Chapter 22: Raspberry's crush

Early in the morning Star Cluster woke up yawning and stretching before the birds had woken up. He left his sleeping spot and walked out of the forest. He roamed around town looking in the windows. The stores were closed and some were just opening.
"Looks like I got up earlier than usual," Star Cluster thought.
He turned the corner and was about to continue when he saw two familiar ponies, their feet were hairy like his.
"Those two has to be from the other world," Star Cluster thought, "They look familiar too. If I can just see their faces..."
He decided to follow them through town making sure he was far behind them. He followed them to the park, when he entered the park they were no where to be found.
"You should have kept close to them," Fallon exclaimed.
"I didn't want to be seen. It was a too big a risk," Star Cluster replied.
He stood and looked around, the sidewalk split in different directions going throughout the park. He roamed around the park for hours till the birds began chirping. His stomach began to growl but he couldn't think about food. He figured if he could follow those two ponies they would lead him to the princess. Star Cluster walked through the thick forest avoiding the sidewalk in case those two ponies were still around.
The more he walked the more his stomach made noises.
"Would you at lest get something to eat!" Fallon cried annoyingly, he was tired of hearing Star Cluster's stomach.
"I will later. I spent a week looking for the Princess and I'm so close to finding her. There were two ponies who had feet like mine. I'm sure they're from my world," Star Cluster replied.
"You lost them and it's obvious they're not in this place. You've been walking all over and haven't see anyone," Fallon pointed out.
Star Cluster stopped next to a tree, he knew Fallon was right. Just then a group of little ponies walked by but non of them saw Star Cluster hiding behind the bushes and trees.
"I wonder where they go every morning?" Star Cluster thought. He had seen the little ponies going in the park and leaving every day.

Raspberry ran through the park with a full bag.
"I should have done my home work sooner instead of last night. Bright Eyes, that know it all probably was the first to finish her," Raspberry complained, "Blueberry could have at least waited for me in the park."
Raspberry ran as fast as she could to catch up to Blueberry who had gone ahead.
"I'll take a short cute and wait for him at school," Raspberry smirked thinking she was going to get on his case for making her wait so long. She turned from the sidewalk and ran into the trees and bushes, she had gone far and was getting close to school. She smirked as she noticed Blueberry walking in the distance.
"Past him, now to wait at school!" Raspberry thought.
As she glanced back at her brother she suddenly ran into someone. The two fell to the ground. Raspberry's books and paper fell out of her bag scattering around the grass. Raspberry sat up from being onto of a pony. She grabbed her head where the pain from a bump was.
"Watch where your going!" Raspberry yelled. She hadn't seen the pony till she looked up from rubbing her head. A dark purple pony with orange, green, blue, yellow hair laid on the ground. He slowly got to his feet looked angrily at her.
"Just what do you mean by that? You weren't even looking!" Star Cluster yelled angrily.
Raspberry just stood and stared at him, he was taller than her and his dark purple coat seemed to shimmer in the sunlight.
"I'm...sorry," Raspberry managed to say.
"Hay, Raspberry. What are you doing?!" Blueberry yelled from the sidewalk.
Raspberry blinked a few times before she remembered what time it was. She quickly grabbed her books and papers, then she put them in her bag around her neck.
"I-I am sorry about that," Raspberry smiled and quickly left to join her brother.
"What were you doing in there?" Blueberry asked, "and who was in there with you?"
Blueberry blinked a few times, surprised at her reaction. Her face turned red as she smiled.
"Why are you turning red?" Blueberry asked.
"Why?..I uh..." Raspberry hadn't realized her face was turning red. Did she really liked that pony she ran into. He was older but pretty too. She thought about his brightly colored hair and how it stood out against his purple coat. She wondered if he was going to be at the park later?
"Maybe I can get him to have a picnic as an apology for running into him?" She thought.
"Why...I don't believe it, my sister has a crush," Blueberry teased as he laughed.
"Shut up!" Raspberry yelled angrily.
"My sister has a crush! I never thought I'd see the day where you get a crush on someone," Blueberry exclaimed smiling.
"Shut up. He's a lot older than me and..." Raspberry paused, she did not mean to tell her brother that.
"Oh, an older pony," Blueberry smiled winking at her, "tell me is he cute?"
"Shut up and don't you dare tell anyone about it!"
"Or what?" Blueberry laughed, "There's nothing you can do to stop me!" Blueberry laughed and ran ahead to tell his friends. Raspberry followed hoping she could lie her way out of it.

