Chapter 10: Meet your Grandparents

The sun was peaking over the horizon. The sky started to turn from blue to yellow and purple. The soldiers stood at their post on the wall yawning. Everyone was just waking up in Dream Castle except for Luna who laid under her covers in her big bed. She groaned quietly as she dreamt.
A ball in flames sat in the darkness. Everything seemed calm like watching a candle stick. Suddenly a white hand with claws, grabbed the ball, disintegrating it to smoke as it filled the darkness.
"Kesia," a voice whispered from the smoke. "Kesia!"
When the smoke cleared she saw the white dragon landing hard on the ground. Her neck was bleeding from the teeth marks. The white dragon gasped as she saw two ponies in the thick forest watching her from a distance. One was dark orange pony with light yellow and orange hair. The other was yellow with pink and cyan hair. The white dragon turned it's head and saw a dark green dragon coming towards her with it's claws and long sharp fangs.
Luna felt someone shaking her in bed. "Wake up, Luna."
Her name rung in her ear until she woke up. She blinked a few times and saw that Starfire was at her bedside with his hoof on her. His golden collar sparked in her eyes which made her blink.
"Oh, you're awake. I called you several times," Starfire told her.
Luna yawned and smiled at him.
"You looked like you were dreaming and sounded like it the way you were groaning."
"Oh," Luna muttered.
"What were you dreaming about?"
Luna looked down at her covers. She didn't want to tell him. It was to strange for anyone to hear.
"Luna, what were you dreaming?" Starfire asked again, curiously.
"Just a ball on fire and a few dragons," Luna turned over facing away from him. "That's all."
Starfire was caught by surprise when she said dragons, but he could see on her face that she didn't want to talk about it.
"Well, it's time for breakfast. Do you know where the dining room is?" Starfire asked her.
Luna looked back at him, "I think so."
"Ok then. Get out of bed and come downstairs," Starfire left her bedside and walked out of her room. He couldn't help but think about what she had said about her dream. He wanted to know more the dragons but he knew she wasn't about to tell him anything else.

Luna climbed out of bed yawning. She stretched her front legs, then her backs legs and flapped her wing rapidly. She walked to her dresser and began brushing her hair. When she was done, she set her brush down on her dresser and left her room. She remembered what the servant had said to her the last time she was at the castle. Luna walked down the hall and turned several times till she found the stairs. When she was on the first floor she hurried to the dinning room and walked through the tall double doors. Inside sat her parents at one end with Starfire and Skyview on the sides of the table. Luna noticed they had left her chair empty. Her father was wearing a golden crown and her mother had her hair up wearing a diamond covered tiara. All four of there were wearing their collars.
"Good morning Luna!" Stardust exclaimed, "Come and sit."
Luna walked past the tall chairs and sat next to Skyview.
"Good morning Luna. How did you sleep?" Royal Heart asked.
"Fine," Luna replied smiling.
Just then five cooks brought in plates and sat them on the table, then they left.

After breakfast Skyview and Starfire left Dream Castle with Luna next to them.
"Are we really going to grandparents?" Luna asked.
"Yes," Skyview replied.
They walked to the gate and stopped. Skyview went to the stairs on the wall and waited till Banner walked down to meet him. He stood in front of him and nodded his head. "Yes, Prince Skyview?"
"Round up eight soldiers. I will need them with us," Skyview replied.
Banner turned and went up the steps and along the wall, picking out the best soldiers he had. Then they went down the steps and stood next to Luna and Starfire, four on each side.
"Open the gates!" Skyview ordered. He walked up to Starfire and Luna and stood until the gates were wide opened. As they walked through the gate following the dirt and rocky road, Luna noticed the town in the distances over a slight hill. She realized they were following the road which lead straight to town. Luna suddenly stopped which made the soldiers stop. Skyview and Starfire turned looked at her.
"What's wrong?" Skyview asked.
"Are we going through town?" Luna asked.
"Yes," Skyview answered.
"Like...this?" Luna asked looking around.
"Yes, Luna," Skyview answered.
"Don't change your appearance either. Stardust wants the town's ponies to see you," Starfire told her.
"Oh," Luna sighed worriedly.
Starfire smiled. "It's not so bad, Luna. Just don't look at them and keep smiling."
"Lets get going. We have quite a ways to walk before we get to Paradise Estate," Skyview told her.
Luna followed Skyview down the road. Starfire walked next to Skyview with the four soldiers on either side of them.

