Chapter 15: The giant ice block

Morning had came and the sun had already risen. The birds chirped loudly as they flew wildly in the air. In a small clearing in the distance from the near by town, three ponies walked and talked together. The baby pony laughed and ran around them wanting to play. The male pony was peach with tan and white hair. The female pony was pale green with blue and pink hair. The baby pony was light green with white and pink hair.
As they walked a light ice blue pony with bright ice blue and white hair appeared from the forest. His eyes were ice blue like his hair. He wore a golden chain with a round gold charm hanging from it. On the charm was a sparkling white snowflake with tiny diamonds scattered on it. He wore a dark blue colored cloak, that looked almost black if it wasn't for the sun shining on it. The large hood covered most of his face except the eyes staring calmly through the darkness.
"W-who are you?" the male pony asked startled by the ice blue pony's appearance.
The ice blue pony didn't answer, instead he took a deep breath and blew on them. His breath became cold, colder than winter. The cold wind in the air swirled around them. The two adult ponies shivered from the cold unable to move their feet.
"What...W-w-who are y-y-you?" the male pony stuttered from the cold.
Within a few minutes, the two ponies froze in a large block of ice.
The ice blue pony stood without smiling, he stared at the block of ice in front of him. He knew something was missing but what? As he stared at the two ponies in the ice, then he suddenly remembered.
"I could have sworn there was three," he muttered as his icy breath disappeared in the warm air. He walked around the ice block making sure he had missed her. Then he stopped and looked around, it wasn't to hard to find her, she was hiding behind a tree only her white and pink tail stuck out.
The ice blue pony walked towards the tree and peek around the trunk. The baby pony laid flat on the ground covering her face with her hoofs and shaking from fear. The ice blue pony walked around the tree and stood facing her. The baby pony heard a noise and looked up. She gasped frightenly when she saw him standing over her. She looked up at his emotionless face as she began to cry.
The ice blue pony took a deep breath but then he hesitated, something about her scared look felt...familiar.
"Wow, look at this!" the ice blue pony heard a voice. Then he heard more voice that followed.
"Where did this come from?"
"What a minute, there's something inside."
The ice blue pony turned from the baby pony and ran into the forest before anyone could see him.

Skyview and Starfire was at Paradise Estate talking to their parents when a pony from the nearby town rushed into the court yard and was stopped by the soldiers.
"Please this is very urgent," the white pegasus pony exclaimed trying to catch her breath.
Skyview, Starfire and their parents heard the commotion and quickly went to the court yard.
The white pegasus with rainbow hair took a few steps back, surprised to see Skyview and Starfire was there.
"What is it?" Ribbon Lock asked.
The pegasus bowed and looked up at them. "There's a giant block of ice with two ponies inside."
"A block of ice?" Skyview asked.
"It's to warm for that," Starfire added.
"It's true. There's a large block of solid ice not far from here. We've been chipping at it to free the ponies but it's just too thick."
"I must see it," Skyview told her. "Take me to it."
"I am coming with you. I have to see the ice block for myself," Starfire quickly said.
The white pegasus left the court yard and flew from the ground. Skyview turned into a cloud and followed her with Starfire behind him.

They flew far from Paradise estate, past the town to a small clearing on a hill. Starfire could see a rather large block of ice with ponies standing around it. The white pony landed close to the ice block with Starfire landing behind her. Skyview appeared from the cloud and gasped at the ice block. All the ponies stood and bowed their heads before them.
"Where did this come from?" Skyview asked.
"We don't know," another pony answered.
"We found it here," another answered.
"There's two ponies inside. We don't know if they're alive or..." the pony was quickly interrupted.
"Don't even think of saying it!" another pony yelled, "Have you forgotten who is here?" the yellow unicorn turned and looked at the baby pony hiding behind her.
"Oh, I'm sorry," the pony apologized.
"Who is that?" Starfire asked.
"We don't know. She's to shy to tell us her name," the yellow unicorn answered.
"We think they are her parents," a pony pointed to the frozen ponies.
Skyview and Starfire stared at the ice block. Skyview walked up to the ice block and put his ear on the ice. A few minutes later he took a few steps back. "They are alive and need to get out of that block of ice as soon as possible."
"We've been chipping at it for most of the morning," another pony replied.
"Skyview," Starfire began to say, "Stardust could get them out."
"Yes, I bet he could," Skyview looked at the baby pony. "I think it's best if she came with us as well."
The baby pony continued to hide but smiled weakly at Skyview.
"I'll take this ice block to the castle. Starfire you can bring the baby pony."
"Ok," Starfire replied.
Skyview walked up to the ice block, his horn began to glow. as soon as he touched it with his horn, him and the ice block were gone.

Stardust was in the throne room talking to Royal Heart as they stood at the water fountain.
"It's so quiet here without her," Royal Heart said sadly.
Stardust smiled. "Yes but she needs to be in the other world. She won't stay there forever."
"I know," Royal Heart smiled. "I'm so glad you're here with me again."
Suddenly Skyview winked into the throne room.
"Stardust!" Skyview shouted and scaring Stardust in the process.
"Skyview!" Stardust yelled at him feeling upset that Skyview had scared him.
"I'm sorry but this is urgent. There are two ponies in a block of ice. They're alive but the ice is to thick to break them free."
"A block of ice?" Stardust asked surprisingly.
"Where did it come from?" Royal Heart asked.
"No one knows. It was spotted just outside the second town. Stardust you have to get them out or they could freeze to death."
"Take me to it," Stardust told him.
Skyview turned and quickly left the throne room with Stardust and Royal Heart behind him.
They walked down the long hall, past the wide stairs to the double doors.

Once they were outside, Stardust and Royal Heart gasped surprisingly. The block of ice was large, it took 4 ponies on top of each other to reach the top. A few soldiers stood around the ice staring.
"Oh Stardust, there are two ponies inside," Royal Heart pointed.
Stardust hurried down the steps and looked closely at the block of ice.
"Skyview," Stardust called.
Skyview hurried down the steps and stood next to Stardust.
Stardust stood on his hind legs and took off his crown, "Hold this for a minute."
Skyview took the crown and held it.
Stardust walked around the ice block and leaned on it.
"What are you doing?" Royal Heard asked.
"I have to have it against something if I'm to brake the ice," Stardust replied.
"Oh," then Royal Heart laughed. "I'm sounding like Luna now."
Stardust used his strength and pushed the large ice to the wall. Once it was touching the wall. Stardust turned and stood on his four feet. Royal Heart stood back close to the door.
Stardust raised his back legs and kicked the ice. A crack suddenly appeared from the top to the bottom down the center.
"Almost," Skyview told him.
"One more should do it," Stardust raised his back legs and with a powerful kick, he shattered the block of ice. The two ponies collapsed to the ground not moving a muscle.
"Get them inside and get the doctor!" Stardust ordered.
The soldiers rushed to the two ponies and carried them inside.
"Where should we take them?" a soldier asked.
"On the second floor. Pick any room with two beds inside." Stardust told them, "ask one of the maids for assistance."
"Yes, your majesty," the soldiers quickly took them inside.
Royal Heart walked down the steps and stood next to Stardust while he took his crown back.
"How did they get like that?" Royal Heart asked.
"The only witness to it all was their little daughter," Skyview replied.
"Great, just ask her what happened," Stardust told him.
"There's just one problem. She's shy and hasn't talked to anyone since they found her," Skyview replied