Chapter 78: Saving Raspberry

Lunarstar laid in bed under her warm blue covers. Her head was half covered by the blanket, only the tip of her horn, ears and wings stuck out. She was wide awake listening to her parents in their room. She waiting till it was very dark outside and for her parents to be sound a sleep before she got out of bed.
She quietly sat up, taking the covers off of her. The room wasvery dark, she got off the bed and tip toed to her window. She peaked between the cracks of her certains to make sure it was dark outside. The sky was covered with twinkling stars and the Cresent moon shinned brightly.
Lunarstar listened one last time to be sure her parents were sleeping. She could hear them from their room.
Lunarstar smiled and winked out of her room, winking back in above the forest trees. She flapped her wings and flew through the sky as fast as she could and soring through the clouds. She had wanted to fly for quite sometime and wished she could fly all the time.

She flew over the houses towards the park when she noticed a very strange thing. A cloud with another cloud behind it, moving at a fast rate. The other cloud was shapped like a ball. Lunarstar didn't get to close but she followed the cloud to the feild behind the school.
Lunarstar flew low to the ground though the park and landed in front of the school. She tip toed in the playground and hid behind a white fence and tree. The fence was white like her coat and hair so she was almost invisable agenst the fence. She gasped when she saw Stardust and Starfire in the field, it was so dark and their coats were so black they were hard to see. She watched as the cloud landed and began to take shape, Lunarstar gasped when she noticed it was Skyview. The Cloudball suddenly dissolved and to her surpise it was Raspberry.

"Raspberry?" Lunarstar thought to herself, "What do they want with her?" Lunarstar wanted to know but she couldn't risk getting any closer.
She watched them talk a bit then Stardust left. Skyview and Starfire stood wondering what to do with her.

"So Skyiew, what are you going to do with her?" Starfire asked.
"I don't know," Skyview answered. He didn't know this world and didn't know any other place in this world except for Ponyland.
While Starfire and Skyview talked, Raspberry turned around and ran to the forest. She was on the track team and had learn to run fast but she wasn't fast enough. Suddenly she saw something black flew by, it was to fast to see what it was. She looked back and only saw Skyview, when she looked in front of her, she hulted to a stop and gasped. Starfire stood in front of her waiting. Was he the one that flew by?
"So you think you could get away from us?" Starfire smirked at her.
Raspberry was scared, it all felt like a dream. All she knew was she went to bed and woke up behind the school.
Skyview walked across the field and stood behind Raspberry.
"So what do we do with her?" Starfire asked again.
"I don't know. I don't know this world enough to know where to put her."
While the two continued to talk, Raspberry turned around and was about to get away when Skyview blocked her path. She noticed a small opening under Skyview, it was a chance she had to make. She quickly ran under Skyview and across the field towards the school.
Starfire laughed while Skyview used his horn to create a cloud in front of her.
She skidded to a stop and hit the cloud which imprisoned her in the cloudball.
"Just what is so funny?" Skyview asked in a loud voice.
"What a smart pony. I would never have thought of going under you," Starfire laughed.
Skyview and Starfire walked over to Raspberry. Lunarstar was so close to them, she ducked low behind the white fence and kept very still.
"So what do..." Starfire started to ask again.
"Don't even ask. I have no idea," Skyview interrupted him.
"How about we take her to Dream Castle?" Starfire suggested.
"Star Cluster isn't interested in the ponies of this world. He only want the Princess at the moment." Skyview turned and walked through the school yard towards the park.
"Where are you going?" Starfire asked.
"To take a walk, now stop asking questions because your not helping me one bit," Skyview answered.

Lunarstar sat up and watched them leave.
"I have to help," She thought, "but how?"
Lunarstar knew she had to think quickly before Skyview thought of a place to take Raspberry.
"I can show myself but Skyview won't loose his concentration on the ball...oh...I know. Stardust, they'll listen to him."
Lunarstar stood up, her horn began to glow and then her whole body glowed and sparkled when the glow and sparkles had disappeared, Lunarstar no longer had a white coat but instead she was tall with a black coat and black and blue hair. She was an exact copy of Stardust, she even sounded like him.
She smiled, "Now to find Skyview and Starfire."

