Chapter 14: Parents meet Parents

The sun was setting fast as Luna, her parents and her uncles sat on the stony ground, waiting for the gate to open. The area was surrounded with King Sea Mist's soldiers wearing silver armor and swords. Luna stared at the tall stoney Gate hoping to see a ripple in the middle at any moment.
"Luna," Royal Heart called to her. "Do you have everything to take with you?" Luna had left her silver color at the Dream Castle and worn her locket.
Luna looked up her mother, she wore her hair up with her tiara and a silver collar on. Her father was wearing his crown and his golden collar. Her two uncles also wore collars.
"Yes I got everything," Luna replied. "But mom, dad. Do you have to dress up so...royally?"
Stardust smiled. "Yes. We want to show Rosebud and Booster what we normally look like at the castle."
"We want to look our best," Royal Heart added. "It's was nice of King Sea Mist and Queen Snowfall to invite us to stay anytime for the Gate opening."
"It was," Stardust agreed.
"He's been so nice dad. Maybe you should give him something in return?" Luna suggested.
"I already thought of that. I'm going to help him improve his castle and food stocks."
"Luna wasn't it a nice surprise to learn Queen Snowfall is pregnant?" Royal Heart asked, "She had always wanted a baby."
"I wonder if it'll be a boy or a girl?" Starfire asked.
"I don't think Queen Snowfall cares," Stardust replied.
"It'll have to be blue," Skyview guessed.
Royal Heart giggled. "This sounds familiar."
Skyview smiled. "We wondered the same thing when Luna was being born."
"We can't help it. We're curious," Starfire replied.
"What do you mean we? You're always curious," Skyview told him.
"Come one don't tell me your not curious?" Starfire asked.
"I'm happy for her, that's it," Skyview replied.
Starfire laughed, "I know you're just curious to know."
Skyview glared at him.
Stardust cleared his throat to get their attention.
"You always ruin our fun," Starfire complained.
Luna sat and laughed at them.

