Chapter 88: Follow the leader

Lunarstar ran home from school carrying her school bag around her neck. The sun was shining and the wind blew, rustling the leaves in the treas. Lunarstar ran in the house and to her room, setting her school bag on the bed. She turned and hurried out of her room and ran downstairs. She rushed to the Kitchen and saw her mother drinking a glass of Lemonade.
"Hi, honey. I thought I heard you come in the house," Rosebud commented.
"Mom, I'm going out for awhile."
"Where to?" Rosebud asked, setting the glass down on the counter.
"To the Ice Cream shop and then the club house. See you later!" Lunarstar ran out of the house and through the yard. She hurried down the street to the park.
By the time she entered the park, she was tired and worn out form running. She walked through the park heading straight towards the Ice Cream shop.

Stardust was laying under a tree when he spotted Lunarstar. He got up and followed her. He made sure he didn't walk to close but not to far that he could loose her.

Lunarstar hurried into the ice cream shop only to find her friends in the Beauty Shop which was part of the ice cream shop.
Her friends sat in chairs, each doing the other's hair.
"Lunarstar!" Patch exclaimed.
"Hi, guys. I didn't think you'd be in here," Lunarstar replied.
"My mom left so we have the whole shop to ourselves," Starlight answered.
"Lunarstar, let me do your hair?" Clover asked.
"My hair?" Lunarstar asked, not sure if it's a good idea.
"Lunarstar, your hair is perfect for this," Starlight remarked.
"For what?" Lunarstar asked.
"We're just playing around," Patch answered, "styling hair, that's all."
"Well, ok." Lunarstar sat in the chair while Clover took a brush and began stroking her long purple hair.
Bon Bon sat in the chair blowing bubblegum.
"Bon Bon," Clover began, "Can I have a piece?"
"Sure, Clover," Bon Bon handed Clover a stick of bubblegum. Clover took it and quickly began chewing it.
"Can I have one?" Patch asked.
"Me too," Sweetheart asked.
Soon all the girls began asking for a stick.
"Yes, take one everyone," Bon Bon replied.
The girls huddled around and got a stick even Lunarstar.
They brushed each other's hair while chewing gum.
"School is almost out for the summer, we need to start planing a party," Starlight propose.
"A party?" Melody asked while blowing her bubblegum.
"Well, don't you want to celebrate the last day of school?" Starlight asked.
"Sure," Patch replied blowing her bubblegum.
"Lets talk about this in the clubhouse and decided on what we want to do," Bright Eyes suggested.
"That's fine with me," Melody replied.
"Me too," Bon Bon added while blowing her bubblegum.
"Ok with me," Clover added as she blew on her bubblegum.
"Clover!," Starlight exclaimed, "not so big," but it was to late her bubblegum popped, covering Lunarstar's hair with sticky bubblegum.
"Lunarstar, I'm so sorry," Clover exclaimed.
Lunarstar got off the chair and looked at herself in the mirror in front of her. The front part of her hair was covered in pink gum. Starlight, Clover and Patch tried to get the gum out but it was just looking even worse.
Stardust had been watching through the window and wanted to laugh.
Lunarstar looked at herself in the mirror, feeling worried that the gum won't come out, suddenly she remembered what Charades had told her. Lunarstar looked around the table for a pair of scissors. She found a pair within arms reach.
"Your not going to cut your hair are you?" Melody gasped.
"Yes, I'm going to cut the gum out of my hair," Lunarstar answered.
"You'll look funny with the front part short," Starlight remarked.
"It'll grow back," Lunarstar replied as she cut her hair
As soon as she cut a lock of her hair, it turned white and her short hair began to grow rapidly till it was once again long and purple.
The girls were amazed, even Stardust who knew about the hair growing back but to see it was proof that she really is Princess Lunarstar.
"That's...totally amazing," Melody gasped.
"So cool!" exclaimed Patch.
"It's normal for my hair to grow back like that, at lest that's what Charades said," Lunarstar explained.
Starlight picked up the white hair from the floor and looked at it, "Your hair turned white."
"Yes, that's because it's not apart of me anymore," Lunarstar replied, "Please you guy lets not talk about it here."
"Ok, well lets go to the club house. We have some planning to do," Starlight suggested as she threw away the white hair.
The girls put the brushes down on the table and hurried out of the shop.
Stardust hid in a nearby alley as they left. Once he was sure they were all out and far ahead of him, he left the alley and followed the girls.