Skyview and Starfire stood in the park talking about what to do, they had thought to take her through the gate but there was the trouble with Soilders guarding the gate.
As they talked, Stardust walked up to them through the bushes.
"Stardust I thought you left?" Skyview was a little surprised to see Stardust so soon.
"Let her go," Stardust ordered them.
"What?" They asked, not sure if they heard him right.
"Let her go. I decided to take care of her myself," Stardust explained.
"Are you sure?" Starfire asked.
"Yes, now leave her to me. Why don't you to get some sleep, you guys look tired."
"I...well, we are tired," Skyview muttered, "ok Stardust, if you say so."
Skyview dropped Raspberry on the ground. She looked up and was about to run away when Stardust set his hoof on her tail, "Get out of here you two!"
Skyview and Starfire left Stardust and disappearing into the darkness. Raspberry looked up at him, she was scared and was too afraid to look away from him.
"Close your eyes," Stardust ordered.
"uhhhh," which was all Raspberry could say.
"Close them!" Stardust yelled.
Raspberry quickly closed her eyes, she feared what he was going to do to her.
Suddenly a white transparent horn appeared on his and white transparent wings appeared on his back. Stardust was actually Lunarstar who was very happy she had tricked the two black ponies. She put her glowing horn on Raspberry and with the slightest touch, Raspberry was gone. She had been sent to her room in bed. Raspberry didn't hear anything and decided to take a peak. She slowly opened her eyes and was rather shocked to find herself in her room on her bed.
"Was I dreaming?" Raspberry wondered outloud. She didn't know but there was no other explanation.

Lunarstar changed back to her Winged Unicorn self and began to laugh. She laughed at the thought of what Stardust was going to say when he finds out they let her go.
"I guess I better be getting to bed before mom and dad finds out I left the house," Lunarstar's horn began to glow and with in seconds she winked to her room and climbed back in bed.

Skyview and Starfire went to the shack to lay down but to their surprise Stardust was sound asleep under the little window and comfortable under his blankets.
"How in the world did he beat us here?" Starfire asked surprisingly.
"Lets ask him," Skyview took his hoof and lightly shook Stardust, "Stardust, wake up."
"How did you get here?" Skyview asked.
"I walked," Stardust yawned.
"But we just saw you," Starfire exclaimed.
"What are you talking about?" Stardust asked sleeply.
"You were in the park," Starfire answered.
"Of course I was, I had to walk through the park to get to the shack," Stardust yawned and turned over facing the wall, "now go to sleep."
"But what did you do with the girl?" Skyview asked.
"Stardust lifted his head and with one eye half opened he looked up at Skyview, "What are you talking about?"
"You said you'd take care of her," Starfire answered.
"Take care of who?" Stardust asked.
"The girl you asked me to get," Skyview answered.
Stardust was confused, he had no idea wht they were talking about, "I've been here asleep, I never left the shack after I left you guys at the field."
"We saw you at the park, you said you would take care of her yourself," Skyview exclaimed.
Stardust stood up feeling surprised at what Skyview had did, "You mean you let her go?"
"Yes, you told us to," Starfire answered.
Stardust began to paw the wooden floor, "I said no such thing!"
"But we saw you. You stood in front of us. How many ponies can possibly look like us?" Skyview asked.
Stardust didn't answer, he continued to paw the floor, his two brother was getting nervous. Suddenly Stardust rammed them through the door. They flew outside and landed on the ground against a tree.
"I did not tell you to let her go!" Stardust yelled.
Skyview knew Stardust was really mad, he turned himself into a cloud and left the forest. Starfire ran and took a flying leap in the air to fly far from Stardust.
Stardust took off running like a blur, before Starfire could get a yard off the ground. Stardust jumped and grabed his tail in his mouth holding starfire down.
"We are serious, you was there. We saw you, he even talked and acted like you. It was you!" Starfire cried.
Stardust let got of his tail and Starfire flew up into the tree tops, landing in on the branches.
"You guys can't hide from me for long!" Stardust yelled.
Stardust was mad, he wanted Raspberry out of his way so he could find the Princess without Raspberry around but what his brother told him began to bug him. Who was the pony that looked and sounded just like him? Could there be ponies in this world that looked like ponies of the other world?
Stardust was deeply troubled, he walked to the cliff and laid down thinking about what they had told him. It wasn't long till he fell asleep and his brothers quietly came back.
"He will calm down in the morning," Skyview whispered.
"I'm glad he didn't stay up all right, I'm feeling really tired," Starfire could feel his body begining to relax.
"Stardust keeps insisting it wasn't him but it had to be...but...Stardust never lied to us," Skyview was so confused and tired.
"I'm too tired to care at the moment," Starfire walked back into the shack with Skyview right behind him.
As soon as they had laid down and covered themselves, they fell asleep.