Chapter 16: Skyview's Shadow

The sun shined brightly as Starfire flew over the town with the baby pony on his back. She held onto his mane tightly trying to stay on his back. Starfire flew slow so she wouldn't fall off.
Stardust, Royal Heart and Skyview watched as Starfire flew into the castle yard and land softly on the ground in front of them. Then he laid flat on the ground with his wings folded at his sides. The baby pony slipped off his back and stood from a distance. Starfire stood up and smiled at the baby pony.
"Stardust, this is their daughter," Skyview quickly said.
"She looks scared," Royal Heart observed her wide eyes.
"Someone should take care of her," Stardust remarked looking at Starfire.
"Not me, Skyview would be best. Since he seems to attract them," Starfire exclaimed.
"What are you talking about? Little ponies like you!" Skyview exclaimed.
Starfire looked at the baby pony and smiled. She was staring at Skyview curiously with a slight smile.
"Just take a good look at her Skyview," Starfire pointed at her. Skyview looked at her and noticed she was just looking at him.
"Are you hungry?" Skyview asked.
The baby pony smiled greatly. It was obvious she was hungry.
"Do you want ice cream?" Skyview asked her. "What flavor do you want?"
They baby pony smiled but stood looking shyly at the other ponies.
Skyview smiled. "I can't give you ice cream if I don't know what you want."
"Chocolate swirl," the baby pony muttered.
"Do you have a name?" Skyview asked.
The baby pony looked down at the ground not wanting to talk.
Skyview smiled. "Well, you can tell me later, let's go inside."
"I knew you could get her to talk," Starfire exclaimed.
Skyview nodded his head and turned, heading into the castle with the baby trailing close behind him.

When Skyview and the baby pony had went inside the castle, Stardust turned towards Starfire. "Did anyone see what happened?"
"No, only the baby pony."
"Are you sure?" Royal Heart asked. "Someone had to of seen what happened."
"No one was around at the time," Starfire replied.
"Keep an eye on her parents, let me know the minute they wake up."
Stardust turned and walked up the steps and into the castle with Royal Heart at his side.
"I'm worried Stardust, something doesn't seem right," Royal Heart whispered to him.
"I know. Freezing two ponies in a block of ice. What kind of pony could do that and why?" Stardust asked.

Skyview and the baby pony sat in the dining room waiting for the cook to bring the ice cream. Skyview looked at the baby pony and saw that she was looking around the room at the paintings on the walls and the swirls on the ceiling. Skyview smiled and thought he would have some fun with her while they waited. His horn began to glow, then a tiny cloud appeared in front of her on the table, shaping itself into a pony.
The baby pony gasped and stared at it. As she watched it walk around the table she started to smiled. It walked to the edge of the table and stood looking at her.
"She wants to know your name," Skyview whispered to her.
The baby pony smiled at the tiny cloud pony. "Holly."
The cloud pony jumped and ran around the table.
"You made her happy," Skyview whispered to her.
Holly sat close to the table and watched. Just then a light blue pony walked in with a tray. On it was a bowl of chocolate swirl ice cream. Holly stared at him, images of the ice blue pony ran through her mind.
Skyview's horn had stopped glowing the minute the cook walked in. He noticed the scared look on Holly's face, something was wrong but what was it?
"That's all," Skyview told him.
The light blue pony nodded his head and left the room through the tall white double doors.
"What's the matter?" Skyview asked.
Holly looked at him worriedly. "Where's Mommy and Daddy?"
"They're asleep. You can see them when they wake up, but for now you'll be with me," Skyview smiled at her. "Eat your ice cream before it melts."
Holly took the long silver spoon sticking out of the ice cream and began eating.

