Chapter 19: The Other World.

Blizzard floated through the air in a cluster of snowflakes. When the sun had set Blizzard continued to fly through the night. It wasn't till morning that he arrived at Mooney Mountain where he meets Teriney in a tiny clearing. Blizzard landed and the snowflakes formed a shape of a pony till he was completely solid.
Tierney stood next to the gate staring coldy at Blizzard with his golden cat like eyes.
"I see you got it," Teriney observed.
"Yes," Blizzard replied.
Teriney walked from the gate and around Blizzard as if he was inspecting him. He stopped and stared at his without blinking.
"Take that ball and go through the gate. Once your on the other side, break the ball and hurry back here," Teriney told him.
"What gate?" Blizzard asked.
"That stone archway is called, the gate. Walk through it."
Blizzard walked towards the gate and as soon as he touched the center of the gate he saw a ripping like water. It surprised him at first and yet he was curious.
"Go through it!" Teriney yell angrily.
Blizzard knew better than to anger him.

He walked through the gate and quickly stopped once he was on the other side. He looked up at the sun shining brightly. The stone ruins suraround him and the tall grass grew in the distance. Blizzard turned and saw the gate but he did not see the world he had just left.
"So that's why it's called the gate," Blizzard muttered still looking around.
It was a few minutes till he remembered Tierney's words...'Once your on the other side, break the ball and hurry back here.' Blizzard threw the crystall ball to the ground, cracking it in half. Suddenly smoke came out and Star Cluster appeared from the smokey mist.
Star Cluster blinked a few times then looked around. The area did not look familiar to him. He turned and noticed Blizzard staring blankly at him.
"Where am I and who are you? What happened?" Star Cluster continued to ask.
Blizzard noticed a golden key appearing around his neck.
"No one you need to know. As for where you are, you on the other side of the gate. I do not know anything else," Blizzard answered. He turned and walked back through the gate.
Star Cluster stood staring shockingly, he couldn't believe he saw a pony walk through the gate during the day and it wasn't even a full moon. How was that even possible?
Star Cluster walked up to the gate and put a hoof in the center of the gate but nothing happend. He walked under the gate several times and still nothing happend.
"That can't be possible!" Star Cluster exclaimed still shocked at what he just saw.
"Who cares. I'm back in my world. Now is the time to keep your end of the deal," Fallon exclaimed.
"Ok, just how do I set you free?" Star Cluster asked.
"You often sent your brothers in this world to catch the princess, did you not?"
"Yes, but she's not part of the deal."
"She is the only one who can set me free," Fallon answered.
"How?" Star Cluster asked. "She's only my brother's daughter."
"She is more than that. She is the one who put me in this stupid ball and I want out!" Fallon yelled angrily. "Find her and catch her."

Once Blizzard was on the other side facing Teriney he stopped and stood calmly.
"Is he free?" Teriney asked.
"Yes he is," Blizzard answered.
"Good," Teriney turned and began walking, but Blizzard stopped him with a question.
"May I ask why?" Blizzard asked curiously. "Why did we go through all that trouble to set one pony free?"
Teriney turned and looked at him angrily. "It was not for that stupid pony. I wanted Fallon out of the way. He's a stupid dragon and will get in the way of my plans."
"Plans?" Blizzard asked. "What plans?"
"That is none of your business. You are to do as you're told and nothing more," Teriney turned and was about to walk dawn the hill.
"But Father why..." Before Blizzard could finish what he was going to say, Teriney shot out flames from his mouth. Blizzard gasped and jumped over the bushes barly missing the fire. He laid on his side as he heard Teriney growling deeply. Blizzard knew Teriney was angry which was the only thing that scared him to death.
Teriney stepped through the bushes and stood over Blizzard who cowered on his back curling his front hooves half over his frighted face.
"I didn't mean to say it. I didn't...I didn't mean it. It-it was a slip of the tongue. Honestly, it was Tierney," Blizzard begged.
Teriney snorted and blew out smoke through his nose causing Blizzard to caugh.
"Your lucky I still have use for you," Teriney replied once he had calmed down. "I have warned you if you ever call me that again!"
"It won't happen again," Blizzard quickly said.
"It had better not!" Teriney turned and left with Blizzard trailing behind him.