Chapter 17: Danger at Paradise Estate.

It was dinner and Stardust, Royal Heart and his brothers were eating and talking.
"Holly and her parents must feel like they're on vacation," Royal Heart smiled as she eat.
"They will be for a few days till the doctor says they can get out of bed," Stardust replied.
"I can't believe that blue pony would do such a thing...freeze them to death" Royal Heart exclaimed.
"I don't think he was intending to kill them. I'm sure he could have found another way to kill them," Skyview guessed.
"Then why did he do it?" Starfire asked. "Out of fun or something?"
As they talked a soldier walked in the dining room interrupting their meal.
"What is it?" Stardust exclaimed sounds quite unhappy.
"Yes your Majesty. I do. Paradise Estate is on fire."
Everyone gasped. Did they hear him right?
"What about our parents!?" Starfire asked almost yelling.
"They're out safely, but I don't know about the Estate." The soldier replied.
"When did this happen?" Stardust asked.
"Just a few minutes ago," the soldier replied. "A unicorn winked for many miles to bring us the news."
"Skyview, take me to Paradise Estate. Starfire meet us there," Stardust told him.
"Ok," Starfire replied.
Stardust and Skyview stood up. They walked up to each other. Skyview's horn began to glow as he lowered his head. He touched his horn on Stardust's forehead. Suddenly they were gone in a misty cloud.
"Starfire, Let me know what happens," Royal Heart told him.
"I will," Starfire rushed out of the room down the hall. He hurried past several other hallways and rushed outside. He flapped his wings and flew from the top of the stairs. The soldiers watched him as he flew faster and faster till he looked like a blur.

Starfire streaked across the blue sky past Dream Valley. In the distance he could see faint smokes. He flew over villages and forests till he was able to see Paradise Estate. He flew around the Estate to get a good look from the sky. He couldn't get close because of the smell. Only one side of the Estate of burnt, losing two rooms.
Starfire landed on the ground next to Skyview.
"We were able to get it out." Skyview told him. "How does it look from above?"
"It's a mess, all black and crispy. As far as I can see only two rooms were burnt," Starfire replied.
"How did this happen?" Stardust asked.
His parents walked up to them with confused looks.
"We don't know. A soldier rushed in and dragged us outside to safety," Ribbon Lock replied.
Stardust walked around close to the estate and looking at the blackened wall, "I don't see anything that could have started it."
"I..." the soldier next to them began to say. "I heard a noise."
"Just before the fire?" Skyview asked.
"Yes, I heard a growling sound. I thought it was an angry animal, but that's when I noticed the fire. It was quite small until you two arrived."
They stood silently. No one knew what question to ask or how to ask it but they all wanted to know one thing. Who set the Estate on fire and why?"
"Mom, Dad, You can't stay here. You'll have to come back to Dream Castle for awhile till the Estate is rebuilt," Stardust told them.
"I don't plan to stay here, it stinks," Sunlight replied.
The burnt and chalky smell filled the air. It got almost to much to stand to close to it.
"Lets get back to Dream Castle then." Stardust, his brothers and parents turned walking into the forest with the soldiers around them. They walked down the hill towards the castle.
"Stardust, don't you think this is a bit odd that everything is happening in one day?" Starfire asked.
"The ice block and now the fire. I wonder if they're somehow connected?" Skyview wondered out loud.
"Why?" Stardust asked, "What is the purpose for all this?"
They continued walking and talking in the bright sun light. The question as to why waited for them at the castle.