When the sun had set, the sky turned dark. The soldiers held their torches lighting up the area. In the center of the gate, a rippling like mirror appeared.
"It's open," Stardust told them. They stood up and walked through the Gate.
Once they were on the other side then began to glow, Luna saw her adopted parents with Buster and Charades next to then glowing.
"Your majesty. We didn't expect you to come," Charades said surprisingly. Buster and Charades nodded their heads.
"It's alright. We plan to come every now and then so this won't be the only time you'll see us here," Stardust answered.
Luna couldn't wait any longer. She left her mother's side and hurried to Rosebud. She stood and nuzzled her adopted parents.
"I missed you," Luna told them.
"We missed you too," Booster replied.
Her adopted parents raised their heads and smiled at her.
"Did you have fun?" Rosebud asked.
"Yes, I did," Luna replied smiling.
"You can tell us all about it at home," Booster told her.
Royal Heart walked towards them with Stardust next to her.
"I am Luna's mother. My name is Royal Heart. I was the one who left her on your door step so long ago. At the time you were the only one still up and I was being chased so I had no choice but to leave Luna with someone. I'm happy to know I had left her with your two. You have taken such good care of our daughter."
Rosebud and Booster looked at each other then at Royal Heart.
"Your welcome. We love Lunarstar...I mean Luna so much," Rosebud replied.
"I noticed when I first came to your house with Luna," Stardust replied.
"I want to thank you for taking care of her," Royal Heart told her. "Would you mind if you tell me what it was like raising her?"
Rosebud smiled. "When we first got her, she cried a lot. It took most of the night to get her to sleep. When she got to walking around pretty well, she tore into things and knocked things down."
"She was a very curious baby pony," Booster added smiling.
Royal Heart laughed.
"We spent along time wondering how we were going to hide her," Rosebud added.
"It was getting hard to hide her from visitors till one day I found her looking at my magazine which she had torn to shreds. I saw her change her appearance. That was the first time she ever used any kind of magic," Booster told her.
"Really?" Royal Heart asked surprisingly. "Baby Unicorns don't have powers until they're much older."
Skyview and Starfire walked towards them.
"I didn't get mine till I was older," Skyview said.
"But we got our abilities early though," Starfire added.
"That's true, I got mine my abilities as a baby, but Luna doesn't have any special abilities," Stardust wondered out loud.
"Maybe changing and shapeshifting is her ability?" Skyview guessed.
"She did shapeshift as a baby pony as well," Booster said.
"But she didn't move objects till she was much older," Rosebud added.
"Luna has two abilities?" Starfire asked.
"What do you mean?" Luna asked, "I thought they were powers?"
"Luna, on my side of the family, we have abilities. Something other ponies do not have or can't do. It's something that has been handed down through our generation but...I haven't heard of it taking on a form like power," Stardust explained.
"But no one knows who was our first ancestor or where the abilities came from," Skyview added.
"You apparently have a stronger power than anyone we've seen," Starfire told her.
"Me?" Luna asked, "What do you mean?"
"I don't know if you remember Luna but when we first caught you in the park, Skyview had his cloud net on you," Stardust began to say.
"My nets are strong and so is my concentration," Skyview explained.
"You have managed to get free and knock us out. No pony could ever be able to do that. Then there was another time you had completely destroyed the Apeton Kingdom. What you did was amazing and you had no trouble ripping trees out of the ground and braking them in half. You tore the huts and the castle out of the trees," Stardust explained.
"You literally cleared that area," Starfire exclaimed.
Luna stared at them shockingly.
"She...she did that?" Royal Heart asked shockingly.
"Yes, I was there. I saw it all," Stardust told her.
"Stardust, didn't you tell us you also saw her eyes change?" Skyview asked.
"Her eyes change?" Rosebud and Booster asked.
"Yes, it seems to happen when she uses that great power," Stardust replied.
"Humm..." Skyview muttered.
"Tell us or don't humm at all!" Starfire exclaimed.
"I do that when I'm thinking, this is..."
"Skyview, Starfire!" Stardust exclaimed in a serious ton of voice.
"Sorry," the two replied.
"I was just thinking, that's all," Skyview replied.
"About what?" Stardust asked.
"About what you said. That's all."
Stardust looked at him suspiciously. Was Skyview hiding something?
"What about my grandparents," Luna asked.
"My mother can see in the dark. My father is normal," Stardust replied.
Royal Heart suddenly remembered something, "Stardust I think you forgot to tell Luna about the aging."
"Aging?" the adopted parents asked.
"When Luna hit's 16, she will start to age slowly. As she becomes an adult her aging process will slow down even more. Everyone in my family has that ability, it's inherited," Stardust looked down at Luna and smiled, "I'm sorry for not telling you sooner."
"Really, so I'll look young for a long time?" Luna asked.
"Yes," Stardust replied.
"Wow," Luna exclaimed.
Stardust, Royal Heart and her uncles smiled.
"Well we should be going," Skyview suddenly said.
"So soon?" Luna asked feeling disappointed.
"Yes Luna. He have a Kingdom to run," Stardust replied.
Luna walked up to her parents and nuzzled them. Royal Heart and Stardust lowered their heads and nuzzled Luna on the cheeks.
"I'll see you again. Be good for me," Royal Heart whispered to her.
"I will."
Luna left her parents and went to her uncles.
"I didn't get a chance to play with you two much," Luna said sadly.
Skyview smiled, "There's always next time."
Starfire lowered his head and whispered, "Perhaps old grouch can stay in the library and we can play."
"Don't think I didn't hear that," Skyview exclaimed, glaring at him.
Starfire and Luna laughed.
Skyview smiled at her. "I'll see you next month."
"We, will see you next month," Starfire smiled at her.
Luna smiled and yet she was sad to see them all go. She knew it was going to like this every time, but was it going to hurt every time?
A tear fell from her eyes, "I'm sorry," Luna turned and went to her adopted parents.
Royal Heart smiled trying hard not to cry as well.
"Goodbye, Luna. Rosebud, Booster take good care of her," Stardust smiled and turned walking towards the gate.
"It was nice to finally meet you two," Royal Heart looked at Luna who turned her head from Booster to take a peek.
Royal Heart could see she was still crying. "Goodbye Luna." She turned and followed Stardust with Skyview and Starfire behind her.

Once Royal heart was on the other side of the gate, she began to cry. "I'm going to miss her so much."
Stardust nuzzled her cheek, "We can always see her next moth if you want."
"Yes, I would like that," Royal Heart smiled.
"Stardust, I...did had something on my mind," Skyview suddenly said.
"Something you were thinking?" Starfire asked.
"Yes. I didn't want to say in front of Luna and her adopted parents but what if her strong power bursts she has are related to the white dragon?" Skyview asked.
"How is that even possible though?" Stardust asked. "She's a winged unicorn. Not a dragon."
"I'm sorry, Stardust. It was a thought I had."
"But it makes sense," Starfire quickly said.
"Yes, it certainly does," Stardust agreed pondering on Skyview's thought.