buster answered.
"He's smart and fast so don't ever try to out run him. He'll catch you in minutes," added Charades.
"He's fast?" Lunarstar asked.
"Yes, he's the fastest pony in Ponyland," answered Charades.
"We should take you home," Buster proposed.
"Now?" Lunarstar asked.
"Yes," Charades answered.
Lunarstar stood up and walked into the darkness to get her ball with Buster and Charades behind her. She stopped on the sidewalk and looked around, "Where's my ball?"
"A cross the street in the bushes," Buster pointed out.
Lunarstar winked to the bush picked up her ball and winked back to Buster, "I'm ready to go home."
Lunarstar walked with Buster and Charades as she changed to an earth pony.
"Now that Stardust is here, you have to be extra careful even during the day," Charades remarked.
As they walked home, Lunarstar kept scanning the darkness wondering if Stardust was there and watching.
They walked pass the park and onto the street. Lunarstar left Buster and Charades and ran home once she saw her house, "Good night!"
"Goodnight!" they replied.