Chapter 20: Star Cluster in town.

Star Cluster stood at the stone ruins as the sun shined brightly on his dark purple coat, his hair looked brighter in the light. He still couldn't get over what he just saw, a pony walking through the Gate when the moon wasn't even full. Was it even possible? And yet he saw it with his own eyes. He looked around and noticed the broken stones laying around. The stone tiled floor was about the only thing still intact. He turned around and noticed another archway, but it was small, leading from it was a cobble stone trail. Star Cluster left the Gate and followed the trail through the forest to a clearing. He came to a hill and followed the trail till it disappeared into the ground. When he reached the bottom of the hill he looked around but there was no trail, just trees. He decided to keep heading in the same direction hoping to run into something. He knew there had to be a town nearby, he had sent his brothers through the same Gate many times.
As he walked through the thick forest he saw an end to the forest. He hurried through the forest and stopped at the edge. He was amazed at all the houses lined in a row on both sides of the street.
He walked out of the forest and onto the sidewalk. He continued walking past houses and fences. Some yards had ponies either trimming their bushes and just sitting on the porch. He continued to walk until he reach the corner of the street. He stopped and looked around, there was only one way that the houses seem to end. He was curious as to what was past the houses. He turned and walked from the community of houses and suddenly stopped, looking amazed. On the sidewalk across the street were ponies walking past the park entrance. What amazed him was the number of earth ponies he saw.
"There's so many earth ponies," Star Cluster muttered.
"You will not find any pegasus or unicorns in this world. Just normal earth ponies everywhere," Fallon whispered.
"Interesting," Star Cluster replied.

He walked across the street and into the park. As he looked around and watched ponies play he noticed something else that looked odd. Non of them had hairy feet. He wondered if there were a lot of female ponies in this world. He quickly left the park and turned right since a town interested him.
"Just what are you doing?" Fallon whispered, "Just find the Princess."
"That will take time. I wouldn't know where to look. Besides if I'm to look for her I need to know this town first," Star Cluster whispered.
Ponies nearby wondered if he was talking to himself since no one was with him.
"Don't talk to me when there's a lot of ponies around," Star Cluster whispered observing the strange looks he was getting.

As he walked closer to town, there were more buildings on each side of the street. Star Cluster stopped and looked through the windows of the stores. He saw all kinds of stores. He saw a bookstore, a hat store, a toy store and more, but what fascinated him the most was a Barber Shop. He stopped at the window and looked in. He saw ponies sitting in chairs getting their manes cut. He watched and waited for their hair to grow back but it didn't. He continued to stand and watch until a pony left the barber shop. Star Cluster was so interested that he had to ask.
"Excuse me," Star Cluster quickly said to him.
The light pink pony with rainbow hair stopped and turned around, "Yes?"
Star Cluster was a bit surprised The voice was a male.
"You just had a mane cut?" Star Cluster asked.
"Yes I did," he answered, then he looked closely at Star Cluster and then down at his hairy feet. "The barber could trim your mane, but the hair on your feet could defiantly get a cut."
Star Cluster looked at his feet, they were very hair compared to the hairless feet of other ponies, "I don't need the hair on my feet cut," Star Cluster looked at the pony's feet, "Did you get yours cut while you were in there?"
The ponies looked at him surprisingly. "I did not. My feet doesn't grow hair," the pony turned looking rather disgusted at Star Cluster. Then he left.
Fallon laughed quietly. "The male ponies in this world don't have hairy feet. That is natural to them."
"They look like girls. I'm certainly glad I wasn't born in this world. This world feels to strange to me," Star Cluster replied.
He continued walking around town observing everything that he passed.

When the sun was half in the horizon, Star Cluster left the town and went to the forest. He walked deep in the forest and hid in a small clearing between a few bushes and trees.
"It's been a long time since I slept outside in the forest," Star Cluster said. He laid in the grass curled in a ball with his tail covering his feet and half of his face.
"Tomorrow I will start searching for the Princess," Star Cluster muttered. As the sun disappeared and the forest got darker, Star Cluster fell into a dreamless sleep.