Later that day Luna walked into the ice cream shop where her friends were sitting talking and eating a shake. Blueberry stood with Ace,Lancer and Teddy talking to the girls and laughing.
"Hi," Luna exclaimed.
"Lunarstar, have you heard?" Patch asked.
"Heard what?" Luna asked.
"Raspberry has a secret crush," Melody laughed.
Luna was surprised, she didn't think Raspberry liked anyone.
"Blueberry, tell her about this morning," Starlight told him.
Luna walked up to the boys and stood as Blueberry told her what he just told the girls.
"I had left the house this morning before Raspberry. She ran to catch up with me in the park. I think she tried to take a short cute in the park because I noticed her ahead in the forest with someone. I couldn't tell who he was or see his face, only that he was a dark colored pony with brightly colored hair. Raspberry ran out of the bushes. You should have seen her when I asked she who he was. Her face turned red."
Luna laughed, "Really?"
"Yes. And when we got home from school I saw her packing food in a basket. I'm guessing she's going to have lunch with him."
"And you don't know who he is?" Luna asked.
"No. His coat was dark I know that and his hair was many different colors."
Suddenly an image of Star Cluster ran through her mind. She remembered seeing him once. His coat was dark and his hair was of bright colors but what Blueberry probably saw was a rainbow haired pony. Luna figured it couldn't have been Star Cluster since he had no red in his hair and wasn't a rainbow haired pony. Besides it was impossible to have been Star Cluster, he was at the Dream Castle the last time she saw him.
"Lunarstar?" Sweetheart asked, observing Luna's silence.
"Sorry, I was thinking. So Raspberry has a crush. Who do you think it was?"
"Someone from school?" Clover asked.
"Or an old mysterious friend," Patch exclaimed.
"Raspberry? that's a laugh. She has no old friends. In fact I don't recall her having any friends till we moved here," Blueberry replied.
"Oh so I wonder who he is?" Melody wondered out loud.
"Well who cares," Teddy replied, " Lets go Blueberry and tell more ponies."
"Yeah, Spread the news to everyone. She deserved having rumors spread about her," Ace exclaimed.
"Rumors aren't always true. Besides she hasn't spread any rumors about us," Lancer pointed out.
"If she was your sister you would do what ever it takes to get back at her. Lets go. Bye Lunarstar," Blueberry smiled at her, then turned and left the shop.
"Lunarstar, I think Blueberry really likes you," Bright Eyes exclaimed winking.
"I noticed how he looks at you since he took you to the school party," Bon Bon said.
Luna blushed, "Quit it,"
The girls laughed.

