Chapter 82: The Big sleep over

The Sun was setting and Lunarstar was opening her birthday presents. Buster, Charades and her Parents stood in the family room which was rarely used. They anxiously watched Lunarstar. Her friends sat on the floor waiting anxiously for Lunarstar to open the blue shiny present. Lunarstar sat on the couch ripping the wrapping off the box. Then she opened the box and inside was a round shiny silver jewelry box. She picked it up and held it in one hoof, it was no bigger than her hoof. On the lid was a gold carving of a crescent moon. On the sides were carvings of hearts on ribbons.
Lunarstar was amazed at how pretty it was.
"Well, open it," Melody said excitedly.
Lunarstar opened the jewelry box, inside was a light purple rich velvet.
"It's so pretty!" Lunarstar exclaimed happily.
"We knew you'd like it,"Booster replied smiling.
"Thank you Mom, Dad. I love it, now I need to get something to put in it." Lunarstar set the jewelry box on the table in front of her. She grabbed the next box which was light pink and a white bow on top. She quickly opened it and found a thick leather book.
"I hope you like Pony Pirate stories. That book should be thick enough for you," Charades laughed.
"I love pony pirate stories. It sure will take me while to finish reading it. Thank you so much," Lunarstar quickly flipped through the bags, carious to see if there were any pictures.
Buster and Charades smiled at her.
"Open the next one!" Patch exclaimed.
Lunarstar put the book on the table and grabbed the next box. She spent quite a while opening presents.

By the time she was done the couch was covered in wrappings and bows. The table was full of Presents that her friends got her.
"Thank you all, so much. I love the presents you guys gave me," Lunarstar smiled at her friends.
The girls all stood up and looked at her presents and the pretty wrappings behind Lunarstar. Bright Eyes picked up a bow with a long ribbon still attached to it and held it up to Lunarstar's hair, "We should decorate you in these bows,"
"Yeah!" The girls exclaimed.
"Colors will look great on you," Melody commented.
The girls took bows and ribbons and started to decorated her hair.
"Stand up, so we can put the rest on," Melody proposed.
Lunarstar felt a bit strange having all the bows and ribbon in her hair. When the girls were done, Lunarstar had strains of her mane and tail wrapped in ribbons. A large bow sat at the base of her tail and the rest of the bows strung all over the long mane and tail.
"There's one more," Clover said noticing a pink bow on the couch.
"I don't know where to put it on her," Starlight replied.
"I do," Bon Bon took the bow and tired it at the tip of Lunarstar's horn, "There."
Everyone stood back to get a good Look at Lunarstar.
"You look so pretty," Sweetheart commented.
"Lunarstar, don't move," Rosebud hurried out of the room, ran up stairs and then came back down, entering the room with a camera in her mouth. She walked around the couch and stood in front of Lunarstar.
"This will be great for the green box," Rosebud remarked holding the camera between her hoofs, "Why don't you girls join Lunarstar."
The girls gathered around her and smiled.
Suddenly there was a flash from the camera and then a black photo came out of the camera.
Rosebud took the photo and began fanning it so the picture will appear. The girls gathered around her and watched the picture appear.
"Oh, she looks pretty," Starlight commented.
"Looks to me like Lunarstar is a bit embarrassed," Booster commented as he looked over Rosebud's shoulders.
The girls laughed, Lunarstar felt so embarrassed that her face began to turn red. Everyone couldn't help but laugh even more.
"Well, girls why don't you go watch a movie and then head to bed," Rosebud suggested.
"I'm going to take this stuff off first," Lunarstar sighed.
Her horn began to glow and suddenly, the bows on her horn and hair came off, the ribbons unwrapped themselves.
"Wow, that's so cool!" Melody exclaimed.
Lunarstar smiled setting the bows and ribbon on the couch, "Lets go watch that movie!"
The girls followed Lunarstar into the living room and sat down on the floor in front of the large TV.

The sun had disappeared over the horizon, the half moon shined brightly through the drifting clouds. Buster and Charades cleaned the family room, Rosebud and Booster cleaned the dinning room.
Buster stopped at what he was doing and noticed Lunarstar changing into a large tiger, her friends were not aware of her changing.
"Charades, come and see this," Buster pointed at Lunarstar.
Charades put the large bag of wrappings on the floor and looked into the living room. Lunarstar had turned into the main character in the movie that scared the girls. Buster and Charades had a feeling what she was up to and they tried hard not to laugh out loud.
Bon Bon was the first to notice her, she gasped and screamed, the other girls looked and did the same. They scooted themselves back towards the walls and behind the couches.
Buster, Charades, Rosebud and Booster all laughed.
The girls were confused and wondered what was so funny. Then Lunarstar changed back as she laughed.
"I'm sorry," Lunarstar laughed, "I couldn't resist."
The girls blinked a few times and slowly came out from their hiding places.
"You can...change?" Starlight asked.
"I thought you girls knew," Lunarstar replied still laughing.
"Yes but we didn't know you could change like that...I mean...ummm," Bright Eyes trailed off, not sure how to explain it.
"I can change into any living thing that I have seen," Lunarstar finally stopped laughing.
Then Patch began to laugh, "That sure was funny and the looks on our faces...I'll have to do that when I do my practical jokes."
"Great," The girls sighed.
Rosebud entered the room still giggling, "Well, it looks like the movie is over."
Booster entered the room and stood next to Rosebud, "It's time for you girls to go to bed."
"Awww," the girls complained.
"Go on, girls," Rosebud replied.
The girls stood up and began heading upstairs, Lunarstar hugged her parents, "Goodnight, Mom, Dad."
"Goodnight, Lunarstar," Rosebud replied.
Booster rubbed his head on her checks, "Goodnight, Lunarstar."
Lunarstar turned and headed upstairs, "Goodnight, Buster, Charades."
"Goodnight," the two replied.
Lunarstar went to her room and found her friends in their sleeping bags at the foot of her bed. Her presents sat on her dresser. Lunarstar climbed in bed and pulled the covers over her legs.

