Chapter 21: Where to search?

It was morning and Star Cluster woke up at the sounds of birds chirping loudly in his ears. He sat up and yawned, then he stood on his feet and stretched.
He left his little clearing and walked into town hoping to find something to eat. He walked past coffee shop and donut shops as his stomach began to turn in knots. He could smell the sweet cakes from the bakery store across the street. The more he looked at the shops the hungrier he got.
Soon his stomach began to make noises. Star Cluster was relieved there wasn't to many ponies in town. He decided it was best if he left town since it only made him hungry.

He walked towards the houses in the distance at the edge of town passing an ice cream shop. He stopped and looked in the window before continuing on with his search for food. As he roamed around he began to realize he wasn't going to find food.
"It's there any farms in this world? Getting food in the other world was easy. How did Stardust, Skyview and Starfire survived in this world?" Star Cluster asked.
"Send someone to search for you," Fallon suggested.
"Yes, I should have done that earlier," Star Cluster muttered. He walked into an alley, hiding in the dark corner. The key around his neck began to glow, then it disappeared and reappeared in front of him. The key floated as it turned into a staff. Star Cluster took the Staff and pointed at the grow. A red beam flashed from the crystal ball on the staff, suddenly a black raven stood where the beam had hit.
"Find a farm, someone who is growing food. Don't waste time, I'm starving!" Star Cluster ordered the raven.
The raven nodded his head and flapped his wings, flying towards the sky.

Star Cluster sat and waited while his stomach turned in knotted sounding louder by the minute. Just then, the raven flew into the alley and landed in front of him.
"I found a couple of farms. One few vegetables, the other had nothing but apple trees," The raven told him.
"Take me to them," Star Cluster stood up. The raven flew out of the alley, flying slow so Star Cluster wouldn't loose sight of him. He walked far from town and past the houses till there were fewer house around.
The raven landed on a white picket fence, "There's the farm with the vegetables."
Star Cluster stopped and looked around. All he saw was a corn field and another white fence behind a house.
"Where is the other farm?" Star Cluster asked.
The raven flew from the fence towards town in another direction. The raven led him to a large apple orchard and landed in a tree.
"Here the apple trees."
"Good, very good," Star cluster replied.
The raven turned completely red and shot towards Star Cluster's key in a beam of light.
Just as he was about to step into the apple orchard he noticed a golden tanned ponies picking apples from a tree.
"Got to get rid of that pony first," Star Cluster whispered.
His key glowed then it disappeared, reappearing in front of him, then it turned into a staff. Star Cluster grabbed the staff and pointed at the pony. a blue beam of light shot from the crystal ball and hit the golden pony. She dropped the apples she had and fell to the ground.
Star Cluster's staff turned into a key and reappeared around his neck. Star Cluster stood on his hind legs and reached for an apple. He picked a few more from the branch, then he sat down and eat them.
"What did you do to that pony?" Fallon asked.
"She's a sleep so I don't have much time to eat," Star Cluster replied.
When he finished the apples, he reached for more apples and eat them. When his stomach was full of apples he left the apple orchard.

Star Cluster left and walked towards town, "Now to find the Princess." As he walked he began thinking. Where would the Princess hide? how could she hide in a world full of earth ponies? Suddenly the answer flashed before his mind, "Of course." Star Cluster remembered when the Princess had changed from a soldier to her normal form. Star Cluster looked around and wondered if any of the ponies walking around could be the Princess. Who would she hide as? What would she look like? he had so many questions racing through his mind. He walked in the park and roamed around thinking about how he was going to find her. He sat under a tree cooling off from the sun beating on his dark purple coat. After awhile he laid in the grass enjoying the silence.
"She's young so she could be one of those little ponies," Star Cluster thought. Just then he heard a noise. He sat up from the grass to see what it was. On the sidewalk were a group of little ponies walking by.
He watched and wondered. Could one of them be the Princess? They smiled and laughed as they talked. Behind them were more ponies, the group was larger than the first, they all wore a bag around their necks. When they reach a point in the park, they all split up in different directions.
"How am I going to find her? There's so many little ponies. She could be anyone of them," Star Cluster thought.
After awhile the park became quiet which was how he liked it when he wanted to think.
"Your wasting time laying here," Fallon exclaimed.
"I'm thinking. It won't be easy to find the Princess. It's mostly likely she shapshited to looked like a normal pony. I've seen her do it. If she is one of these earth ponies then it could take awhile to find her.
"Start looking then," Fallon told him.
"Your getting impatient. I thought Dragons were very patent," Star Cluster wondered out loud.
"Yes but up to a point. I've been waiting patently for centuries to get out of this ball. For the first time I'm very close to getting out, I can feel it. I want the Princess no mater what it takes so do not waste your time," Fallon exclaimed.
"Where would you like me to start looking?" Star Cluster asked.
"Anywhere but don't lay around all day doing nothing."
"I told you I was thinking!" Star Cluster yelled at him angrily.

As they talked a ball suddenly rolled from the bushes and hit him on the rear. Star Cluster turned angrily to see what hit him when Blueberry rushed from the bushes. He stopped suddenly surprised to find the ball had stopped next to a pony.
"Is that your ball?" Star Cluster asked angrily.
"Yes and I'm very sorry," Blueberry walked up to his rear where the ball sat and picked it up. As he stood next to him he noticed the hairy feet.
"What are you staring at?" Star Cluster asked angrily.
"I'm sorry, your feet, they're hairy. It's been a while since I saw ponies with hairy feet."
Star cluster looked at him curiously, he not longer looked mad but he was interested in the ponies Blueberry spoke of.
"Yu saw other ponies" Star Cluster asked.
"Yes, I saw two black ponies sometime ago and two more ponies."
"What's the last two look like?" Star Cluster asked.
"They're mint green and light blue."
Star Cluster had seen a lot of mint green and light blue ponies in the other world, the two ponies could be anyone of them. He knew the two black ponies were his brothers so it was obvious his brothers spent time in this town.
"Are they still around?" Star Cluster asked
"Yes, I saw them the other day."
"Blueberry!" A voice yelled, "What is taking you so long?"
"I got to go," Blueberry kicked the ball and chased it back to where he and his friends were playing.
"Those two ponies could lead you to her," Fallon suddenly said.
"I know and the Princess is nearby," Star Cluster replied.
He stood up and continued walking as he watched the little ponies playing. He spent the rest of the day watching little ponies till sun set. He left town and walked into the forest back to his spot he had slept in last night.