Chapter 18: A Stranger within.

Blizzard stood and watched as Starfire left Dream Castle. He was expecting his brothers to follow him but they didn't.
"At least one is out. I got to go in and see wether those black ponies are out or not." Blizzard suddenly burst into a cluster of tiny snowflakes with cold chilly winds surrounding him. The wind blew the snowflakes towards the castle and over the castle wall. He flew around the castle for an opening. He spotted an open balcony and flew inside the room. The snowflakes came together and formed a pony until he was solid again. Blizzard stood and looked around the room making sure no one was there. He was about to turn and walk away when he noticed a picture on a night stand. He walked to the night stand and picked it up. It was a picture of Luna as a white winged unicorn and her friends.
Blizzard stared at Luna for several minutes, "I...never seen or heard of a winged unicorn."
Just then Blizzard remembered what he had to do. He set the picture down and walked to the door. He put his hood down from his head and cracked the door open to listen but there was only silence in the halls
"Where could it be?" Blizzard thought.
He walked into the hall and wondered around till he found the stairs.
"No one is here," Blizzard muttered.
He quietly walked down the stairs to the third floor and looked around. Every now and then he would hid into a room and turn into a cluster of snowflakes till they past.
Blizzard left the third floor and walked to the second floor. He quietly roamed around the halls till he saw two soldiers guarding a door.
"That has to be it," Blizzard thought.
He walked up to the soldiers. The soldiers turned and saw an ice blue pony who just stared at them with no emotions on his face.
"Just who are you?" the soldier asked but Blizzard didn't answer. Instead he took a deep breath and blew cold ice air on them. Ice began to form on the shocked soldiers. Within minutes they had turned to a solid ice block. Blizzard walked around them without cracking a smile or any kind of emotion. He opened the door and walked in. In the middle of the empty room sat the crystal ball in a glass box. Blizzard stopped when he saw the two soldiers standing on either side.
"You shouldn't be in here!" one of then exclaimed.
Blizzard took a deep breath and blew on them, turning them to ice. He walked up to the glass box and opened it. Then he picked up the crystal ball and turned himself into a cluster of snowflakes. He blew out of the room and up to the fourth floor. He turned himself back temporally to open the door and close it behind him then he turned into a cluster of snowflakes, flying out of the room.

Stardust and his brothers had just walked in the castle when Blizzard left. They stood in the hall resting their feet.
"I need to rest and take a bath!" Sunlight exclaimed.
"You know where the bathroom is," Stardust replied.
"I think we better pick out rooms first, Sunlight," Ribbon Lock quickly said to her.
"Oh, of course. I'm in such a hurry to get this smell off of me," Sunlight replied.
Ribbon Lock and Sunlight walked up stairs to the third floor to find a room.

"I think we all need a bath," Stardust exclaimed.
Just then a maid ran down the steps almost tripping. She stopped at the bottom of the steps gasping for air.
"What's wrong?" Stardust asked. He and his brothers were startled by the maid's actions.
"The...third...floor," she breathed heavily.
"Take deep breaths," Starfire told her.
She did as he told her and took several deep breaths. Soon she was feeling better and could talk more easily now.
"On the third floor. The soldiers are in solid ice."
Stardust and his brother gasped. They knew something terrible happened, the one thing Stardust feared would happen someday.
They ran to the third floor and saw the ice blocks at the door. The block of ice was just small enough for one pony each. While Skyview checked the frozen soldiers, Stardust and Starfire hurried into the room where they found two more ice blocks.
"The...crystal ball!" Starfire cried.
In the middle of the room sat the empty glass box on a pillow.
"This is just what I had feared," Stardust finally said.
Skyview walked in the room and gasped at the empty glass box.
"Star Cluster and Fallon are gone. Warn all the Kingdoms. I want Star Cluster caught one way or another!" Stardust yelled angrily.
"The soldiers are still alive," Skyview remarked.
Stardust gave his crown to Skyview, then he walked up to the first ice block, turned around and kicked the ice block to pieces. Then he walked to the next ice block and did the same thing. Soon he had all four soldiers set free.
They all fell to the floor shivering and to cold to hardly talk.
"What happened?" Starfire asked on of them.
"B-blue pony...w-walked in...f-froze us," The soldier stuttered.
Skyview gave Stardust his crown who quickly put it on his head.
"This was his plan," Starfire suddenly said.
"What was?" his brother asked.
"The giant ice block, the fire.." Starfire replied.
His brother suddenly realized it.
"Of course. He wanted us out of the castle to get the crystal ball!" Skyview exclaimed.
"The giant ice block failed so he tried the fire which worked," Stardust suddenly became quiet. "We need to be on high alert at all times. I...have a bad feeling something is going to happen. Skyview, Starfire, have these soldiers taken care of," Stardust left the room still thinking about the ice blue pony and what he might be up to.