Buster and Charades had finished cleaning the family room and the living room. By the time they were done, they had two large bags of trash.
"I think we're pretty much done," Buster observed the clean room.
"Thank you two for helping us," Rosebud said kindly.
Charades smiled, "We don't mind helping at all. It was nice to have some time off and party for once."
"Yes, it was," Booster agreed.
"We should be going," Buster remarked.
"See you tomorrow," Charades added.

Lunarstar and her friends were talking when Lunarstar heard the door close. She winked to the window behind them catching her friends by surprise.
"I don't think I'll ever get used to that," Melody commented.
"Who would?" Clover asked sarcastically.
"But it's pretty cool to see her do that though," Patch remarked.
Lunarstar peaked through her curtains and saw Buster and Charades leave, "My parents should be going to bed soon," Lunarstar winked back to her bed, "We should be getting to sleep."
"Lunarstar, I've been wondering...What's that thing that Buster and Charades called it. The one they went through to get here," Bright Eyes asked curiously.
"The Gate?" Lunarstar hesitated to ask, "Why do you want to know?"
"I was just curiously," Bright Eyes answered, "What's it look like?"
"It's just a stone archway," Lunarstar answered.
"Where?" Bon Bon asked.
"Not far from here," Lunarstar answered.
Suddenly, the door opened, Rosebud entered the room after hearing voices coming form Lunarstar's room, "You girls should be sleeping," Rosebud turned off the lights, "Goodnight girls."
"Goodnight," the girls replied.
Lunarstar laid down in bed, covering herself with the blanket. Her friends wrapped themselves in their sleeping bags except no one could sleep, they were all to excited to sleep.
Lunarstar laid in bed with her eyes open thinking about everything that had happened on her birthday. After a while and time had pass, she heard her parents sleeping in down the hall in their room.
"Lunarstar," whispered Starlight.
Lunarstar sat up in bed and saw her friends doing the same.
"I can't sleep," Patch complained.
"I can't either," Bon Bon replied.
"It looks like non of us can sleep," Bright Eyes observed.
"So now what?" Clover asked.
"Where did you say that Gate was?" Starlight asked.
"Not far from here."
"Close enough to walk there?" Patch asked.
"Well...yes but why do you want to know?" Lunarstar asked.
"Lets sneak out and see it," Patch suggested.
"Into the forest?" Lunarstar asked.
"We'll be back before anyone gets up," Starlight proposed.
"But I'm not allowed in the forest," Lunarstar complained.
"Because of the Black ponies?" Sweetheart asked.
"We'll be with you and besides you can always change into something," Bright Eyes suggested.
"Yeah, like a tiger," Patch quietly giggled.
Lunarstar thought about it, they were right, she could change into an animal to escape, "Ok, I'll show you the Gate."
"We should take some flashlights with us," Bright Eyes suggested.
"I'll get them, be right back," Lunarstar winked out and a minute later she winked back in again holding 3 flashlight.
"Great," Patch stood up and took a flashlight. Sweetheart and Bright Eye took the other two.
Lunarstar got off the bed and stood in the middle of her friends as her horn began to glow, "I'll wink us there, just touch my horn."
The girls were excited about winking to another place, slowly one by one they all toushed her horn. At the touch of her horn they were instintly gone. Lunarstar winked herself to the forest where her friends stood waiting at the base of the cobble stone trail.
"Now we just follow this trail to the Gate," Lunarstar stated.
"Where are we?" Bon Bon asked scanning the forest.
Lunarstar turned around and pointed, "My house is over there."
"Oh," Bon Bon replied.
Lunarstar lit her horn and began walking. The girls were amazed at her horn glowing.
"That's cool, you have you very own flashlight," Patch teased.
Lunarstar smiled, "it comes in handy sometimes."
"I bet it does," Bright Eyes remarked.