When they approached the town, the ponies began to yell.
"The Princes are coming!"
Luna could see the ponies in town moving out of the street and standing on the side walks. The dirt road became hard and pathed. When they entered town the ponies gasped at Luna which made her very nervous.
"It's the Princess."
"She's real."
"The wings and horn...She's really a winged pony."
"She's so pretty."
"I heard her name was Luna."
"Oh? So she's Princess Luna?"
Luna continued to hear other ponies whisper among each other about her.
Skyview glanced back at her and saw how nervous she looked.
"Relax Luna. Don't let them scare you," Skyview kindly said to her.
Luna tried to smile but she was just too worried about the ponies staring at her.
"Luna, They shouldn't bother you. Have you forgotten the soldiers camp at the base of Mooney Mountain and all those soldiers going to Dream Castle? You should be used to the stares by now," Skyview whispered to her.
"Oh, I...uh..forgot," Luna replied.
Skyview smiled, "Smile at them and enjoy the attention your getting."
Luna knew he was right. She took a deep breath and smiled at them as other ponies smiled and waved at her.
Starfire looked behind him and saw Luna was starting to enjoy it. "Well I think she's getting used to it,"
"I knew it was just a matter of time," Skyview replied.
They continued walking till they left town. Luna hurried and walked next to Skyview as they followed the dirt and rocky road. They walked up the hill through a clearing and into the forest. Luna had been quiet for sometime, thinking about her grandparents.
"Um, Skyview?" Luna asked looking up at him.
Skyview looked down at her and smiled, "Yes?"
"What's my...grandparents like?"
"Just wait and find out."
"Will they like me?" Luna asked.
"Of course they'll love you. Everyone does," Skyview answered.
"Where do they live?" Luna asked.
"They live in the oldest building around. They live at Paradise Estate."
"An Estate? Like a mansion?" Luna asked.
"No, it's nothing like that," Starfire answered, "It's just one story but very big. It sits on a hill. You can't miss it."
"Oh," Luna replied, "Why do they live there? Why not at Dream Castle?"
"Ponyland is large and Stardust can't keep track of everyone and their problems so our parents moved to Paradise Estate to help with the other half of Ponyland," Skyview answered.
"They've been a great help. Ponies have started to move back to Ponyland again," Starfire added.
"Do they know what happened to Star Cluster?" Luna asked.
Skyview and Starfire suddenly became quite. Luna was worried that she had said something wrong.
"Yes they do," Skyview answered.
"They're upset about it and mad at him for what he's done," Starfire answered.
"If you ask me, I think they're upset and mad at themselves," Skyview remarked.
"What?" Starfire asked, "What makes you think that?"
"I just see it in their eyes, faces and voices. They way the talk about him just makes me think they're upset with themselves," Skyview looked at Starfire and Luna seriously. "Don't you two ask them about it. And Luna don't say a word about Star Cluster while you're with them."
"Ok," Luna replied.