In the park, Raspberry wondered around till she saw the pony she had ran into this morning. Star Cluster was laying in the shade watching every pony that walked by. Raspberry walked up to him through the bushes, setting her basket behind the bush.
"Umm, hi," Raspberry said nervously.
Star Cluster turned and saw her standing behind him, "Oh, you again. What do you want?"
"I just wanted to apologize about this morning. Ummm, are you hungry?" Raspberry asked.
Star Cluster felt hungry and was tired of eating apples although he was annoyed by the pony but maybe she could give him some answers about the Princess and the two ponies that he saw earlier.
"Yes I am hungry," Star Cluster replied.
Raspberry smiled, "I brought a basket with me." She picked up the basket from the bushes and set it next to Star Cluster.
He looked at her a bit surprised.
"She probably planed this," Star Cluster thought.
Raspberry took out a cake, plates and some sandwiches.
Star Cluster could feel his stomach growling at the wonderful food in front of him. Raspberry cut the white frosted cake and set a slice on a plate for him. Star Cluster couldn't wait. He quickly took the plate and began eating. Raspberry put a slice on her plate and she began eating. After a few slices he looked around hoping he hadn't missed those two ponies.
" Have you seen two ponies with hairy feet like mine?" Star Cluster suddenly asked.
Raspberry blinked, she hadn't noticed his feet till he said something about it, "Well, I think there's two ponies. They work of Lunarstar's father."
"Who?" Star Cluster asked.
"Lunarstar, she's a little pony I know. She's not really a friend though," Raspberry replied.
"Who are the two ponies?" Star Cluster asked.
"I don't know," Raspberry replied, she wanted to tell him about the black ponies but she was told by her parents not to tell others about it. Star Cluster looked at her, he could tell there was something she was not telling him.
"Well, I have seen three black ponies. One is a unicorn and the other is a pegasus," Raspberry muttered.
"I know about them," Star Cluster replied.
Raspberry looked at him surprisingly, " do? You've seen them?"
"Yes I have, now what about the other two ponies? Do they come through here often?" Star Cluster asked.
"Yes, quite often," Raspberry replied.
Star Cluster took a few more pieces and ate them, "What about a white winged unicorn?"
"Oh the ghost. You've seen her too?"
Star Cluster looked up at her from eating a slice of cake, "Ghost?"
"Yes, she's the Ghost of Ponyland. I saw her once. She was glowing but the others who have seen her said she wasn't glowing," Raspberry replied.
"A ghost?" Star Cluster asked again, "Where was she seen?"
"All over the place but mostly in this park or the forest. It's rare for others to see her," Raspberry replied.
"Do you know any ponies with long hair?" Star Cluster asked as he took a sandwich.
"Well, there's Lunarstar, she has really long hair. Then there's Bright Eyes and me of course and...there's a lot of ponies that has long hair."
"Who is Lunarstar?" Star Cluster asked.
"She's just an annoying pony. Her hair is really long. She had joined the track team last year but this year she decided not to join. She spends most of her time with her friends and has to be home before sunset."
"And does she have parents?" Star Cluster asked.
"Yes of course." Raspberry exclaimed.
Star Cluster didn't reply, he had thought Lunarstar was the one but how could she be since she already has parents?

They sat for the rest of the day eating and talking about every pony in town. Star Cluster got all his questions answered, now all he had to do was figure out who would be best suited for the Princess?
As he looked around the park and listened to Raspberry rambled on about herself he noticed how late it was getting. He wanted to be in the forest before it got to dark to see. He also wanted to get away from her to do some thinking.
"Would you excuse me. I should be going," Star Cluster stood up and turned to leave.
"Oh, well...I'll see you around then," Raspberry replied but Star Cluster didn't look back.
"I sure hope not," Star Cluster muttered.
He left the park while glancing back to see if she was following him. There wasn't anyone around not even the pony he had just left.
He continued walking on the sidewalk while he thought about what Raspberry told him. He was so deep in thought he had not noticed at first that Fallon said something.
"How pathetic, I think she actually has a crush on you," Fallon exclaimed, "What a stupid little pony."
"I don't care if she has a crush or not. I could careless about her. Now, shut up, I'm thinking," Star Cluster replied.
"About what? That pony has a big mouth and talked nothing but herself."
"She gave me what I wanted to know. There's only a few ponies who could be the Princess. Now shut up so I can think," Star Cluster exclaimed. A few ponies on the other side of the street heard him and stared at him. Star Cluster was too busy thinking to notice them. He walked through town and headed straight for the forest. The sun was only half gone and the forest was getting darker by the minute. He walked to his sleeping spot hidden in the forest, he laid down and curled in a ball covering his face with his tail.
"Which one could it be?" Star Cluster thought as he watched the shadows disappearing from the forest floor, "Since she is related to me and my brothers she would have some personalities similar to us. There's so many long haired ponies and only a few matched the personalities. I'll have to check each and everyone. I'm bound to find her sooner or later." As the sun had left the sky and the forest got to dark to see, Star Cluster closed his eyes, falling fast asleep.