After she was done, Skyview took her to the fourth floor in his brother's old play room. When Holly walked in she looked around staring at the toys in a row on the floor. There were stuffed animals and teddy bears at one end of the room. There were a few toy chests and bookcases stuffed with toys.
"Well, go play," Skyview told her.
Holly ran to the biggest box that she saw but couldn't reach it because it was on a high shelf.
Skyview walked to the shelf and took the big box down. Holly looked in and saw wooden blocks in many different colors. She took out the first yellow block with numbers on it, then she took out the green block and soon she was taking out all the colored blocks.
While she was occupied, Skyview looked around the room remembering when he and his brothers were little. He looked at the teddy bears and remembered how Star Cluster would sit on it and do nothing. Skyview looked at the shelf and saw a familiar box. He took the box down and opened it. Inside were stacks of coloring books and crayons. He took out the book on top, suddenly half of it fell to the floor. Skyview picked up the other half and smiled. He remembered when he and Stardust fought over the book. He took out the crayons and began to color the front page. As he colored Holly stood next to him quietly watching him.
"Yes?" Skyview asked as he listened to her breathing over his shoulder.
"What you doing?"
"Coloring," Skyview replied.
Holly walked around Skyview and sat waiting for him to color. Skyview looked up and sighed. "Why don't you color a book?"
"Ok," Holly went to the shelf and took out a pink book.
"No, that's not a coloring book."
"It not?" Holly asked.
"No, that is a story book," Skyview sat up and took the book from her.
"Can you read to me?" Holly asked.
Skyview looked down at her. She smiled and looked at him with her wide pink eyes. Skyview couldn't resist. Maybe this was his chance to find out what happened to her parents? Skyview smiled, "Ok, get comfortable."
Holly laid down and listened.
Skyview sat down and began reading the book.
"Three little ponies were walking through the forest in the mid afternoon. Suddenly a pony jumped from out of nowhere and stopped them. They asked who he was and he told them he was to grant their wish that they had made at the pond," Skyview stopped when he noticed Holly hiding behind a teddy bear. Skyview put his book down and walked over to Holly. "What's wrong?"
"He did it," Holly answered.
"Who?" Skyview asked, "Did what?"
Holly began to cry "M-mommy and D-daddy froze!"
"Holly, who did it?" Skyview asked.
"I don't know!" Holly sobbed loudly.
"What did he look like?" Skyview asked curiously.
Holly walked out from behind the teddy bears still crying. "He icy blue with icy blue and white hair. He b-blew on mommy and daddy. I ran and he followed. He was going to freeze me too when the villagers came."
"Then he ran away?" Skyview asked.
Holly wiped her tears away. "Y-yeah."
Just then Starfire walked in the room. "Skyview how's it going?"
"Fine. Her name is Holly."
"Holly?" Starfire asked, he smiled at her. "That's a pretty name."
Holly hide behind Skyview and smiled shyly at Starfire.
"Her parents are awake," Starfire told him.
"Mommy and Daddy?" Holly asked loudly.
"Yes, you can see them if you like. They've been asking for you," Starfire told her.
Skyview looked down at her and smiled. "Lets go see your parents."

Starfire left the room with Skyview and Holly behind him. They walked down the hall to the stairs and went to the second floor. Then they walked to the back of the castle through a few halls. Starfire stopped at a door. "They're inside."
Skyview opened the door and lead Holly and Starfire into the room just as Stardust arrived.
"I got here just in time," Stardust commented.
Holly smiled greatly when she saw her parents on two beds sitting next to each other. They were sitting up but still covered in thick blankets.
"Mommy...Daddy!" Holly ran to her father and climbed on the bed hugging him. Then she ran to her mother and crawled on their bed hugging her.
"Thank you King Stardust," the father said.
"Can you tell us what happened?" Stardust asked.
"Yes," the pony replied. "We were on our way to town when an ice blue pony came out of the forest. His face was hidden under a hooded cloak so I couldn't see much, only the necklace he wore. It was round, gold and covered in diamonds. I asked him who he was but he didn't answer, instead he blew on us. His breath was so cold and icy. Before we knew it, we were turning to ice. I don't know what happened after that."
"Your daughter ran," Skyview answered. "And he chased her. He was going to freeze her too, but the villagers came so he didn't get a chance to."
"Thank goodness!" the mother exclaimed.
"Your majesty, is he...part of your family?" the father asked.
"No, I never heard of a pony like him nor have I ever seen one," Stardust answered.
"Was he young or old?" Starfire asked.
"Pretty young, I would think he's between 14 and 16."
"There's no pony in our family that can do that. In fact we don't have any young ponies like that in our family except for Luna," Skyview replied.
"He is not related to us so...just who is he? No one outside our family should have abilities," Stardust muttered.
The black ponies stood surprisingly. Who was the ice blue pony? Where did he come from and why did he freeze the two ponies? Those were questions that kept running through the black ponies minds.

On the edge of the forest just beyond Dream Castle wall stood the ice blue pony. He watched the castle gates not daring to blink. His hood covered his face, his golden neckless was hidden under his cloak.
"Blizzard, why are you still standing here?" a voice asked.
Blizzard jumped. He turned and saw a dark green pony with red and gray hair. His eyes looked like gold cat's eyes staring at him without blinking.
"Fath- I mean Teriney. I've been watching them and they haven't left the castle."
"They should have."
"Someone brought the ice block to the castle instead," Blizzard replied.
Teriney stood silently thinking and staring at the pony, "What is that pink building on the other side of Ponyland?"
"I think they call it...Paradise Estate," Blizzard guessed.
"It is important to them?" Teriney asked.
"They say the former King and Queen lives there," Blizzard answered.
"Good, then I have an idea. Wait here. You know what to do when they leave the castle," Teriney turned and walked away through the forest.
Blizzard stood and continued to watch wondering what Teriney's plan was for Paradise Estate.