Stardust, Skyview and Starfire were walking through the forest searching for the Princess when Skyview stopped and looked at the group of ponies in the meadow.
"Stardust," Skyview whispered, "Look!"
Seeing a group of ponies wasn't what caught Skyview's attention, it was Lunarstar's glowing horn that interested him.
"I didn't think she had friends in this world," Starfire commented.
"I know of one and she left," Stardust replied, "So she has more friends...that's very interesting."
"I didn't know she could light her horn," Starfire observed.
"I taught her," Stardust answered.
"You?" his two brothers asked surprisingly.
"I was stuck in that mine shaft. it was dark in the tunnels and my only hope for light was her so I taught her how to light her horn."
"Oh," the two replied.
Stardust and his brother continued walking, following the girls through the forest.
The girls walked through the forest passing the broken stone statues and heading towards a small archway.
"Is that it?" Clover asked.
"No," Lunarstar answered and then pointed pass the small archway, "That one is."
The Archway was very large, it stood high above the ruins.
The girls rushed over to the Gate and began inspecting the carvings on it.
"Lunarstar, isn't that your family Royal crest?" Bright Eyes asked as she pointed the flashlight at the top of the Gate.
"I think so," it was been quite a while since Lunarstar had first seen the top, she had almost forgot about it.
Lunarstar flapped her wings and flew to the top. Her friends stood below her watching as she rubbed the dirt away revealing a clear carving of her Family Royal Crest. She couldn't wait to ask Buster and Charades about it but then...she realized she couldn't say anything, otherwise they'll know she was in the forest. She decided she'll ask the next time they took her to the Gate.
She landed softly between her friends.
"That's so neat," Bon Bon exclaimed.
"So the Gate isn't open?" Clover asked.
"No, not till the full moon," Lunarstar answered.
"I would love to visit your world," Patch said excitedly.
"So would I," added Bright Eyes.
The others slow agreed.
Lunarstar looked around the forest nervously looking for any sign of the three Black ponies, "We should be heading back."
"Yeah, before your parents finds out we left," Starlight agreed.
They turned and left the ruins, walking through the meadow again.
"Lets play a game on our way there," Patch proposed.
"What kind of game?" Clover asked.
"Tag," Patch tuned and touch Lunarstar, "and your it!"
The girls scattered running from Lunarstar.

In the forest close by the meadow was Stardust and his two brothers watching the girls playing.
"Looks like they're having fun," Skyview observed.
"Yeah," Starfire agreed.
Stardust stood quietly and watched.
"You know this would be a perfect time to catch her," Skyview stated.
"Yeah, it would," Starfire agreed.
"And just what do you plan to do with her till the full moon?" Stardust asked.
"Oh," Skyview sighed, "I didn't think of that."
Stardust smiled, "I didn't think you did," he glared at his two brothers, "If we have any hope in catching her you two had better listen to me."
His two brother agreed and continued to watch Lunarstar playing.
"I wonder who those girls are...I know I've seen them somewhere before," Stardust wondered out loud.

Lunarstar had tagged Starlight who was having trouble tagging anyone especially Lunarstar. Starlight stopped and rested, the girls stopped and came closer wondering what was wrong. As soon as they got close, Starlight quickly tagged Melody and began chasing Lunarstar. Just when Melody thought she had her, Lunarstar winked out. Then Melody turned and chased her again, the girls decided to help. Lunarstar winked to different places teasing her friends.
Starlight had a plan, she sent the girls away spreading themselves out in the meadow. When Lunarstar winked out and appeared, Patch leaped on her and soon the others did too.
"We finally caught her!" Melody exclaimed.
Then they heard a familiar giggle, they looked up and saw Lunarstar standing in front of them.
"I'm sorry," Lunarstar laughed, "I won't do it again...but you guys still have to catch me," then she turned and ran. The girls quickly stood up and ran after her, laughing.

"She sure is a playful little pony," Skyview commented.
"Sure is," Starfire agreed, "don't you think so, Stardust?"
When they didn't get an answer, they turned to see if he was still there. To their surprise Stardust was standing behind them holding his head with his hoof.
Stardust's head was hurting, the pain drowned out Skyview and Starfire's voices calling for him. Stardust couldn't understand why his headaches was still happening, he thought it was over with. After his headache had subsided he heard his brothers calling him.
"Stardust, are you ok?" Starfire asked.
"What happened?" Skyview asked.
"Nothing...Lets go back to the shack, I'm feeling very tired," Stardust turned and began walking.
"Stardust!" Skyview cried, "It wasn't nothing!"
Stardust ignored him and continued walking.
Skyview was feeling annoyed with Stardust. He winked in front of Stardust, "You were in pain, now tell us what this is all about!"
Stardust sighed, "It was just a headache."
"Headaches don't give you that much pain," Starfire stated.
"This one does. I hadn't had one in quite a while...It's gone now and I'm fine," Stardust walked around Skyview and continued to head back to the shack. Then suddenly Stardust stopped and turned his head, "And don't stand in my way again!"
His two brother looked at him surprisingly as Stardust continued to walk.
"He's getting Grouchy again," Starfire observed.
"Yes, I noticed. I wonder if it has something to do with his headaches?" Skyview asked, wondering out loud.
The two glanced at each other and continued to follow Stardust.