Chapter 59: Saying Good-bye

Lunarstar in her winged unicorn forum hurried downstairs to the living room, Rosebud was holding the phone for her.
"Thanks, mom."
Rosebud handed the phone to Lunarstar and headed back into the kitchen.
"Hello?" Lunarstar asked.
"Hi, this is Starlight."
"Hello Starlight. What's up?"
"Well, Prism is leaving today, right?"
Lunarstar didn't want to be reminded of her best friend leaving, "That's right, later tonight."
"Well...we want to give her a going away party, in the park."
"Really?" Lunarstar asked excitedly.
"Yup. Bon Bon is making a cake for us and we're bringing food, drinks, plates, games and stuff."
"All you have to do is bring Prism to the park near the lake. This is a surprise so don't tell her."
"I won't."
"Great, see you at the park."
Lunarstar hung up just as Prism walked downstairs.
"Who's was that on the phone?" Prism asked.
"Starlight. She wants us to meet her at the park."
"Don't know. We'll find out when we get there," Lunarstar answered, smiling.
"Ok, let me pack my stuff first so I'll be ready to leave when I get back," Prism hurried upstairs to the guest room.
Lunarstar stood at the bottom of the steps waiting for her. Buster walked in the Living room and was about to sit down when he saw Lunarstar standing there.
"Good morning, Lunarstar."
Lunarstar smiled, "Good moring, Buster!"
"Are you going out today?"
"I sure am."
"To the park."
"The Park? you sure go there alot."
"It's the closest thing I have to the forest since mom and Dad won't let me go into the forest."
"Oh, I see."
Prism hurried downstairs, "Lets go."
"Make sure you to don't forget the time. Prism has to catch the train later."
"We won't forget," said Prism.
Lunarstar's horn began to glow, her hair turned white while her wings and horn disapeared.
"That is so cool, I love watching you do that," Prism exclaimed.
"Yeah, it's fasinating to watch her change," Buster agreed.
Lunarstar blushed, "You guys have seen me do it many times."
"Yes, but it's still amazing," Buster replied.
"You don't even look the same, as you did a minute ago," added Prism.
Lunarstar's face turned red, "Ummm...well...we better be going."
Buster laughed, he never seen Lunarstar's face so red.

The two left the house and ran to the park. The sun was shinning brightly and the birds were chirping in the trees.
They walked to the lake and saw her friends around a large yellow blanket in the open near the lake.
"Surprise!" her friends yelled.
"We wanted to give you a going away party," Starlight explained.
"That's sweet of you guys, Lunarstar did you know about this?" Prism asked.
"Yup and they told me not to tell you."
Prism smiled.
"Let's eat," Bon Bon exclaimed, "I baked a cake."
Lunarstar and Prism sat down. Bon Bon took out some plates, cups and food. The Cake was already out and stting in the middle of the blanket with cans of punch. The cake was white and had a rainbow on top with pink flowers around it.
Bright Eyes cut the cake and set the slices on the plates while Patch pass the plates around.
they sat and eat the cake, everyone had 2 slices of cake, once Starlight was finished she left the party and hurried back with a bag of ice cream.
"I love ice cream," Prism commented.
"What kind is it? Lunarstar asked.
"Orange Sherbert," Starlight answered.
Bright Eyes took the icecream scooper and scopped up the icecream, placing it on everyone's plate till there was no more icecream.
After they eat and talked, a few of the girls went and played ball.
"Lunarstar want to play?" Patch asked.
"No, I'll just watch."
"Are you sure?" Prism asked who was anxious to play, "come on and play."
"I'll watch instead."
"Ok," Prism replied.
Lunarstar wanted to play with her friends but her parents had said no. They feared that someone might feel Lunarstar's horn or wings.
Prism, Starlight, Patch and Clover played Soccor.
The sun was begining to set and the game was interupted by Charades as he walked toward the blanket.
"Lunarstar, Prism, it's time to go!" Charades announced.
Prism stopped and walked over to Charades, "already?"
"Yes, you need to get your stuff," Charades answered.
"Lets pack up," Melody proposed.
"We'll see you off at the train station," said Bright Eyes
Lunarstar and Prism hurried home with Charades behind them.

One they got home, Prism hurried upstairs and rushed downstairs. Lunarstar and her parents stood at the door waiting. Buster and Charades stood next to them.
"Ready to go?" Booster asked.
"Yes, I am."
Lunarstar felt sad, this was her last day playing with her best friend.
They left the house and walked to the train station, Prism got her ticket ready. The train had just pulled into the train station, letting all the ponies off.
"I guess this is goodbye," Prism said sadly, "I had a great time while I was here."
"We're glad you had fun," Rosebud replied.
"It was wonderful meeting you guys," Prism said to Buster and Charades.
"It was a plesure meeting you," said Buster.
"I hope we get to see you again," added Charades.
Prism smiled, "I hope so to."
Lunarstar was too sad to say anything and rather embarased to talk. She felt her eyes start to water, Lunarstar tied hard to keep from tears appearing.
Booster noticed the two wanted time alone, "Well, lets let these two talk a bit before saying goodbye."
They left Lunarstar and stood at the ticket booth giving the two ponies some space.
"I'll miss you," said Prism.
Lunarstar looked up at Prism who was also fighting her tears back, "I...I'm glad you got to know the real me. Your the only one who knows."
"I'm so sorry I thought you were some kind of monster all these years," Tears began to fall down her cheeks, "Now, we're friends again and we'll always be friends."
Lunarstar let a few tears fall, "I'll miss you. Will you come and visit me sometime?"
"Sure I will. I'll write you sometime and you could write back."
"Ok," Lunarstar smiled.
"Don't forget to write to me about the other world and if you ever get your kingdom back," Prism whispered.
"I won't forget," Lunarstar smiled.
The two stood on their hind legs and hugged each other.
Suddenly Lunarstar friends showed up.
"Good, we made it on time," Melody exclaimed.
Prism picked up her bags, " Thanks for coming everyone."
"Are you going to come back and visit Ponyland again?" Bon Bon asked.
"I certainly will."
Just then the whistle blew the 5 minute warning.
"I have to go, bye. Thanks for the great partty, I'll never forget it!" Prism hurried to the train, she could hear her friends saying goodbye. As soon as she put her bag up and sat down the whistle blew again and the train started to leave.
Lunarstar and her friends waved goodbye. Buster and Charades along with Lunarstar's parents were also waving goodbye.
Lunarstar walked over to her parents, with her cheeks wet for her tears.
"Awww, honey she'll comeback," Rosebud remarked.
"I know but I'll miss her."
Lunarstar leaned her head on her father's shoulder, letting her tears fall.
Booster and Rosebud nuzzled her as Lunarstar silently cried