They hurried through the community of houses till they reached the tall house on the corner. They walked through the bushes to the blue Club house in the back yard. Once they have entered the club house Lunarstar changed back to a Winged Unicorn, sitting down at the table.
"Well, school is almost out," Starlight began to say, "We have to decided what we're going to do for the last day of school."
"Party," Bon Bon replied.
"Swimming at the beach," Sweetheart replied.
"A party sound great!" Melody exclaimed.
"Yeah, I'm in for a party," Patch added.
Everyone agreed a party was what they're going to have on the last day of school.
"Where will it be?" Lunarstar asked.
"That's what we have to decide," Starlight answered.
"Here?" Clover asked.
"The Park?" Bright Eyes asked.
"How about my house?" Lunarstar asked.
"Your house?" Melody asked.
"Sure, my mom would love to make something for our party and my backyard is big," Lunarstar answered.
"Well, I could bring some games over," Patch replied.
"I can bake a cake at her house if her mother lets me," Bon Bon replied.
"I can bring a few decorations," Sweetheart added.
"And I can bring the music," added Melody.
"Well, I guess everyone has agreed the party will be at Lunarstar's house," Starlight remarked.
"I'll have to ask my mom first," Lunarstar commented.
"Call me if she doesn't agree to it," Starlight replied.

Stardust laid in the bushes completely covered, not a single black fur or hair could be seen. He peaked through the bush and looked through the window of the club house. He could see the girls laughing and playing inside. At times he caught a glimpse of Lunarstar in her Winged Unicorn form rushing pass the window.
"I think it's this way," said a familiar voice.
Stardust laid still wondering who was coming towards him.
"I see her friends so she's probably there too," the other voice observed.
Stardust could hear the rustling of bushes as they got closer.

Suddenly Buster and Charades walked out of the bushes and into the open.
They walked up to the clubhouse and knocked.
Starlight answered the door after Lunarstar had changed into her earth form.
"Charades!" Lunarstar exclaimed the minute she saw them.
"We came to get you," Buster replied peaking his head inside.
"Now?" Lunarstar asked, feeling rather disappointed that time had gone by so quickly.
"Yes, It's almost sunset," Charades answered.
"Well," Lunarstar turned towards her friends, "I'll talk to you guys tomorrow."
"Ok," Starlight replied.
"Bye!" the girls replied as Lunarstar left.

Stardust watched till they left the yard, then he carefully followed them, hiding around corners, trees and bushes. He followed them to the edge of town and through the park.
Lunarstar Suddenly stopped. Stardust quickly hid in the bushes just as Lunarstar turned around.
"What is it?" Buster asked.
Lunarstar looked but saw nothing, "Nothing I guess."
"Nothing?" Charades asked.
"I thought I felt someone following us," Lunarstar answered.
The two boys turned and looked but saw no one.
"I don't see anyone," Charades replied.
"Neither do I," Buster added.
"Sorry, I guess I'm still a little jumpy in the park," Lunarstar smiled, "Come on, I want to tell mom about the party!"

Stardust sighed, he was relieved they continued walking. He followed them out of the park and hid around the corner, then he rushed to the next corner and watched. Lunarstar ran to her house with Buster and Charades behind her.
"So that's where she lives," Stardust thought.
"What are you doing?" A familiar voice asked curiously.
Stardust jumped, his fur stood on end. He swung around ready to hurt the pony that scared him.
"Sorry," Skyview exclaimed as he backed away.
"Do you have to do that?" Stardust asked.
"I can't help it...Me and Starfire hadn't seen you all day and we just got worried."
"Well, I'm fine," Stardust answered brushing his fur down,
"Fine?" Skyview asked, "You spend your days in the park following strange ponies and yelling at us and your fine?"
Stardust looked at him suspiciously, "Have you been following me?"
"Well, at times."
"Stop following me,"
"I will once you tell me what's going on!" Skyview replied almost at the point of yelling.
Stardust stood quietly and looked around for ponies who might happen to see him.
"Not to worry, not one is around. There are a few ponies a few blocks away though," Skyview remarked.
"I have done more than just spending time at the park," Stardust suddenly said, "I know the Princess is at the park, I just haven't been able to see her...till now."
"Till now?" Skyview asked, "You mean, you found her?"
"Yes. I know where she's at."
Stardust smiled, "I'm not telling you. You'll catch her and ruin my plans."
"Plans?" Skyview asked.
"Yes, I have spent the last few days thinking of a plan to catch her but...There are a few problems I'll still have to think about."
"Problems?" Skyview asked.
"Take me back to the shack, I need to do some thinking," Stardust ordered.
"Ok," Skyview put his glowing horn of Stardust and the two winked back to the shack.
"Stardust!" Starfire exclaimed as he got up from the ground, "Where have you been?"
"Stardust says he knows where the Princess is," Skyview suddenly said.
"Where?" Starfire asked.
"I'm not saying, not till the full moon. I need to think so would you two go take a walk?" Stardust asked.
"Think about what?" Starfire asked.
"I have a plan to catch her but there is a few problems," Stardust explained.
"Like what?" Skyview asked.
"Her friends for one and her body guards and don't forget the soldiers guarding the Gate."
"Oh," the two replied.
Stardust walked to the edge of the cliff and laid down, "Now would you two leave!"
"Ok, we'll be back tonight," Skyview exclaimed as he left with Starfire behind him.