They walked through the forest to a large clearing, Luna could see another town in the distance and a few houses nearby. She noticed a stream coming from a waterfall.
"Look, there it is," Starfire exclaimed.
Luna turned her head and looked up. Not far from the cliff sat a large pink building.
"That is Paradise Estate," Skyview told her.
Luna kept quiet as she continued to stare at it. She was so close to meeting her grandparents. She was excited and yet nervous at the same time. She never had any grandparents in the other world. Most of the family from her adopted parents never saw her.
They walked into the forest again and started to climb the hill. Once they reached the top, they stopped at the edge of the forest. Luna realized the Estate was indeed large. It didn't look so big at the bottom of the cliff. Two soldiers stood at the gate. Three soldiers stood outside away from the gate.
"Are you ready?" Skyview asked her.
"I guess so," Luna replied nervously.
Skyview and Starfire smiled and continued towards the estate. The soldiers greeted them by bowing their heads. Skyview lead them through the gate and stood in the court yard. There were four soldiers at the doors on either side. Ahead of her was a pool.
"Is that a pool?" Luna asked.
"Yes it is," SKyview replied.
Luna rushed past Skyview and Starfire. She climbed the stares and stood at the rim of the pool. She was disappointed when she looked in, it was empty.
"Sorry Luna. There's no water in it. It's rarely used," Starfire quickly said.
While Luna looked in the tub, two ponies opened one of the doors and entered in the court yard. They had not yet noticed Luna as she turned and watched them. The female was a sea green pony with rainbow hair. She wore a silver collar but it was plain like her uncles. The male pony was light purple with dark red, green and yellow hair. He wore a golden collar and was plain like her uncles.
"What a surprise!" the sea green pony exclaimed. "What brings you out here?"
"I've already gave my reports to Stardust the other day," the light purple pony said.
"Mom, Dad. We have someone we want you to meet," Skyview pointed past them.
The parents turned and looked at Luna surprisingly.
"Luna, come here" Skyview told her.
Luna walked down the steps and slowly came towards them. Then she stopped and walked around them, standing close to Starfire.
"Don't be afraid of them, Luna," Starfire told her. "They're your grandparents. This is Sunlight and Ribbon Lock."
Sunlight smiled greatly at her, "Hello."
Luna smiled but didn't say anything. Skyview quietly went around Starfire and pushed Luna forward with his hoof.
Luna froze and looked at them.
"Are you hungry?" Ribbon Lock asked.
"Would you like some cookies?" Sunlight asked.
"S-sure," Luna replied.
Ribbon Lock smiled. "Don't you mean, yes?"
"Yeah...uh...yes," Luna replied nervously.
"Come with us then," Sunlight told her. She looked up at Starfire and Skyview, "You two can come as well."
Ribbon Lock and Sunlight took them inside and down the hall. Luna looked in the rooms as she passed them.
"In here," Sunlight told them while Ribbon Lock went to the kitchen to tell the cook to make some cookies.
Luna walked in and stood looking around. There was a couch against a wall and another on the other wall. A red rug laid out between the couches with a table in the middle. There were a couple of soft chairs on the other side of the table.
"Luna, sit down," Starfire told her as her walked past her. Luna followed him to the couch and sat on the end. Sunlight sat in a pink chair, a minute after Ribbon Lock walked in and sat in the other chair.
"It'll be in soon," Ribbon Lock announced.
"Luna, tell us about yourself. I heard you've been living in the other world. What's it like there?" Sunlight asked.
"We never seen the other world so we're kind of curious," Ribbon Lock explained.
"Umm, well...I grew up with my adopted parents and I have lots of friends. I also go to school...oh, there's no unicorns or pegasus there either. They're all earth ponies."
"All earth ponies? That must be a strange sight to see," Sunlight remarked.
"Not really. Being in this world is kind of strange to me," Luna said.
"You're not used to it here but I'm sure you will be in time," Ribbon Lock replied..
"Luna is just staying in this world for a month," Skyview explained. While he and Starfire talked to their parents, Luna looked around the room at the paintings on the wall. Most of them were ponies and paradise estate. One of the paintings she couldn't figure out what it was.
Sunlight noticed Luna staring, she turned and saw that she was staring at a painting.
"What is that?" Luna asked pointing to the painting. "It that an elf?"
"No, it's not an elf. That is a human girl," Sunlight replied.
"Human?" Luna asked. She had never seen or heard of one before.
"Yes. Her name was Megan. She was a friend of the ancient ponies. She often came to this Estate and stayed with the little ponies for a while. She often came to visit them or help them in times of great danger," Sunlight explained.
"Where did she come from?" Luna asked.
"She lived on the other side of the rainbow," Ribbon Lock answered. "Or so the stories says. The way to the human world has been lost so no one to this day has found a way there."
"What happened to her? Where is she now?" Luna asked.
"Luna, that was many many centuries ago. I doubt she's even alive now," Sunlight pointed out.
"When the big brothers returned from their around the world trip, the little ponies no longer needed her in times of danger. She did visit every now and then but she eventually stopped coming," Ribbon Lock explained.
"Why?" Luna asked.
"She grew up, got married and stuff," Starfire answered.
"Oh," Luna looked up at the painting and noticed something behind her. "Is that Paradise Estate? But what is that far behind it?"
"Yes that is Paradise Estate and that building in the background is Dream Castle," Ribbon Lock explained.
"But it doesn't look like it."
"There was a great war on the castle and quite a bit of it was destroyed. The little ponies wanted it rebuilt but bigger and better and moved to a place where they could easily watch their surroundings," Ribbon Lock explained.
"Oh, so Paradise Estate is really old?" Luna asked.
"Yes, it's very old," Sunlight replied.
"It doesn't look old," Luna observed.
Sunlight and Ribbon Lock laughed.
"It sure doesn't," Ribbon Lock agreed, "But the walls have been repainted over a hundred times. The floors and windows had to be redone. Just about everything had at one time either been replaced or fixed or repainted."
Just then the cook walked in with a white glass oval plate piled with cookies on it. Then another cook walked in with a tray full of hot chocolate.
"Luna, I hope you didn't mind. I had them make hot chocolate for us," Ribbon Lock told her.
"I don't mind," Luna replied. She was soon feeling less nervous and was starting to like her grandparents.
"I wish you could stay for tonight," Sunlight muttered. "Skyview, do you think Stardust would mind if she stayed here for the night?"
"I don't know," Skyview looked down at Luna. "Would you like to stay for the night?"
"Umm...Sure...I mean yes."
"Ok, I'll go ask." Skyview's horn glowed then he winked out in a misty cloud. Luna and Starfire waved their hooves to get rid of the smoke.
"I wish he wouldn't do that so close to us," Starfire complained.
A minute later Skyview winked back with a bag on his lap. He picked the bag up and handed it to Luna, "Stardust said you could stay but you still have your school work to do."
"Oh," Luna sighed. She was hoping to take a brake for one night.
"School work?" Ribbon Lock asked curiously.
"Little ponies in the other world goes to school to learn," Starfire replied.
"It's similar here except their parents teaches them," Skyview explained.
"Oh, I see!" Sunlight exclaimed.
"Are you two staying?" Ribbon Lock asked.
"Yes. We'll have to take Luna back in the morning," Skyview replied.
"Well, Luna looks like you'll be here till tomorrow morning," Sunlight told her smiling.
Luna smiled. She was excited to be at the estate and yet she was nervous about tomorrow.
Luna spent the rest of the day with her grandparents and uncles, laughing and talking.