Chapter 1: Getting ready for school

The sun was peeking over the horizon. The birds woke up and began chirping. Luna laid in bed sound asleep under her blanket with the tips of her wings showing. Her curtains were closed blocking out the sun.
Rosebud walked in the room and stood beside her bed smiling.
"It's so good to see you home," she whispered.
She put a hoof on Luna's shoulder and shook her. "Wake up."
"Mmmm?" Luna mumbled.
"Come on, time to get up. You don't want to be late for your first day of school."
"School?" Luna whispered as she yawned. "So soon?"
Rosebud smiled at her. "I know you just got back two weeks ago. You came running in the house with a note from Stardust explaining everything. I was so happy to see you and to know you'll be staying with us for many years," Rosebud lowered her heard and rubbed on Luna's cheek. "I'm so happy to have you back." Rosebud raised her head and smiled at Luna. "Come on, I made your favorite." Rosebud turned and left the room.
Luna sat up in bed, throwing the covers off of her. She walked to her dresser and brushed her long white hair. Then she sat the brush down next to a round silver jewelry box with Moons on it. She opened the box and took out her golden locket. She put it around her next and then opened it to see two pictures of her real parents.
"Lunarstar!" rosebud called to her at the bottom of the stairs.
Luna closed her locket and left the room then she hurried down stairs to meet her mother.
"Your breakfast is getting cold," Rosebud told her.
Luna hurried to the dinning room and sat down. On the table was a plate of three pancakes and a glass of orange juice. While she eat, Buster and Charades walked in the dinning room and saw that she was still eating.
"Good morning Luna...I mean Lunarstar," Charades exclaimed.
"It's too early to talk loud," Luna said tiredly.
Buster and Charades laughed.
"So, it's your first day of school?" Buster asked.
"Yes," Luna yawned.
"Are you excited?" Buster asked.
"I don't know," Luna replied tiredly.
Charades laughed. "I think she's too tired to know anything at the moment.
Luna just smiled and continued eating till she finished her breakfast. Just then Booster walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Luna left the dinning room and hurried into the kitchen to see her father.
"Morning dad!" Luna exclaimed.
Booster set his glass on the counter and walked up to Luna. "Good morning. Ready for your first day of school?"
"Yeah," Luna replied excitedly.
"Don't forget, Lunarstar. You are not to join any events," Booster reminded her.
"I know," Luna replied.
"Lunarstar, it's time to go," Rosebud exclaimed.
"Bye see you after school!" Luna cried happily as she hurried out of the kitchen. He horn began to glow, her long white hair turned purple, and her wings and horn disappeared.
"Bye!" Buster and Charades exclaimed.
"Bye!" Luna replied as she put on her school bag and ran out the door.

She ran down the street through a few blocks and slowed down to a walk as she entered the park.
"Lunarstar!" yelled a familiar voice.
Luna looked behind her and saw her friends running towards her. When they had caught up with her, they slowed down to a walk.
"I can't believe school is already here," Patch exclaimed.
"You almost didn't make it, Lunarstar. Another two weeks and you would have missed the first day of school," Starlight pointed out.
"I know," Luna replied.
Ahead they could see the school with lots of little ponies heading towards it.
"Race you all there!" Luna exclaimed and ran with her friends behind her.
Luna was glad to be back in this world playing and going to school with her friends, for a while she felt normal, forgetting that she was a winged unicorn.