Chapter 12: Party Plans

It was in the evening and Luna was on her big bed writing on her paper and looking from a book. She had spent three weeks at Dream Castle getting to know everyone and visiting her grandparents every now and then. She was used to everyone bowing at her when they saw her. She had learned a lot about living at the castle.
"Done!" Luna exclaimed happily. She put the paper in the book and closed it. "Just another week of doing home work."
She put the book in her bag and then she put the bag on the floor next to her bed.
"Now to see what Mom and Dad are doing," Luna climbed off her bed and quickly left her room. She had gotten to know her way around the castle and she didn't have any trouble finding the stairs. She went down the stairs to the first floor and then headed straight for the throne room. When she approached the doors, the soldiers stopped her.
"Sorry, Princess Luna but there's no one inside."
"Now one?" Luna asked. "Where's Mom and Dad?"
"I'm not sure but you could check the ballroom."
"Ballroom?" Luna asked. "Where is that?"
"It's on this floor. You knew where the royal dining room is?"
"Royal dining room?" Luna asked.
"That's where you and your family eat."
"Go past there and turn right. It's a very large room with stairs inside. You can't miss it."
"Ok, Thank you," Luna turned and left the soldiers. She followed the soldier's directions and went past the dining room. She walked the long hall and then turned right to a wide long hallway with a few pony statues. Luna came to a set of tall double doors with the royal crest on them. She peaked around the corner and saw servants setting up tables and putting out flowers and hanging light green and white cloth streamers around the white and pink walls. The floor was light pink, white and mint green marble. Pink and white flower garlands hung with the streamers around the room and joined at the three gold and silver chandlers.
"Luna," Royal Heart called to her.
Luna was so fascinated with the decorating that she didn't see her parents in the center of the room.
"Luna!" Royal Heart called again.
Luna looked and saw her mother calling her. Stardust was busy supervising the decorations. Luna hurried across the floor almost slipping. Her parent still wore their crown, tiara and collars. It seemed like Luna hardly ever seen her parents without them.
"Be carful, Luna. The floor has just been cleaned," Royal Heart told her.
"What's going on?" Luna asked.
"Well, it's kind of a surprise party. We wanted to have a royal party before you went back to the other world."
Stardust turned and saw that Luna was there watching the decorations.
"Luna, what do you think of it?" Stardust asked.
"It's pretty. This room is so big too," Luna replied.
"It's a ballroom. Of course it's big, Luna. All ballrooms are," Stardust replied.
Luna looked around the room and noticed a set of stairs at one end of the room.
"Where does that lead to?" Luna asked, pointing to the stairs.
"It's just another hallway with more rooms," Stardust replied.
"So everyone is coming to the party?" Luna asked.
"Just the Kings and Queens," Royal Heart replied, "And some important ponies."
"What about the ponies in town and the villages?" Luna asked.
"This is a Royal Party for Royal Ponies. This party isn't opened for just anyone," Royal Heart replied.
"Why?" Luna asked.
"When you were born, we were going to wait three to four weeks or when I got back to announce you at the Grand party here at the castle but since that never happened and the Kingdoms never met you, we decided to have one now. I know, it's thirteen years too late but the Kingdoms have to meet you," Stardust explained.
"And there will be Princes and Princess for you to meet and make friends," Royal Heart added.
"Prince?" Luna asked, she had never meet one and wondered what they would be like.
"I heard they're dying to meet you," Royal Heart replied.
Luna blushed. "So when do they get here?"
"In three days," Stardust answered.
"There's a lot to be done before then," Royal heart added.
"Where's Skyview and Starfire?" Luna asked.
"They're helping the decorations outside and in the halls," Stardust replied.
"Luna why don't you go see them?" Royal Heart suggested.
"Ok," Luna left the room and walked through the halls.
When she found them, she spent the rest of the day watching the servants put up the decorations. She thought her birthday party was big, she wondered how big will her royal party will be?